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  1. ArthurUSCG

    Questions about Disney Cruises

    From the latest deck plan, the classics (Wounder and Magic) it looks like there are laundry rooms on decks 2, 6 and 7. The Dream and Fantasy have them on every floor that has a state room, except Concierge levels (11 and 12). They use the KTTW card for payment. The detergent is expensive onboard, I suggest packing pod detergent. On our Alaska cruise, the laundry facilities were very busy on days at sea and the last day of the cruise. Here is the deck plans for the Magic and Wounder. Most of the WDW resort laundry machines will use your magic band for payment, but some still use coins or credit cards.
  2. ArthurUSCG

    Bringing baby food on the ship

    At one time DCL was accepting shipments for the state room. Is that still allowed? If it is, you could place an Amazon order and get a restocking shipment to your room. Or if you are renting a car to go from WDW to PC, you can make a stop at Walmart. If you have 4 or more people, it would be cheaper to rent a car. You would need a baby seat, but you can use the baby seat on the plane.
  3. ArthurUSCG

    Cruising with a 2 1/2 year old

    If the parents will use the nursery for a hour or 2 around dinner time, you can have the kids meals "expedited" and the server will bring the kids appetizer and entree right away, before even taking the rest of the tables order. Then the server will bring the kids desert, when you say it's ok. My kids loved getting the Mikey ice cream bars with mickey shaped sprinkles. This way you can take the kids to the kids club or to the nursery. Our 2.5 yo loved the nursery staff and wanted to stay in the nursery.
  4. ArthurUSCG

    New to DCL not to cruising - questions

    Soda is freely available on the pool deck and in the dinning rooms.
  5. ArthurUSCG

    Dinner timing (Early/late) and attire

    I prefer the early dinning, since it is closer to the time we normally eat dinner. I could see the West coast people wanting the late dinning for the same reason.
  6. ArthurUSCG

    Dinner timing (Early/late) and attire

    DCL is pretty much ok with any clothing for dinner.
  7. ArthurUSCG

    First time Disney help needed!

    There are no safety issues with kids and having a room with a balcony. The doors are hard to open, my 5 year old couldn't open them on the last cruise we did. Also, the railing is chest high on an adult with the bar area being glass. So they shouldn't feel like they have to climb up to see. I would suggest booking early so you can get connecting rooms, that way one set of parents can stay back in the room to watch all of the kids while the other parents enjoy the evening off.
  8. You will need the normal stuff (passports, transportation info, ect) to complete the online check in. DCL will mail you a package with the luggage tags. The porters can print additional tags or new tags if you forget the package at home.
  9. ArthurUSCG

    Cruising with a 2 1/2 year old

    They will have fun onboard, but I don't think a 2.5yo will want to sit thru the entire dinner. The nursery on DCL ships is very nice and they have activities for the older kids.
  10. ArthurUSCG

    Post cruise excursions from Port Canaveral

    I didn't know that DCL did any post excursions at PC. There is not much time between when you get off the ship to when you have to check in for your flight. When we had a late afternoon flight, we enjoyed a relaxing morning and ate at the buffet restaurant (Enchanted Garden) and took one of the last buses to MCO. If your flight is late evening, you could get a rental car and go enjoy the beach or tour the NASA facilities.
  11. ArthurUSCG

    3 or 4 nights to Bahamas?

    I agree that the 4 day is the way to go when you can. It also allows the captain to adjust the route back to port to give you a smoother ride.
  12. ArthurUSCG

    Disney Commits to Galveston for 10 more years

    I suspect Galveston will continue to get one of the Classic ships. And the 3 new ships will sail out of PC as they come on board. This would allow DCL to only have 1 type of ship at PC and it would help with maintaining the same port side workload and in port ship repairs, aka economies of scale. Perhaps the Dream or Fantasy will shift to Galveston when the 3rd new ship comes on board, if the Wonder and Magic can do more of the Alaska or EU cruising into the smaller ports. But, I don't see how DCL could justify a new ship going to Galveston.
  13. ArthurUSCG

    Warm milk for room service?

    I know you can order cartons of milk and cookies (or mickey bars). I've never asked for warm milk, bit I agree with shmoo, you can warm the milk in the sink.
  14. ArthurUSCG

    Port Check In

    Also, Did you enter all of your flight info?
  15. ArthurUSCG

    Boarding Pass???

    That is correct. If you were missing the signature form, DCL will print it for you.