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  1. One of the few times there was a price drop on one of our cruises, it was after final payment (no TA involved). I called Princess and requested the drop and was given OBC instead. IIRC it was $100pp.
  2. FYI..."that" is spelled and pronounced DAT. Thought you'd like to know.
  3. We had 3 BVEs in our "cruise history" and Princess has removed them. The only thing in our history now are actual cruises taken or booked.
  4. I was wrong!!! ceilidh1 posted a video of the Sky in post 234. They were in a balcony cabin and showed the bathroom. Same pump bottles on the sink area that the suite had.
  5. That's interesting. I booked a cruise online after final payment once and the booking engine wouldn't allow me to use a hold, it insisted on full (immediate) payment. Note to self: if you ever do that again call Princess or TA.
  6. Good point. Forgot about that. We always try to book when the cruise first opens. The price almost never goes down.
  7. Sometimes in an hour or less. Just depends on how busy they are.
  8. Those are likely the upgraded goodies for the suites. The hoi poloi gets the soap bars and wall mounted "shampoo" and body wash.
  9. Downsides: The cabin/deck/area you want may already be full. You have to pay in full on the day of booking. You can't transfer to a TA, so if you want to use a TA, you will need to book thru the TA. If you have to fly, the flights might be very expensive. If none of the above will be an issue, go for it.
  10. Haven't been on the Emerald recently, but I just looked at the deck plans on the Princess website and all the entrances look the same to me. Post a link to the video, please.
  11. The Chef's Table is definitely a LOT of food. The secret is to pace yourself and don't eat everything on your plate. When we did a CT, just the hors d'oeuvres that were served in the galley was enough food for a light dinner.
  12. On my list of "never done it", not really regrets, just haven't done it yet... 1) book a suite (score!! Just booked a WS for a B2B2B) 2) balcony dinner - will likely do this on our next cruise 3) afternoon tea in our cabin - same as #2 4) European/Norwegian/Australian cruises - someday
  13. The newer ships from Royal on don't use syrup in the coffee that's in the buffet and MDRs. Royal class ships use actual ground coffee to make the coffee. If you're booked on Royal, Regal, Enchanted, Sky you'll get fresh brewed coffee anywhere you get coffee.
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