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  1. Oh and I have dog from a breed called patterdale from a very picturesque part of the lake district. A patterdale terrior from patterdale.
  2. More the scenary and the lakes and the walks. But some fabulous little towns and villages with wonderful pubs and restaurants. Ambleside at the north end of lake windermere is my favourite place. Bowness on windermere is busier and more commercial. The village of grassmere near lake grassmere is beautiful. Keswick is a small town on lake derwentwater. Pooley bridge on lake ullswater I'd another beautiful place.
  3. There is also berwick pronounced berrick. Seahouses where you can get a small boat to the farne islands. Holy island real name lindisfarne The east coast mainline train from london kings cross stops at almouth near alnwick and berwick on it's way to Edinburgh. You wont see as many stunning castles anywhere ad you can see in Northumberland. Harry Potter was filmed at alnwick castle.
  4. London is great for sightseeing famous sights, but once you have seen them they quickly lose their appeal. Food and drink is ridiculously overpriced and its mentally overcrowded. I was at a CharityQuiz event in London last Thursday night on the top floor of a solicitors. We had a really good view of st Pauls Cathedral but having seen it so many times, its like looking at someones house now. Whereas you could never tire of the beauty of the Lake District nor the Northumberland coast.
  5. I tried so hard to prove you wrong on my last cruise. I intended to eat everything at every opportunity. I quickly realised that eating a buffet breakfast big enough for 4 adults meant I wasnt hungry for the rest of the day. And I missed out on what looked like delightful treats. By day 4 I calmed down and cut down breakfast, but still wasnt hungry during the day.
  6. Not wishing to sound like a pedant here, but, if the buffet is so bad then maybe everyone should eat in the MDR right? Gonne be bloody crowded though right? I prefer a buffet breakfast and a meal in the MDR. Or I did on my one proper cruise to date. Some of you need to be careful what you wish for.
  7. Despite the relevatively small island that we are, if you really want to see Britain then I suggest you do Ireland in one visit, Scotland in one visit etc. You wont really see that much if you try all 4 countries in one visit. You will probably miss out on the very best bits. very few of you not from the UK will have been told to visit the Lake District, or the Northumberland coast. Yet there is so much to see in these two regions alone, and they are both stunning. And make London look like the fume infested place it is.
  8. Elevators every time. I am on holiday. Its not an exercise regime.
  9. didnt have the same rapore with the room guy, whatever their title is. But of course I actually suggested that we didnt need the room cleaning every day, and we could make our own bed. Dont think that was appreciated. But I am always like that in hotels etc. Its my room for the duration so I dont want someone coming in. I hate the thought that someone felt they had to make my bed. Its why I could never employ a personal servant even if I could afford to. I can make my own bed and vaccuum the floros as good as anyone else.
  10. I agree with this. I asked our waiters all sorts of questions but after we had got to know them a little and had great rapore with them. For example, I noticed more than few people treating them appallingly, like they were their personal servants, whereas I made sure their efforts were appreciated and that the were not subserviant to us. I am very much a socialist at heart and think everyone is equal, regardless of their job. My wife even exchanged facebook details with them, and they still communicate now, 200 days later. It wasnt about demeaning them nor did we question them in that way.It was about where they were from, do you have a family etc, do you like soccer, which team do you support. Great craic.
  11. 205 days to go. Feels like about 150 days since I booked it. Oh, it was.
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