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  1. We booked a May trip and canceled before our 50% came in effect. We got back a refund of all BUT our cancellation plan premium. No FCC for insurance premium
  2. So we went ahead and cancelled one of our cruises departing in May. We had purchased the 80% "cancel for any reason" insurance provided by HA. We had also purchased our airfare thru HA. This is what resulted (3 couples - we all got the same treatment) When I originally contacted HA, the representative started doing our calculation based on all port charges, no refund for insurance premium, 80% of cruise/air cost. The difference of 20% would be a future cruise credit. BUT one of our party noticed that we were still within the period of just losing our deposit and not the 50% - our cruise was May 23, so the 50% kicks in Mar 21. By just losing our deposit ($100 per person) we were much better off. The rep said that once you buy insurance, the system automatically enacts the insurance rebate, but I was not happy with that as I did not want a large future cruise credit - really not 100% sure when we will cruise again and we can use our money back for other purposes. Anyway, the rep said he couldn't change it but he could talk to a supervisor (which would entail a couple days to figure out) Luckily our rep (who's been very helpful in the past) managed to get hold of a supervisor and had it overwritten so that we could just lose our insurance premium (definite) and our $200. The supervisor actually authorized a charge of only $91 plus our insurance $414 for a total loss of $504. We are pleased. There has been 2 conflicting comments from the two reps involved as to how much will be a FCC - either $91 or $504 - again, I am fine with either. I have written this so that people that are in that window that gives them a better return by not using their insurance can double check their dates. In all three instances, this request did require the rep to contact a supervisor, but maybe by today that might not be necessary. Good luck everyone - we have left our September cruise active for a while - a wait and see plan
  3. They told me same price for a change fee or a cancellation. So I guess I will cancel as a one way fare isn’t too useful without the cruise ship component! We had bought premium economy seats too so I thought the fee might be more minimal.......next time I will stick with Flight ease (and read the cancellation more closely)
  4. We have canceled two cruises. On one we bought our tickets through Flight Ease...full refund. The other however we bought direct from Delta for a one way flight from Japan to Canada. Never again. We are being penalized 30,000 yen for each one way ticket as we bought before March 1. I think we will hold on for a while and see if public outrage can help Delta step up to the plate like most of the cruise lines appear to be doing. We were very pleased with our prompt refund from Holland America
  5. We are also seriously considering canceling a May cruise. We just made final payments 3weeks ago and being nervous, we bought the standard HA cancellation policy ( cost $414). From what I can figure out we can do one of two things..... Cancel and request a refund. My very rough calculations are Cost $7,000 less $414 for cancel for any reason insurance premium paid leaving about $6600...then 80%of balance. Or about $5,300. (Not sure if port fees would be a 100% repayment or subject to 80% reimbursement...but we aren’t talking a big difference) Or we leave it as a future cruise credit under the new cancellation proposal.....which I think could be the full $7;000 or maybe $6,600 if the protection plan is truly non refundable So our net penalty for canceling is $1,700?? If we take the cash. Not to mention other charges for ancillary items...hotels etc Or accept an expiring future cruise credit ?? We are not sure 🤔 if cruising is where we want to be in a year...not that we don’t love it (13 under the belt) but who knows if this mess will be clear enough in a calendar year? Your thoughts are welcome PS, we have another cruise booked in September for Japan......so another decision to make....
  6. We are booked on a 7 day cruise in May. Normally we are on longer cruises and book our dining at the Pinnacle Grill while on board so we get our 25% discount. I have been reading that on some of the shorter cruises.......especially ones that had an Explore 4 option.............that dinner reservations can be scarce right from the first day. So my question is - if we book and pay on line for the reservation (there are 6 of us so I am a little concerned on space) is there a facility for getting back the 25% discount? Or do we just have to absorb it for the privilege of booking early? Not a major $ amount but I do hate giving away money - particularly when it is our treat. Does anyone have experience with maybe getting the 25% as a credit on board? Thanks in advance
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