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  1. Keith, Your pictures of the Central Market bring back fond memories of our stay in Budapest several years ago. I love all markets but this one just blew me away, The evening cruise to see all the lights is spectacular. Love your blog. Judy
  2. I have enjoyed this blog very much. I must confeß that I found it on the Silver WATER Cooler thread that I lurk on. Good job. Judy
  3. I have enjoyed your blog from start to finish, glad that you have a couple of weeks to go. Judy
  4. Charles, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your post. I have tears in my eyes. God bless you and all your memories of your Judy. Judy Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  5. Norris, I normally respond to your food porn shots BUT your photos of Havana are stunning. Keep up the good work and fantastic review. Judy
  6. Excellent pictures, done like a pro. Judy
  7. Norris, I have been patiently waiting since last winter for your next review. Bring on all the lovely food shots....and of course the folks & scenery. Judy
  8. Following, so glad to see that you are doing the WC again. Judy
  9. Following, always enjoy your Live Reports
  10. I have been checking daily in anticipation of yet another enjoyable and entertaining blog. Thanks for your time and efforts in doing this. Judy
  11. I followed your World Cruise so I am very much looking forward to this cruise as well. Judy
  12. |Thanks, once I clicked "Done" it worked. I think (???) I'm a happy camper/cruiser.
  13. I have followed all your blogs for several years very enjoyable. I'm not a Crystal cruiser but enjoy reading blogs from many people across various lines. Yours are especially entertaining with the pictures. Judy
  14. Always love following your blogs. Safe trip home. Mishap looks adorable.
  15. Last October we flew business class from Toronto to Rome and economy from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto using Ezair
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