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  1. Sell OPT too and you could build a facility for 6 ships or more.
  2. With the departure of Sea and Sun Princess two less ships to use White Bay. Does it really have a future?
  3. You’d be lucky. off in Sydney about 8:00 allow an hour to the airport Waiting time What time can you get a flight? Roughly 2 hour flight (about 500 in by air I think from memory) another hour (probably a bit more) to collect bags get a cab and get to terminal So not impossible if the planets align, but even one glitch and you are in trouble. its not a trip I have done in a long time, but last time I did it regularly there was nothing after about 8:30 out of Sydney till about lunch time, that I think will be the killer.
  4. We usually have a packet of their small chicken and vegetable pies in the freezer, but gee this pie maker thing is handy for left overs, had a chicken yesterday, Maxy gets his share, there was just enough left to mix with about a cup of mixed veges add the cheese just like using a toasted sandwich maker, done.
  5. Yep that’s pretty good too, with ice cream of course.
  6. Yeah I have had the caramel and butterscotch too, just I am a bit of a lemon fan, in fact if I am a really good boy she even makes me lemon meringue pie from time to time, bet you can’t guess what I have with it.
  7. Pavlova cheesecake fruitcake Apple pie I will have them all preferably with a big scoop of ice cream on top. In winter Mrs Gut makes me self saucing lemon pudding, yes with Ice Cream.
  8. Tonight the pie maker made chicken cheese and vegetable pies, nice but I should have mixed the cheese through before putting it in rather than adding it on top. But yum anyway.
  9. Actually price was pretty on par with Royal Caribbean but to be totally candid I haven’t noticed a lot of difference between any of the lines I have sailed with in terms of food entertainment etc, even price is pretty much the same, save NCL was a tad higher and Cunard a bit more again, on a per person per day basis on similar itineraries. I would make the same observations about RCCL as I did about Celebrity. I think quality on all lines has slipped a bit over the 20 some years I have been cruising, but then prices have remained pretty much the same or maybe even dropped slightly over the same period. For example our cruise with Princess last December was 50 dollars less than out first cruise with them about 20 years ago for the identical itinerary. probably the biggest fall I have noted is in minor areas of service, when we started cruising we were escorted to our cabin on embarking, there was someone manning the lift first and last day minor things like that.
  10. I have only done a couple of Celebrity cruises but have been very happy with the product. What could they do to attract MORE of my business in Australia 1. Aus$ 2. More variety in itineraries, including some longer cruises, a year or so ago I think about 80% of their cruises were one way (that may have been the timing I was looking at) 3. Probably relates to 2, but more ships here.
  11. They are pretty common here in Australia but usually only a few days, personally I love them and usually cheaper for a two or three night cruise to nowhere then a night or two in a hotel, meals and a show. Last one we did was on Celebrity for Mrs Gut’s birthday, were planning on doing similar this year, but oh well....
  12. I have nearly moved there a few times, absolutely love Tasmania. As does Mrs Gut for her it’s about the history for me just the laid back lifestyle, but gee prices in real estate have gone up since we first looked at moving back about 30 years ago.
  13. Picton wins hands down. For me. But really it comes down to your likes and dislikes and as Mic said the entire Itinerary May change suggestions too.
  14. Been a cow of a year, if it can go wrong it has.
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