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  1. I can't see an entire cruise industry going away, too many countries depend on revenue generated by them. But for the larger companies, such as RCG, at some point there will have to be a reorganization and downsizing. Sadly, it is inevitable, Imo. RCI operates 34 ships (4 of them are the largest in the world) and they have 6 additional ships on order. X has 1 ship, Beyond, under construction and had plans to build 2 more. Perhaps RCG will cancel many of those future new builds? The longer the pandemic keeps everything at a standstill, the more dire the future looks for the cruise l
  2. Thanks to everyone for continuing to pass the 🎤. It's nice to share a laugh after canceling all the travel arrangements for our most recently canceled cruises.
  3. It was 32 days ago when I started this thread regarding RCG selling it's two oldest ships. Five days ago, another thread was started about RCG selling off their Azamara brand. I'm sad to say, that Imo, it seems the cruise lines' financial situation is rapidly changing (in a bad way) despite their best intentions and efforts to stay afloat. X's management has stated that they will keep the E class including Beyond which is still under construction. The S class is relatively new and very popular. Imo, the M class would be at risk as the oldest and least efficient of the X fleet. And as it w
  4. The Apex roll call for the TA in October 2022 is ready and waiting!
  5. We booked Apex for October 2022. Finally get to visit Gibraltar, though it is brief, I'm looking forward to it.
  6. I guess it's a good thing most of us don't use our real names, right, Dave? 😁
  7. X is supposedly keeping Connie out of service, on standby, in case there is an opening at the shipyard to do her “revolution” renovations which have been delayed due to the pandemic.
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