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  1. Or they are subscribed to this thread and it emailed to them???
  2. You can get a bracket, ask the company you are renting through if they have them.
  3. Certainly doable, personally I prefer a power wheelchair to a scooter, more manoeuvrable and can pull right up to the table.
  4. Wow if the product is that bad, maybe time to spend my cruise $$$ elsewhere.
  5. Starbucks?? Gross i’d Rather the free stuff in the buffet.
  6. Lots of people worse off than me. Doesn’t stop me whinging at times
  7. I leave auto tips alone, anyone who gets extra has done something to make my cruise extra special.
  8. Mrs Gut has always found it, but now days just takes her own. (She prefers ginger and hasn’t found it on any ship so far).
  9. Just multiple vertebrae, and pressure on spinal cord, I spend much of my time in a wheelchair. It’s one reason we love cruising, when I’m doing it tough I can go back to my cabin and rest while Mrs Gut gets on with activities etc, if she is worried about me it’s just a short walk back to check on me. I always have travel insurance.
  10. I’ve seen people turned away, and I’ve seen people not turned away.
  11. Sailed a year or so ago with a broken ankle, every cruise for the last 15+ years with a Broken back, I guess a broken wrist would mean a tad more work for Mrs Gut, but wouldn’t keep us at home.
  12. Never had envy of any of them, next year doing one cruise as elite following one as a newbie, do you honestly think I’ll envy the top tiers on the second cruise??
  13. But if it’s the same restaurant why the difference?
  14. Mar G is a tea drinker, she just takes her own.
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