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  1. What I find amazing is how many want yo criticise what other’s do.
  2. But I spend a lot more time in my cabin, but even so really struggle to justify anything above a balcony, though an accessible balcony is bigger than many mini suites.
  3. As long as there is snag onion bread and sauce I really don’t care what order they are in. Something cruise lines never seem to have got the hang of is a snag Sanger
  4. Bunnings passed a rule that they must go under personally i don’t care much as long as the onion is really well done.
  5. Anything tastes better if I didn’t’ think have to make it and clean up after.
  6. Well it is probably my second favourite food group.
  7. I sometimes wonder if it is in my genes, I come from a long line of sailing men, I grew up on a lake where boating of various kinds was “the norm”. I am far from a foodie and often wish they had some simpler meals, especially on a long cruise (say 30+ days), shopping holds little attraction for me, nor do casinos, I just love being on the water, now Mrs Gut gets a bit stir crazy after 3 or 4 sea days, so we need to compromise a little. but the guts of the matter is what suits one may not suit another, a city trip holds no interest to me, unless it is a city right on the water, to be honest they all seem to be the same now. Theme parks, yuck (for me). shows, couldn’t care less.
  8. Yeah unbelievable how some dress for court, one day a young lad was in kiddy court wearing a T-shirt that said 5h!t happens, magistrate said “Son I am remanding you in custody for a pre sentence report, but might I suggest that when you go get a chance that you read your shirt and then you may have some idea what to expect on sentencing.” Often wonder what he got and if he leant a lesson at all.
  9. Well got my Harry’s today, decided I would try the new chicken and leek, not overly impressed, the chicken was almost minced and it was a bit dry. they also had a new minced beef pie and coming soon lame and rosemary (which I will give a go eventually). Meanwhile tonight is a pie of another type, APPLE. Mrs G had the Feta and spinach roll as a tiger, ie with mashed spud, mushy peas and gravy.
  10. I have eaten a Twinkie, blowed if I remember what the one sold here that was very much like a Twinkie, but covered in chocolate was called, I will ask herself.
  11. We had something like a Twinkie here, covered in chocolate
  12. I think that some of the best pies I have had came from Ross,
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