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  1. For us first choice is an aft cabin, if none available then a hump cabin. Last choice is a regular balcony.
  2. We did a NB cruisetour June of this year. There were about 30-35 people on ours. The four of us boarded last and we had the last 4 rows to ourselves. Able to spread out and one of the rows had extra leg room. Not sure about the distilled water. Talk to your tour director when you meet them. Ours was fantastic and I'm sure they can help you out. Not sure when they will finalize the hotels. I can tell you the land tour is not run by Celebrity. They use another company for that. Have a good cruise.
  3. OP, If CelebrityOne Touch does not respond try this email address: lLutoff-Perlo@celebritycruises.com.
  4. Just a suggestion, Celebrity Cruises President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo will be checking in periodically on the Celebrity forum to answer questions. Why not ask your question there as well and ask for a name and number of someone at Celebrity to discuss this matter with. Good luck.
  5. According to this thread it does not appear to be available on the Millie.
  6. This sounds like our first cruise. We went to Bermuda and had also scheduled a glass bottom boat excursion. About a week out the weather showed rain everyday. Major disappointment. We pulled out of Baltimore and it was pouring. The next day we woke up to a sunny sky. The weather could not have been nicer. It was a little overcast the morning we took the boat taxi across the water, but by lunch time it was sunny. We had great weather. Don't worry about the weather forecast, most likely they'll be wrong. And if it does rain, it should be a passing shower. Craig
  7. Any chance of getting Old Bay for the crabs and or shrimp?
  8. Thank you all for the responses. Looks like we are going to try and book the Tundra Wilderness Tour and skip the Natural History Tour.
  9. We are booked for an Alaska cruisetour with Celebrity this June. The land tour includes a full day in Denali with the Natural History Tour. We are thinking about up grading to the Tundra Wilderness Tour. Not sure what the difference is as Celebrity's website does not give too many details. About the only thing our TA could get from Celebrity was that we can upgrade with our tour guide once we disembark from the ship. I'm worried if we wait til then to upgrade the Tundra Wilderness Tour could be sold out. Any input as to what to expect on theses tours from someone who has done one or both tours would be appreciated. Upgrade would be cheaper, but we don't mind paying full price now and just book the Tundra tour if there is that much difference. Thanks for your input. Primary reason is to see wildlife, in particular bears and wolves.
  10. We recently did a 5 night cruise on the Celebrity Infinity out of Port Everglades. Cruise was great, but this is a question about Customs. We purchased about $75 of stuff on the ship and about $100 in port (no alcohol or tobacco purchases). When we disembarked we never filled out a Customs Declaration form.We picked up our luggage and only showed our passport to the official as though he was immigration and not customs. He never asked us about any purchases we had made. Have things changed since we last cruised. It has been a while, but we always filled out Customs Declaration form when we returned from past cruises. Thanks
  11. Things I enjoy most about taking a cruise are: 1. Arriving at the port and seeing the ship for the first time. 2. Stepping on board the ship and soaking in the enormity of the ship. 3. Ordering a glass of orange juice for breakfast the first sea day, making mimosas on the balcony and just watching the water go by.
  12. My wife and I did the Vancouver to Hawaii cruise in Sept of 2016. Five days at sea followed by five days around the islands. None of the venues on the ship (Celebrity Solstice) ever seemed crowded. I wasn't concerned about crowds as much as having five straight days at sea. Celebrity did a good job of having many options of activities both during the day and at night. If you do one of the two cruises you mentioned, you should join the Celebrity Connections roll call. Being a longer cruise it should be quite active and you can meet some nice people and plan things to do on those sea days as well as after hitting the islands. Good luck. Still trying to convince the wife to cruise to Australia.
  13. I believe they have moved to the Twilight Zone.:D
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