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  1. Sorry but you need to do your own research, unless you want to send me a very large check then I'd be willing to do it for you.
  2. My first thought is why would you want to take a cruise with a one year old! But that's your choice. The only way around the car seat issue would be to bring one with you that can easily be put into a taxi. Or contact a limo company to see if they can provide a ride to the port.
  3. Guys I think that they are taking a one way from Vancouver to Anchorage and plan to leave their RV at the Vancouver port, hence the question on how to get back to Vancouver to pick it up.
  4. As for champagne, I did notice that it was only available at breakfast, but other sparklings are available in the evening. I find this comment very interesting as I quite often would get a mimosa mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon - you just have to ask.
  5. One of many reason's mobility scooters should not be allowed certain places. I worked in Long Term Care and they were not allowed in the building. People just don't how to use them properly.
  6. Scenic definitely docks in Hornfleur.
  7. We did this trip in September a few years ago, everyone is correct you will want to be sitting on the top deck most of the time. However, unlike Mike R, we never had to fight for places to sit as most people found it too chilly. Nothing that an Irish Coffee didn't fix and on Scenic the waiters were happy to keep bringing them to us!
  8. Either walk or take a shuttle into the Inner Harbour area (Empress Hotel). Wander around, enjoy the buskers on the causeway, pop into the Empress Q Lounge for a drink, or one of the many brew pubs in the area for a local beer.
  9. "the staff acted like they had never heard of it." That's because they probably hadn't heard of it! Its a North American phenomenon not to be found in Europe (thankfully!). FYI - don't ask them for anything "Pumpkin Spice" flavored either!
  10. Booked on what was supposed to be the third cruise of the Dawn Princess in May 1997. However delays in the building yard meant the first two were cancelled thus we ended up on the inaugural sailing. Because of that we actually got invited to the ship naming ceremony the day before sailing. It was an enjoyable trip from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver and if there were any problems, I certainly don't remember them and they didn't ruin the cruise in any way.
  11. Prices will only go UP the closer you get to cruise date, its called supply and demand. If you can handle the price offered today, I would book it.
  12. Thanks 1of4 for this great report! Have thoroughly enjoyed reliving my own Seine cruise. For anyone wondering about taking a river cruise on Scenic, I can only reiterate what 1of4 has stated, they are wonderful and well worth the money.
  13. Please don't not go into the house just because I said so, it was interesting but too crowded for me. Go with your heart on the day.
  14. "What currency is used on board" The only time you'll need currency on board is if you decide to tip your butler at the end of the week, but that is NOT required. If you buy something from the boutique, its charged to your cabin which is paid for via credit card. In either of the above cases, you will need Euros. Otherwise everything (and I mean everything) is included.
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