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  1. Yes but even that is risk averaged (believe me I work connected to the insurance industry) Not sure what computers have to do with it as it would be impossible to underwrite every transaction individually
  2. It is not discrimination - its a risk based assessment by the insurers who are providing insurance for the activity. There will always be outliers in these sorts of decisions eg those who can but are excluded and those who cannot but are included. Just as I purchase car insurance for my car, the insurers assess my premium based on my age and the type of car. I may be a far better driver than average but my premium is based on the overall assessment for my age. The use of risk calculations is a basic in insurance, without it every singe transaction would be individually negotiated which would be chaos
  3. Theres always one 😂
  4. Thanks, the issue was on Pursuit people were being told it was no longer an option. Just working our how I will survive on Quest soon, but it sounds like it is good news there
  5. Excellent news. (But it does worry me to hear of all the change experiments on Pursuit (all from sources I trust) eg Whispering Angel only if you buy a bottle, not on the Ultimate and spa deck limited to certain suites) - is someone going rogue there or are they the sacrificial experimental lamb? Who knows I love the photo of the waffles and your own liquid gold by the way!
  6. I understood it was insurers who set the age limits. They can apply to excursions sold by the cruise line or privately and the vendor should follow them. The difference is Azamara know your age from your passport etc and it’s locked into your record. A private provision may not even check (though they should for certain types of excursions) and may take risks that nothing will go wrong.
  7. Fantastic- so unlike pursuit do I read that the Angel still appears on the Ultimate package?
  8. I know my agent had issues two weeks ago. I think many agents ring and leave the phone on speaker whilst they work away sometimes for a very very long time. I am sure if recommending a cruise line some agents have to be swayed by how much they can do without a call (eg how much can be done electronically) and how long the wait to get a call answered. That would be human nature
  9. I think you might struggle to access supplies unsupervised (eg in a non hospital environment) in most of Europe - just be aware of that
  10. Some airports in Europe won’t now admit you to the check in area until 2 hours before. Inter Europe isn’t counted as international in most places so check in doesn’t open for the flight until then.
  11. Why are the numbers crazy? Like all the lines it’s heading back to full capacity- economically no line can survive running at reduced numbers longer term. Nowhere else is reduced - planes, hotels, tourist venues unless they are using it as a cover for the fact they can’t operate because they can’t get staff. (That’s what some hotels in the US are doing, Intercontinental admitted as much to us in New Orleans when we spoke to management about a shocking service less experience) It does take a bit getting used to being back in busier places but it’s a step along the road we had to take.
  12. Yes, hence why in the UK these drugs cannot be used except under very strict supervision. Its not a case of carrying a pack with you like ibuprofen. I would expect if your condition warrants them you would be medically evacuated from the ship.
  13. I have had it checked twice, the recovery certificate does not negate the requirement to evidence a negative covid test on boarding. I wish they would avoid confusion and put it in their communications. Same as I wish they made clear that the tests have to be supervised. Reading that email many UK guests would think a self test which is what we are required to do for testing now is valid.
  14. They have never accepted Covid Recovery Certificates unfortunately. It is a worry for those of us who might not be infectious but have legacy viral load
  15. Dont you just love local rivalries! Oh and pastel de nata I adore and was so happy we got them first night on our last cruise. Ivi - another hotel option we have used for one night stops in Lisbon a few times is Holiday Inn Express Plaza del Saldanhe. Very clean, pretty neighbourhood and includes a nice light breakfast.
  16. Great news hope the seas calm down. Enjoy the wine tasting!
  17. Yes it’s a fiddly solution. I hope when rebuilding their systems Azamara go for something that pulls the timings through to the front information page.
  18. Radetsky or Little Toy Soldiers? Never had a shuttle in Amsterdam all the times we’ve stopped there. It is a bit of a walk if berthed out by the Movenpick. The nearer in berth is better but it’s hit or miss if Azamara gets it.
  19. I’m afraid none of these things and the pool is tiny
  20. `no but someone else was and has reported it as a proctored Emend test was not accepted (see post 54) It is good to hear there were no problems on your cruise. There were on others and that is why discussion and sharing of information continues and rightly so.
  21. There continues to be discussions because there are inconsistencies at the point of boarding both between ports and at the same port with different agents interpreting things differently.
  22. Your findings on Quest highlights that there are possibly still inconsistencies between the ships that Azamara will have to iron out to protect the brand. All prices are up for the future some have significant rises. I would be interested to know what additional requirements you think are pushing the cost up so significantly for everyone? I am not sure if you are aware of the fuel cost challenge cruise lines are facing? I believe most price increases are to protect against that issue. Sorry but to think that Azamara is so customer feedback driven that they would jack up prices on the wishes of a few rather than the expectations of their institutional investors is laughable
  23. Was there contradictions on acceptable tests in Lisbon? That seems to be adding to the confusion in Athens plus it’s a series of tents not a dedicated building. We had delays in Athens last year. Everyone seemed to have stuck to their times we made good progress through the processes (everyone was being tested then) then it ground to a halt. Eventually the Hotel Director was seen shouting over from the ship to the port agent (they’d no clearance to come down) to sort it. The issue was the immigration people were booked for 1330. They eventually arrived at 1500 by which time the back up was massive. When we boarded in Lisbon in April the officers were in the terminal and the immigration people were at their posts. So Athens seems to be the challenge and the testing people seem to contribute to it Hopefully Azamara can escalate this to the right people and also sort out their own disastrous communications re acceptable tests whilst they are at it. (The email I got this week the inexperienced cruiser could believe they could turn up with a test cassette showing a negative test or an NHS email confirmation of reporting a negative self administered test)
  24. Agree 💯 Those who went through the process yesterday need to give feedback to Azamara stating exactly what happened. Sometimes onboard staff aren’t allowed into the terminal by authorities so they may not know where the stupidity was. But communication is still an issue. I’ve an email about my July cruise. If I follow it as written, sounds like I’d be refused boarding with a chronomics negative test. It’s an ongoing shambles giving unnecessary stress - just tell people what to do without mixed messages and make sure your contractors know it all - it’s not rocket science 😀
  25. Is the driver taking you back to the port? Probably easier to keep the bags with you. From what I’m reading the boarding process is such an unknown and the experience in a port one cruise isn’t the same next time in that port.
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