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  1. They had electronic Trivia, which guests could play individually for a fee on their smartphones. However that has been discontinued and regular, old fashioned Trivia played in groups of 6 with pen and paper is back.
  2. We were on the Edge Inaugural in December and her TA in April, and with all due respect it was not Martin's fault, he is one of X's best CD's. Martin received direction from the top (Miami) regarding activities on the Edge Inaugural. X top brass wanted to eliminate the free activities and replace them with activities which guests had to pay for. Upset passenger feedback forced X to reinstate the regular free activities which were available on the Edge TA.
  3. Europe and TA itineraries are usually not the first ones released, hopefully they will be shortly. Caribbean itineraries are always released last.
  4. Thanks for sharing this info. Did anyone else notice that all the Concierge class cabins are showing sold out on every Silhouette sailing in 2022?
  5. Booking your last cruise 9 months out offered the advantage of the fares being lower. It was also for a different season (Fall). The more cabins are sold, the higher the pricing goes. Right now you have, I'm guessing, about 6 months before the spring cruise and the fares have risen. A spring cruise to Hawaii, IMO, would probably be very popular. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more price drops, but only time will tell. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time on the Eclipse. Our cruise to Hawaii on Eclipse is coming up!
  6. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that Eden is a “direct replacement” for the Sky Lounge. 😊 But it can be used for all the same purposes that guests have used the Sky Lounge on other ships. On our Edge cruises there was musical entertainment not only in The Club, but also in Eden and at the Martini Bar.
  7. I hope that your experience in Venice will be as memorable as ours. 😊 Kotor is another location with wonderful vistas. I took a picture on arrival that was so pretty it became my screen saver for many years.
  8. We were fortunate to do two Edge Bridge tours also, and did sit on those chairs for the second one. You are right it was a very nice experience.
  9. The Edge class ships are not everyone’s cup of tea, but IMO, they are refreshing because of their differences. I'm glad to hear that you are keeping an open mind. 😊
  10. Respectfully, we will have to disagree.
  11. The only other X ship being built like the Edge is her twin, Apex. Beyond, the next new build, is supposed to be larger and different from Edge and Apex.
  12. Eden is the replacement for the Sky Lounge and is used for the occasions/events you mentioned.
  13. No worries. 😊 Sending Lena a kiss. ❤️
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