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  1. I am kinda glad it won't get that ugly slide at the back of the ship. Allure is my favorite of the Oasis class ships!
  2. The new show is not in the planner to book, LOL Oh well, I am sure there will be no issues seeing it once onboard. We are in a suite, so we will just try to show up.
  3. I am considering using my points to book a cruise. Can you tell me what that process looks like?
  4. I got almost $700 per Grand Suite cabins for Symphony of the seas in May this year. Just booked while on Anthem last month. The Next Cruise desk staff was shocked at how high the discount was (and me too! ). Saved me $1400! I received $200 off a Central Park view cabin a few years ago for the kids. They do have them, just so random and for random amounts.
  5. Do you think they will include a stop at Coco Cay or Labadee or just be exclusive to Western Caribbean?
  6. Just off Anthem last week for the 11 night and I loved getting Starbucks or Seattle coffee ANY time during the day for free. It was nice to have for sure.
  7. I was on this sailing. I was not worried about getting anything but the flu or a cold from all the rude, unhygienic coughing people. Washy, Washy is the best way to prevent spreading the illness, no matter what it is. Not sure if the Corona can make it through air vents, so if it can it would not matter is you stayed in a room or not. As a nurse, washing hands and not touching your face can help stop the spread of any illness. I do also want to say it would have been nice to know what was going on prior to all the hype we encountered, but happy it had a good outcome for not only the passengers, but the sick guests as well. Happy cruising!
  8. My 26 year old is afraid of sharks, LOL So South beach might be better for just standing along the shore. Ha! Thank you!
  9. If you have been which area is the best one to rent a cabana. Thanks!
  10. Fanning out in Arizona, LOL I too am waiting for results, but not worried.
  11. On Anthem 2-2018, they had a special podium in the MDR. I was waiting in the main line with reservations, when a worker noticed my card in my hand and said you need to come up here. Prior to this, I had no idea there was such a thing. Never had that option on any Oasis or Freedom class ship. We do MTD, so not sure if that has something to do with it. We only eat a few dinners at Coastal, but it sure is a treat!
  12. We did it on Freedom last year. SUPER fun and worth the price of the entertainment.:-)
  13. Full bath as in one has a tub and shower with a sink. I consider that a full bath.Other side has the toilet and sink.
  14. We had a spa JR suite on deck 7. Modern and spacious, quiet despite being by the elevators. Loved the full bath and part bath to get ready in. We are in a Family JR suite in January because that was the only one left or I would have loved to have had a spa suite with the extra big balcony! Enjoy!
  15. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is a way to search for sailings that are offering WS guarantee or if a TA would need to do that. Possibly considering doing a less than 3 month away cruise, but like the WS guarantee option as it is usually cheaper. Thanks!
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