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  1. I think you will struggle if what I am hearing continues....
  2. I’m hearing Whispering Angel isn’t widely available on Pursuit now. 😾
  3. Lets hope the next rule change is testing pre boarding. This is the world now moving to living with Covid as they said we would have to do - just as we learned to live with influenza
  4. Having enjoyed our Mississippi trip so much last month we booked onboard to do a Great Lakes cruise next May. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done one this year, what their experiences were and any hints and tips they can give us for next year Thanks
  5. Thanks for posting this Phil. I saw Sasha's post to her friends and what was so lovely was the range of Azamara officers and crew who have immediately shared their affection for and memories of this lovely couple. I never did manage to get my DH to agree to much needed dancing lessons with them. But I have such happy memories of them, not only as the feature dancers but also Sasha taught me how to make jewellery in a series of onboard classes during a transatlantic cruise. So my lasting tangible memory is a lovely pair of ear rings I made with her and still wear. They will be sadly missed. I pray their homeland is somewhere they can return to soon and that all their loved ones stay safe in these dreadful time
  6. The information on the website was for those guests who had booked the cruise before embarkation changed from Venice to Ravenna. I am looking at October and have been told as well I will have to make my own arrangements unless I buy the flights through Azamara (which they do not offer from my airport in the UK either) We are going to research independent operators to do the transfers
  7. Yes nice food almost always served to you by officers. It’s a good chance to see and chat to some of the younger engineers and mariners you don’t usually meet as well.
  8. I love Zadar and it’s sea organ. I can sit by that all day
  9. There is indeed a sales pitch. Best to say before the start, you are not interested in any sales pitch as you will not be buying
  10. I never said it was a strict covid related issue but in addition to customer interest (and numbers were dropping except on Indian night) there were economic considerations. The buffets were under review anyway due to challenges during noro outbreaks and also as part of the green agenda given the high amount of food waste which is costly both in terms of excess purchasing but also in terms of the costs of disposal. I would expect Azamara would weigh up feedback both for their return and for the retention of the new service and make decisions accordingly.
  11. You need to plan slightly differently given the afternoon boarding. We opted for a slightly larger later breakfast than our boarding day norm in the past. We then had an “afternoon tea” with the snacks. We dined that evening a little earlier than our usual - 7 as opposed to 7.30
  12. uktog


    Yes you can
  13. Covid was not the only reason they moved away from the buffet, it was to manage waste and give a better customer experience in a more casual non dressed up environment. Many people who have experienced this new way prefer it to the old buffet, food is nicely plated and always at the right temperature. You can order as little or as much as you want. I think the jury is out on whether the buffet is coming back every night.
  14. I always view reviews by vloggers with a little bit of caution. The cruise line know who these people are so will be doing all they can to make sure everything works for them. Its the same with those travel agents who report on shake down or freebie cruises.... their judgement is influenced by their situation. I like the reviews by independents eg there's a hotel reviewer in our national press calls The Inspector Calls. He never reveals his identity to hotels and always pays his way in full. Thats the kind of professional judgement I like, otherwise the reviews of cruisers who are using their hard earned savings work for me, albeit you do have to apply your own filters when reading
  15. Unfortunately I have read a report elsewhere that the Chronomics results were not accepted by Azamara at the weekend and guests were made to pay the $59 at the port (Athens) for a retest. This inconsistency is getting beyond a joke!
  16. Glad the need for compensation was recognised Very fair
  17. Yes, we do not do our dry cleaning before boarding, we get it done the first day!
  18. For some the bus ride from Genoa to Nice (over 2 hours) is not something they can do so they will need to change flights and at this late stage that will incur fees. So in some circumstances compensation would be a very valid question to ask
  19. I think the real issue for many is everyone accepts crew might be learning but the trouble is guests were paying the price for a “non learning experience”.
  20. Correct. My experience of the future sales onboard is they now have an appalling lack of knowledge of anything non US market. Didn’t used to be the case and very disappointing. They’re just after sales regardless of the subsequent consequences for agents on land who have to clear up the confusion or misinformation after.
  21. uktog


    To be honest Ryzard was HD on our last cruise where the standards were lacking. One person cannot recover a situation where supervisors (and they were the issue) aren’t up to the task. It’s a training issue that takes time and is in part that well known issue, how to change from being one of the gang to exerting authority on the gang. This is an area many organisations focus on when promoting operatives but Azamara in their rush to expand and get back to service has overlooked.
  22. We have had my husband’s jackets dry cleaned on Azamara ships so this must be a new development
  23. Agree. The upgrade system is a way to offload the less desired rooms savvy cruisers avoid. It’s not something I indulge in as a result.
  24. Not what has been acceptable at boarding. Call back again you will get a different answer! This is something Azamara haven’t got their act together on! 😀
  25. Check direct with Azamara now. Don’t rely on what people tell you here. South American countries are very difficult re immigration customs etc and so better to clear it now with Azamara shoreside rather than risk heresay or arrangements once onboard
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