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  1. Just got off the phone with my TA and I guess I originally booked with just 2 perks and then upgraded to 4 perks when there was a sale. Don't remember doing that but anyhow he called Celebrity and they updated the Xpress Pass to PALL. Glad I saw this thread I'd rather take care of something like that now instead of fighting with Guest Services on the ship. I'm bringing all my paperwork just in case!
  2. Interesting we have the premium drink package and our express passes say CALL. We booked with all 4 perks from the very beginning.
  3. Try this link and then go to Oct 3 Eclipse View Discussion and it should take you right to the roll call. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/?cruise_line_id=9&ship_id=413
  4. I saved $120 on an excursion in Maui for our upcoming Eclipse cruise. I had been looking at the excursion but didn’t want to spend the money on it. The sale changed my mind!
  5. I've got Murano booked twice and Tuscan once. Looks like I made a good decision.
  6. Can't wait to hear about your journey. I am on the Oct 3 Eclipse Hawaii-Vancouver and like the poster above we have 5 sea days. I love sea days but have never done more than 2 in a row. It will be interesting. The Premium Drink Package will be getting a run for it's money! Let us know how it works out for you.
  7. Enjoying your review. I will be on the Eclipse Oct Hawaii-Vancouver.
  8. Try Hendricks Midsummer Solstice with Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic. It’s fabulous! Of course you won’t get that on the ship but maybe at a bar onshore!
  9. For my upcoming Eclipse cruise we have the premium package also because we have 4 perks. But for our Jan 2021 Edge cruise we only have classic (2 perks) and the premium plus doesn't show up at all as an option. The mystery continues..........
  10. Shows up on my cruise planner for $67.50 per day but with absolutely no description of what it is!
  11. This bums me out as I was in Scotland in May and enjoyed many different gins. We actually do have a wide variety of gins and Fever Tree tonics available in the U.S. but I haven't seen them on any cruise ships yet!
  12. I agree with all of the above. If you have a Fidelity account they also offer fee free ATM withdrawals internationally.
  13. I love both Royal and Celebrity's muesli! i always look forward to it.
  14. I signed up for this on my upcoming Hawaii cruise on the Eclipse. Booked at 20% off. I scheduled it for the last sea day. We have 5 consecutive sea days so I figured we will be looking for something to do! I have never done it but I’m very curious!
  15. Does anyone know the price of a bottle of the "mediocre" 🙄 Veuve Cliquot is? I have the premium package so I know there is a discount. I may purchase a couple bottles to bring on board if it makes financial sense.
  16. We did this excursion while on the Symphony of the Seas. The description online said "visit a local art gallery". Boy were we surprised when we got to the Carriers Lumieres! It is just a stunning display of technology and art. We thought it was just going to be a short visit to a local gallery. 🙂 You cannot go wrong with this excursion. Les Beaux and St Remy were breathtaking too. This was one of the highlights of our cruise! I just ran out of the lavender soap I bought in St Remy, now I need to go back!
  17. If more people lived by this motto they would be a whole lot happier with their life!
  18. I know this is a lot to ask but could you post the rest of the daily's if you have them?
  19. I was on the Symphony last fall in the Mediterranean. Gorgeous ship! The balcony staterooms are a great size and the storage is good. Since we were on her in the fall there weren't a lot of children. We especially liked the Central Park area. We thought the food was good. Had one meal in Chops and thought it was decent. We were with a large group and service was good. We loved the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and dinner.
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