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  1. It’s all about revenue generation forget any sense of logic or fairness in that 😀
  2. Not quite. That would have been something else!
  3. The Azamazing evening on quest this week was very enjoyable. It was held in the cabaret lounge and involved Norwegian singers and a fiddle player. The performers were well known in Norway having represented their country in Eurovision. The compère spoke very good English and was also a very good singer. There were two shows so you could either dine before or after the show. Drinks were served involving Norwegian spirits and some Norwegian cinnamon cakes were also offered What was very nice was that we all got a lovely gift to represent our stay in Norway delivered to our staterooms. Sometimes in the past when we have had these things they were low quality but here it was obvious budget had been spent and we have a lovely Norwegian cheese slice which is useful as it was something I was planning to buy myself anyway. I genuinely believe given how high calibre the acts were that there was not a budget reduction by having the event onboard when you take into account all the extras we got
  4. Currently on Quest. It’s a different chef from April and the food so far is cooked much better and the menu choices more varied. It’s also way better than pre pandemic. I think as well as personal taste the particular ships can make a huge difference as to whether a dish ticks the box for you or not depending on their approaches to spicing and seasonings.
  5. One of the confusions on Quest is unlike in April there’s a new policy. No drink menus on tables and bar staff don’t have them in some bars. So new cruisers have no idea what they have included etc.
  6. That’s my experience and my agents experience regardless of when we call.
  7. Flam is no longer possible for most ships due to changes in restrictions on fuel and types of power.
  8. Today onboard Quest we can see an advantage in booking ship tours. We were supposed to be in Vik from where many were planning to go on the Flam railway some through the ship and some independently Last night we were advised there been a rockfall on the road so tours could not get to the train. We are now going to a tiny place 30 miles away so the tours can still go ahead. It’s somewhere Azamara has never been (nor has our Norwegian captain) it’s that small and remote. They have helped guests travelling on independent tours reach their provider but some are saying the providers can’t make the trip to get them. Flam railway is one often discussed as diy vs expense of the ship. It sells out early. It’s unfortunate today for those who opted for independent and have now no tour.
  9. I was only reporting the situation on Quest and the views of officers there. I will be on Onward later in the year and will form a final view then. But I am certainly not short of places to enjoy a drink on Quest and I enjoy the Library as a place to sit especially on the first day when the weather wasn’t so good
  10. I’m on Quest just now. There have been folks using the library every time I have been there. There are also 4 groups onboard including Music at Sea. They are holding events from time to time in the Library. There was also a Sabbath Service there the other night. The Hotel staff are rightly unsure how all these groups could be accommodated if the library became another bar. A bar would not be an appropriate setting for some.
  11. Data consideration 75% of guests do not occupy suites On our current cruise it’s the highest number of repeat cruisers since the pandemic (over 67%) A large % of them are not in suites Non suites therefore work for many - you could even say the majority
  12. Onboard the ship now it’s very clear the guidance masks are not required. You can wear them if you want and they ask that each group respects the views of the other. I would say on this sailing of 550+ less that 10% are wearing masks. It’s the “new normal”. The next step will be to remove the mandate for crew who have to wear them indoors in guest areas only. They hope to do that soon.
  13. On Quest just now yes, but a very limited range. Lots of bottles of the same brands in different sizes eg Chanel No 5. I agree with Harrodsfan the shop is very very disappointing compared to even two months ago. No makeup or costume jewellery a very limited range of clothing but not all sizes virtually no logo branded items. I’ve about $150 left to spend and absolutely nothing ticks any boxes. I wonder if they are going back to the old game of bringing out different additions each day. I will report back!
  14. uktog

    Azamazing Evening

    These were all on ship in answer to Mrs Miggins question. There were others onshore I also loved but those in South America no I did not and the 2.5 hours each way in traffic each way at Myanmar was too much. We did not get back until 1am and had an early tour next day Last night the captain confirmed they are aiming to bring back some off ship evenings by the end of the year. The issue is many venues/ports are still concerned at letting 700 people come ashore to one place for fear of a covid spread. You just have to respect the wishes of these communities
  15. uktog

    Azamazing Evening

    I particularly enjoyed the flamenco dancers in Barcelona. Also although I was not there, knowing how good the Red Hot Chilli Pipers are I’m not surprised they were a huge hit in Edinburgh last week. The budget went on the act and did not have to cover the venue hire and transportation as well
  16. uktog

    Azamazing Evening

    Not all Azamazing evenings off ship have been great. I’ve been to some Destination Celebrations onboard in the last year that were far better than events offship I’d previously attended. Phil was right, manage your expectations but start positively if you possibly can. And if you feel it’s not for you don’t go rather than sit and be miserable. We’ve got one onboard in two days. I’m not sure about it but I’m going with a very open mind.
  17. Quest is serving draft Carlsberg
  18. You can also get it in the Den or Living Room for a pre dinner drink. There maybe a short delay in the first few days then they move a bottle of your favourites to your regular haunts if you ask them to
  19. So sorry to read this. Take care and I hope you recover quickly and can enjoy a holiday soon
  20. I will report how life goes or whether I’m “strange souvenir shopping” in Lerwick
  21. Edinburgh Airport has a new addition. (It was too early to try) Maybe they could rename the Atlas Bar 😂😂😂
  22. Me too. I’m anything but Club in that respect
  23. When I used an online US internet agency they asked for payment 21 days before Azamaras date so I think it’s very variable and why the OP needs to check with their agent
  24. I am now about 70/30 between cold/wet (around the world) than warm and dry so I suspect that clouds out judgment now. If only Azamara had a retractable roof what a difference that would make to white nights but I know technically on the current ships it’s considered a no
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