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  1. Maybe move the airport to Canberra, then the planes won’t spill their toxic sludge all over Botany Bay, people can stop complaining about flight noise and after all it would only cause some inconvenience.
  2. And then I wonder how long till restaurant owners start saying, the staff are getting so much in tips let us pay them less.
  3. Like the decal plant in Sydney that took 8 months to reach full output after sitting 7 years idle and cost 2 billion to build, oh and will add about $30 to every water bill in the city.
  4. Oh I thought Botany Bay was full of toxic sludge that meant you had to catch and release.
  5. But I can’t see East side of the lake mentioned
  6. Of course it is for convenience, otherwise we don’t need any cruise terminals anywhere, they aren’t exactly essential services, but then neither is fishing, sunbathing, or air flights.
  7. And Te high point of the cruise was when this popped up on the map
  8. When I was on her they had multi adapter sockets, I think there were US and euro too but not 100% on that.
  9. This cruise they told us disembarkation forms were in our cabin when we boarded. There actually wasn’t one and we had to chase it up, imagine Day 1 aging to ask for disembarkation forms, how degrading.
  10. But I don’t pre tip and still get that type of service.
  11. If the captain thinks it is unsafe I don’t want to go there either.
  12. How coul a door opening into the corridor not be dangerous.?
  13. And blowed if I know how a cruise terminal can damage a Bay, that according to our local Expert is full of toxic sludge
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