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  1. Yes, the story is certainly making the rounds. Great minds...😊
  2. The Elite happy hour is held in The Club. No loss of socialization.
  3. The fact that Edge, and Apex, have 2 big bars actually is a plus when you consider that when cruising starts again, social distancing will still be in affect. I do agree with you about the IV rooms. When I first saw them on a cabin crawl they did appear to be larger due to the expansive view and amount of light coming in through the window.
  4. Not really worried about Apex, as the outcome is out of our hands. 😊 Our next cruise is not until April, 2021, out of Ft. Lauderdale. I sincerely hope your cruise sails as planned!
  5. Thanks, Phil. From what I've heard and read so far, I continue to be positive, but I'm also a pragmatist. IMO, X will bring Apex to the U.S. as planned, though circumstances beyond their control may prevent those of us booked on her from sailing to Florida. If our cruise is canceled I'll just apply the credit to our next booked cruise in 2021 and continue to look forward. I try not to let all the negative noise out there affect me, though it is a challenge. Health wise it's far better to maintain a positive outlook. 🌺🌼🌺
  6. Yes, you keep repeating the same mantra without any corroborating evidence. I'm waiting for X's official announcements.
  7. I heard on a news program this morning that Doctors have discovered that many people who showed negative on an antibody test for Covid actually developed T-cell immunity instead, which they said was very encouraging towards the development of herd immunity .
  8. The port fees and taxes are usually refunded separately, so the $211.22 was probably those.
  9. Hang in there. We are booked on Apex for Oct. 22. We will make final payment (this week). Keeping fingers crossed and my glass half full. 😉
  10. Agreed, and it's really a shame. X has every intention of bringing Apex over from Spain on October 22, with arrival in Florida on Nov. 5th. So it fits in with your timeline. Before, there was concern about Europe being the problem. Now it's one of our own states.
  11. I squireled ours away too. I also put one in each of our suitcases. When it's time to pack for a cruise, when the bags are opened, they smell like Bvlgari. I detest packing but the scent makes the job a lot more pleasant. 😁
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