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  1. We booked a private vehicle transfer for like $250. I know it’s expensive but at least we have the whole vehicle and our 6 suitcases and 2 backpacks will fit and nobody will be stealing them. We are actually going from hotel in Southhampton to the airport the day after cruise.
  2. No the facial recognition machine said see customs officer
  3. I did and he was like everything seems fine with it. He thought maybe I need to add my middle name to the booking but never had to before the last 2 cruises.
  4. The icon ship was amazing! We enjoyed the cruise!!! Loved the flow and our balcony cabin! the specialty restaurants mostly served warm to cold food. Not worth the price of the the ultimate dining package. Will probably never do that again. the one night we used the dining room (lobster night) the service was amazing and food was perfectly served and very hot!! Should have stuck to the MDR all week lol. Had to ask our room steward twice for our free swag gifts as he forgot. had a great time and the shows were amazing!!!
  5. Dies anyone know why I would have to see a customs agent after disembarking my cruise when going thru facial recognition? it’s been 2 cruises in a row. how can I fix this. Never had this issue before.
  6. I know you need passports. make sure you check with them first before you book any ship. Make sure there are open dates for weddings before booking cruise. I know they are using a different wedding group now than the one we had. don’t know current prices but ours wasn’t bad for wedding and cruise price was good too because of future cruise certificates from all our cancelled wedding dates. We ended up having a one bedroom grand suite. And at that time ship was only 35% full due to restrictions.
  7. Thank you!!! We had the “Intimately Yours” Package (don’t know if that’s still what it’s called) you can have up to 10 guests. We were married first Sea Day and it was a legal marriage. the wedding was not badly priced but we also got like 30% off additional add-ons due to the multiple cancelations. we had a photographer for an hour and we took pics throughout the ship and took nice pics up the North Star (free to go up for us…usually costs during sea days) if you had any other questions let me know!!!
  8. Hello. My wife and I were married on Odyssey of the seas 2 years ago last Thursday. we were the first couple to be married on odyssey since it was the newest ship at that time. We had 7 other cruises that we were supposed to be married on since April 2020 during Covid shutdown and with every canceled cruise we had to reschedule the wedding as well with the wedding group. So 14 reservations canceled and rescheduled. It was exhausting. you would still need to contact the cruise line and find out from there wedding department about the pricing. The price wasn’t that bad for a wedding on the ship and there were only 5 total in our wedding group. any more questions please let me know!
  9. Love freedom!!! been on her twice and going back on in 8 days for our anniversary. menus have changed to a smaller selection so time will be shorter for dinner service with less to cook. glad you had a nice trip with family!!
  10. We were on the same sailing as you for this wonder cruise. I agree with you on everything. we have been on all of the sister ships and most are the same layout. love wonder with the nice smell and feel. I feel like they needed to clean the hallways more often because seems like plates and things were left out in the hallway for around 10 hours a night before they picked them up. Loved the ice show and aqua theater. since we had the last room on deck 10 we were able to watch the aqua theater multiple times. And we were able to watch the performers party since that was their final show together as a group. And we watched the new performers practicing for the following Sunday first show after we got off. kids were not supervised and caused lots of issues especially late night. RCCL needs to enforce the curfew better. And parents need to be more responsible. can’t wait for our next cruise. The ignagural sailing of Icon!!
  11. Can’t wait to go on Anthem OTS next July 2024 for the Norway Fjords. we love this class as we loved Odyssey OTS since we were the first couple to be married aboard of it!!!
  12. We are from Florida also and booking the Norway cruise with Anthem for next July 2024. We thought we could Alaska anytime and figure why not go somewhere far away to do a once in a lifetime type cruise. Plus we are staying in London for 3 days before. Don’t get me wrong Alaska is beautiful but Norway just seems like it’s totally different setting and different type of lifestyle. we can’t wait to go!!!! ps we love Odyssey as well since that was the ship we got married on!!!
  13. Have a augural sailing room reserved!!! Can’t wait for this sailing.
  14. I was able to rental a tux before my cruise sailed for my wedding aboard Odyssey. they brought it to the room and I tried it on. The pants were too tight and they took it and brought me a new pair like an hour later.
  15. Favorite would be odyssey 1. first couple married on board 2. awesome grand suite 3. treated like royalty 4. Went in North Star free for pictures of wedding 5. captain still emails us second favorite ship oasis great big ship first oasis class done (but did all since then too)
  16. We are in 8088 in November and can’t wait to have this room.
  17. Hello. goid luck with your wedding day!! Congrats! we got married last Oct on odyssey of the seas. We were the first couple married on the new ship! when we went on the ship we had tons of stuff and nothing was said. I had two carryons a box of wedding stuff and my wife had her wedding dressing and a box of her artificial flowers and a carryon. I think you should be ok. They kind of go out of their way for couples getting married on the ships!!!
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