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  1. Other online travel forums that focus on Virgin allow recommendations for TAs. Cruise Critic does not.
  2. Totally agree. Most lines nowadays are LGBTQ friendly but Virgin is on anther level!
  3. Totally depends on the TA you choose. Will some book you and forget you? Yes. FIND another. Lots of us will give you the same deals and be available and send you tips and secrets. Even better if they still Virgin themselves.
  4. Many people feel this is true. I am on Princess right now and I am WISHING for the Virgin app.
  5. Here's the best explanation I have seen so far: https://vvinsider.com/introducing-the-virgin-voyages-sailing-club-for-2024-2025/
  6. Not true. It is valid until April 7. The misunderstanding comes in because when it was first announced it effectively doubled the bar tab in effect at the time, which, as you know, is gone. However, you can still get it on new bookings, by applying the access key when you or your TA books using the access key. Link to the promotion: https://www.virginvoyages.com/l/delta-skymiles-offer. Terms I received from Virgin: Offer details 30% Voyage Fare Discount, per Sailor on cabin categories TX and below (not applicable to V1/I1) Free Promotional Bar Tab for Rockstar Suites & Sea Terraces (No lock-it in cabins within these meta-categories) Eligibility: New bookings made from March 11, 2024 (12:00 AM) through April 7, 2024 (11:59:59 PM) This offer is only for new bookings made during the eligible time period. The free Promotional Bar Tab is eligible on Rockstar Suites and Sea Terrace Meta Categories (No Lock-it-in cabins) and will be applied to Sailor 1. Combinable with: Loyalty Club Member Benefits Sea-Blazer Sea-Rover Club 485c Tour Operator Bookings San Juan Sailor Loot Promotion Although these promotions are combinable, Sailors will have to call in to take advantage of both. We do not have the ability for sailors to apply multiple Access Keys to one booking. Not Combinable with: First Mate Loot Influencer Access Keys Any other Sailor Loot Offers MNVV Australian Displacement Offers Circles If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reply to this email or drop us a line at 954-488-2955 (US), +44 (20) 30034919 (UK), or +61 (1800) 491708 (AUS) and we’ll be happy to help. P.S> Also not combinable with MNVVs.
  7. Yes...and the price on the cruise may have changed. And if you had another promotion on it, depending on when you booked, you would likely lose that too.
  8. Since they can be transferred to another person once, many TAs buy as many as they can and transfer them to their clients who have never sailed Virgin. The client reimburses the TA the $300, then the TA books the client on the cruise, and the client gets all the perks.
  9. To get this promotion, you do not need to fly Delta at all. You just need a Skymiles account (the loyalty program, not the credit card). No need to have ever flown Delta. Just have your TA enter the Delta promo access code at booking. Then be ready to show proof you are a Skymiles member when you board.
  10. And I assume you know about the value of buying a My Next Virgin Voyage (MNVV) certificate while on board if you are pretty sure you will sail with Virgin again within the next two years. It is so much more generous than most other line's programs. For those who don't know, you need to buy it while on board. You pay $300 which become applied to your next deposit AND you get a $300 price reduction on your next vooyage AND $600 on board credit on that next cruise. To get maximum benefit you must book next cruise within 60 days of buying MNVV. But if you delay you still get $300 OBC with the price reduction and deposit applied. $900 value for $300 is a pretty good deal. $1200 benefit for $300 is really good.
  11. Sailor Loot only comes through promotions or from travel agents or from the use of a My Next Virgin Voyage or Extend the Glow certificates which are Virgin's version of a future cruise deposit. And honestly, Virgin has been cutting back on Sailor Loot promotions pretty dramatically lately. Many TAs can add it if you book through them, though. Bar Tab can be purchased before the cruise and only before. If you buy a $300 Bar Tab you get $350 credit, if you buy $200 Bar Tab you get $225 credit, or $100 Bar Tab you get $110 credit. And you can buy multiple ones. Example, if you bought two $300 Bar Tabs, you would have $700 Bar tab credit on board.
  12. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that Delta and Virgin have run this. It started with Branson getting on a Delta flight and giving everyone onthe flight a free cruise, Oprah-style! I would not be surprised to see more. Delta sent out an email to their Skymiles members announcing it. The interesting thing with this one is you need to enter the access code in at the time of booking, but you don't really need to be a Skymiles member until you board.It's free and only takes a minute or two to join. It's hard to keep up with all the promotions that come and go. The best way to keep track is to 1) haunt this forum, 2) haunt the Virgin subreddit, or 3) find a TA who books a lot of Virgin and ask them to keep you informed.
  13. If you used a First Mate, ask them to investigate. Sometimes things will show on the confirmation they can download for you that don't show on the app. If you booked directly, call Sailor Services.
  14. I can feel the next question coming on 🙂 Here's the answer: Bar Tab Vs Sailor Loot A Bar tab is prepaid credit you have received through a promotion or purchased before the cruise. It is credit you can spend onboard toward the cost of alcohol, specialty coffees and teas, and fresh pressed juice. There is a promotion that allows you to pay before your cruise $300 towards your bar tab, you will receive $50 additional bar tab credit. There is also an option to buy $200 bar tab and receive an extra $20 bar tab credit. You can also purchase $100 bar tab and receive an additional $10 bar tab. Sailor Loot is what is typically called on board credit. This money can be spent on bar tab items but can also be spent on shore excursions (if you book them while on board), spa services, extra cost items in the restaurants such as a tomahawk steak, tattoos, onboard events that come with an extra charge, or to purchase items in the gift shops. Once you have spent your Bar Tab money, they will charge remaining drinks to your Sailor Loot. When that runs out they will charge your credit card.
  15. Back to the original question. This is true. I have stayed in Sea Terraces where the bed came into the room closer to the door, and others where it was nearer the balcony. I prefered the latter as ther was even more open space, or so it felt. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a source of discovering ahead of time which room is which way. Even Virgin does not seem to have this notated anywhere. Here are pictures to illustrate. Closer to the door: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/ships/slideshow-cabin-members.php?ship=Scarlet-Lady&cabin=8158A Closer to the balcony: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/ships/slideshow-cabin-members.php?ship=Scarlet-Lady&cabin=8122A Supposedly they alternate, but I cannot confirm that.
  16. They just announced they are reversing the decision 🙂
  17. They just announced they are reversing the decision 🙂
  18. In general, the past few months, Virgin has been clear with TAs on calls, that the days of virtually giving cruises away are over. I have clients who amassed huge amounts of bar tabs and on board credit last fall. Like, even more than I could spend, and I can spend pretty well! VV is saying they know they have a premium popular product and they need to start making money 🙂 While certainly prices on sailings that are not selling well may drop, expect prices to slowly increase over time. In general, expect to get the best prices booking early. If the price does drop, you can usually get it refared or cancel and rebook if you are before final payment date.
  19. Not trying to defend it, but most people find it does work better once on board. Having said that, I guess you could keep going to sailor services desk multiple times to make reservations, cancel things, check your bill, etc.
  20. You or your TA must apply the access key prior to completion of the booking. You should be able to see it after application
  21. Most TAs will help you reprice if possible. However sometimes that means canceling your booking and starting a new one. As you probably know, an MNVV can only be canceled and reused once. Also consider the fact that the current bar tab promo ends March 27 and rumor is it will not be extended.
  22. Good through April 7, new bookings only. Doubles the Bar Tab on many sailings. The fare is really no different. Exclusive for SkyMiles Members, get 60% off your second Sailor and up to $800 in free drinks (depending on sailing length) on an Eligible Voyage. Every voyage includes dining at 20+ eateries with Michelin star chef-curated menus, unlimited fitness classes, world-class entertainment, and more. Enter “Virgin&Delta” in the access key field when booking your voyage by April 7th. Virgin Voyages is partnering with Delta SkyMiles with a special offer exclusively for their members. You may have a Sailor who is also a Delta SkyMiles member who will reach out with an access key to take advantage of this very special offer. Just note: proof of SkyMiles membership will be required when Sailors arrive at the terminal to sail. Terms: These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the use of Access Keys in connection with the Virgin Voyages - Delta Skymiles Member Enhanced Bar Tab Offer (“Virgin&Delta Access Keys”). By participating in this Offer, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you are not permitted to use the Virgin&Delta Access Key. These Terms are in addition to Delta’s terms and conditions. 1. Any Delta Skymiles Member who is a U.S. resident over the age of 21 is eligible to receive a multi-use Access Key. 2. A Virgin&Delta Access Key: (a) will grant the Recipient, while on an Eligible Voyage, 60% off the second sailor’s Voyage Fare and the following enhanced Bar Tab amounts: $800 for voyages of fourteen (14) or more nights’ duration $400 for voyages of seven (7) to thirteen (13) nights’ (inclusive) duration $200 for voyages of four (4) to six (6) nights’ (inclusive) duration (b) The Bar Tab will be added to the lead passenger’s (i.e., “Sailor” in our marketing voice) folio. The Bar Tab does not apply to the following cabins: The Insider Meta Category, Sea View Meta Category, Lock It In Rate Ltd View Sea Terrace, and Mega Rockstar Quarters. (c) Eligible Cabins, Percentage Off Only cabins in the Sea Terrace Meta Category cabins, The Sea View, Lock It In Rate Sea View, The Insider, and Lock It In Rate insider cabins are eligible for the percentage off in the ”Wave 2024” Offer. The Sea Terrace Meta Category includes the following cabins: XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Ltd View Sea Terrace, and the Lock It In Rate, Ltd View Sea Terrace. The Sailors to whom the two bookings apply must travel in the same cabin. (d) can only be used for voyage redemption by the Recipient, and is not transferable; and (e) cannot be combined with any other discounts, special offers, or promotions. 3. Important Dates and Eligible Voyages. (a) To be eligible for redemption of the Virgin&Delta Access Key, one must book between March 11, 2024 and April 7, 2024 for a voyage meeting the following criteria: Depart between March 11, 2024 and October 29, 2025 (inclusive) on any of our Lady Ships - But excluding New Year’s Eve voyages scheduled to depart on the following dates: ◦ Resilient Lady: December 28, 2024 ◦ Scarlet Lady: December 28, 2024 ◦ Valiant Lady: December 30, 2024 be booked with the Recipient as the ‘Primary Sailor’; and otherwise comply with these Terms (together an “Eligible Voyage”). (b) Virgin Voyages reserves the right to block additional holiday sailings. As of the promulgation of these terms and conditions, final dates have not been determined other than those above. (c) If any change to a booking made using the Virgin&Delta Access Key causes the booking to cease to be for an Eligible Voyage, the Recipient will be responsible for the cost of the re-booked voyage, plus applicable taxes, fees, surcharges and re-booking fees. 4. To receive the Access Key, The Recipient must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of travel and the Recipient and any additional guest(s) must each satisfy Virgin Voyages’ additional requirements for passage as set forth in the Virgin Voyages Additional Terms and Conditions at https://www.virginvoyages.com/addl-terms-and-conditions. Must be 21 years of age or older to use the Bar Tab for alcoholic beverages. 5. The Virgin&Delta Access Key is not transferable, is nonrefundable and not replaceable. It has no cash value and is not redeemable for cash. Recipients and their guests must travel on the same voyage to be eligible for the offer. 6. Virgin&Delta Access Keys may be redeemed for an Eligible Voyage made via the website or via a travel agent and in accordance with the instructions provided by Virgin Voyages. 7. Virgin&Delta Access Keys may not be used and are not applicable for charters; nor may they be used for customized Circle programs (i.e., a value-add Circle). 8. Any tax liability, including disclosure obligations, connected with the receipt or use of a Virgin&Delta Access Key is the Recipient’s sole responsibility and liability. 9. Selling or bartering of any Access Key or offering any Access Key in exchange for any consideration is strictly prohibited. The Virgin&Delta Access Key is void if transferred or sold for cash or other consideration.
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