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  1. They won't punch holes in the cards that have the "open the door" feature. Also, at some point in the future, the cards won't be available at all (according to those in the know). And if it matters, currently while using a medallion to order your first drink on the ship...it's FREE.
  2. Was that a double order? I often order the Ploughman and have never gotten that much meat/cheese.
  3. If it's a handicap cabin, a shower bench is attached to the wall.
  4. Same here. 53 years...even tho' I used to drive for a living doing home visits.
  5. OMG!! I asked DH (he doesn't read/follow CC) and he said, "I don't know...the Japanese?". I should have asked him yesterday.
  6. Great way to tie up $$ when you don't know if the cruise will actually happen.
  7. My DH is a former sailor and says it's probably algae. As good a guess as any.
  8. OOPS! Someone wasn't fully awake when they put the name tags on the goodies.
  9. Well, since I have permission... it's the morbid fear of sharp things.
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