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  1. my tipple tonight ... an El Don Julio from the World Class Bar
  2. I'm trying really hard each night of our social distancing to imagine I'm in the WCB, Martini Bar or Michaels by mixing my DW and I a cocktail 🍸to easy the pain of self isolation. fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞I'll be on board in 98 days on the fourth of July on Silly🍹
  3. Hi Curt That sounds amazing, looking forward to hearing all about it when you sail.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17854489048868145/
  5. She is certainly a great embasador for Celebrity and like all good captains her crew love her
  6. Looking forward to following you adventures. Enjoy your cruises.... But keep us posted 🍸
  7. Oh and deposits are a bit cheaper than the UK (and a lot less for |US citizen) It is worth having at least two place holders to make taking advantage of price drops easier
  8. One of our cruises planned for 2021 was orrigionally booked on board as a place holder for 2020. I have flipped it and repriced it a couple of times since we booked last Oct and now the on same Itinerary in the same time of month the following year. I have reduced the price by about £2K moved from a CS to an RS have got all four pemium perks and have over £1K in OBC. I could not have moved and repriced as easily had I booked in the UK. You get the extra OBC for booking on board in addition to that offered in the UK and if a better offer appears in the UK you can move to it still retaining the OBC for booking onboard. You really can't loose.
  9. Also https://www.marinetraffic.com/ is very good
  10. On the odd occasion when we have already viisted a port a few times we stay onboard or only very briefly go ashore for an hour . On those occasions I have to say the ship is wonderfully quiet and one can enjoy the ship at leisure. We love sea days to enjoy the ship but staying onboard on port days can be quite a change. @chemmo which cruise in October we're on the 9th.
  11. I very much doubt it with out an extra cost. Not even RS and above have ever gat that unless by special favour from an attentive butler. The web site is notoriusly inconsistent. You could always bring one up from the retreat lounge🍸🍹🥂😎
  12. This is changed from the wording yesterday and I suspect the wording will change again tommorrow.This paragraph last week indicated that all suites should have two bottles of spirits and restocksd mini bar. I suspect that these pages are more a work in progress and are not entirely definitive.
  13. I had this doubleing problem on my android phone using Chrome. I cured it by uninstaling chrome and reinstalling it fresh. Probably worth a try
  14. Im fine on the PC but on myphone if I go to the forums it doubles up
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