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  1. Could she have been a victim of this? Casual racism is one form of racism. It refers to conduct involving negative stereotypes or prejudices about people on the basis of race, colour or ethnicity.
  2. What I dont understand here is why so many of you seem offended that one person feels she was racially victimised. Maybe racism isnt the correct term, but that argument is used in a lot of cases were someone suggested racist undertones. Regardless of what the true definition of what it was, is. It was a wholly stupid idea which seems to have been reversed now. So maybe the outrage bus on here needs to be diverted to the stupid decision made by the cruise line?
  3. It would be hilarious if your wife bought a cruise and surprised you.
  4. To be fait you offered ideas. If it was perm any one of the group then fair enough. But it looked like you suggested he do the lot, but reading above seems like he wants to anyway. Leaving himself a higher water mark for the following significant event though. lol
  5. From what I have seen, its all you can eat plus a load more that you cant.
  6. Is the cruise not enough for you then?😮
  7. Stories in the press here in the UK saying similar things. I have to say I DO find it all to have very disturbing racist undertones.
  8. I love quizzes The driver hasnt turned up? They forgot to refuel? The crew are on strike? The ocean has frozen over?
  9. I am amazed these card firms still give out so much credit. It's like they never learn. Or maybe they just dont care.
  10. Well done you. I barely remember to keep receipts. And if alcohol is involved I never remember to get receipts. I remember the days of cash only. We were happier back then.
  11. too short for keeping spreadsheets on your credit cards. Maybe I have too interesting a life, who knows. But given I work hard, and spend a lot of time travelling for work, my non work time is way too valuable to do private spreadsheets. I see enough of them at work. And most of THEM are pointless. Just to clarify, I am not a time traveller.
  12. But I also try to be as low carbon as possible most if the time. Denying man made climate change is idiotic.
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