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  1. Not to be a Grinch, and as I said, it’s something but if the 5% which we get every time, is not additional then it’s just a little something. We always get upgrades and obc, usually more than this $100. We typically do over 14 day cruises so laundry is not a plus. Ditto with the officer dinners. The discount on the liquor package still doesn’t make the package worthwhile for us. The discount on excursions, which may be the only off ship activities, and the free WiFi are a plus. And who knows, whatever is special about the keycard may be the thing that gets me excited about this program. For some this may all be additional benefits and I’m glad that Windstar has taken the initiative.
  2. Well it something. We are already getting 5% as alumni. Is this 5% in addition to that?
  3. We have 175 days done or booked, no letter but they always take good care of us on board. We just got a crazy $$ upgrade for a Fall 2022 European sailing so no complaints. Why don’t you fill us in on the new alumni program
  4. Amazingly this has become a political issue and what a disappointment that is. There are those that believe in science and those that don’t believe in the importance of being considerate of the well being of others. You wear a mask to protect others, sorry for the inconvenience. We have a friend who passed away in Kansas City from Covid. Probably caught it from someone who didn’t think wearing a mask was important. I wonder how many of the 215,000 Covid dead caught it from someone objecting to wearing a mask?
  5. How lucky Susiesan was to find such a remote and unpopular hiking spot that the did not pass anyone either going in the same or opposite direction. If that were not the case I’m sure that she would be thankful that those fellow hikers were considerate enough of her health and well being to wear a mask.
  6. I agree that the successful development of a vaccine is an important step towards getting some control over COVID. The reality however is that surveys show that 50% of people say they will not take the vaccine. Unfortunately this depends on political affiliations and general aversion to all vaccines. Also, some studies indicate that the vaccine may only be 50% effective. The result, as few as 25% of people will be effectively covered once a vaccine is available. Add to this the fact that the broad availability of any vaccine could stretch well into mid to late 2021. My guess is that if you are reading this you may qualify as an age group that would get some priority for shots but the reality is that the vaccine is no major panacea and that masks and social distancing are going to be a way of life for smart people for quite awhile.
  7. The leaders of the five largest cruise lines met with VP Pence to try to get the CDC restrictions on cruise line sailings lifted. At that meeting the recommendations of the Healthy Sail Panel were discussed as a vehicle to convince the administration to direct the CDC to lift the ban. Listed below are the five major recommendations of the panel including restrictions on passengers shore activities. Again the current and proposed restrictions only apply to areas of CDC jurisdiction but some of the recommendations have already been adopted by international cruise lines as well. The Healthy Sail Panel's 65-plus-page report includes 74 detailed best practices to protect the public health and the safety of passengers, crew and the communities where cruise ships call. Five key areas There are five key areas. First, aggressive measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering a ship through robust education, screening and testing of crew and guests prior to embarkation. Second, reducing transmission via air management strategies and enhanced sanitation practices. Third, implementing detailed plans to address infection on board, including contingencies for on-board treatment, isolation and rapid evacuation and repatriation. Fourth, closely controlling shore excursions and fifth, enhanced protection for crew.
  8. The president of FP announced in Paris today that there are some imminent changes to the current entry requirements. Apparently this was precipitated, at least partially, by the problems Air Tahiti Nui was having with lack of passengers. On this last point, President Édouard Fritch reassured the company by indicating that, in consultation with the State authorities, the entry protocol for travelers would change in the coming days.
  9. We may get used to it but “stretched” is unfortunately a good description. It looks like someone grabbed either end a pulled. I think it is out of proportion.
  10. After 138 days on various Windstar ships and forty more booked, we are looking at Seaborn to fill a void in Windstar’s plans. The only planned Windstar cruises in Asia through mid 2022 is a Spirit round trip to Singapore for work. Obviously Windstar does extensive research to determine where their customers want to cruise but I think it is unfortunate that they have made the decision to deploy two ships to Northern Europe and none to Asia. With only six small ships they cannot be everywhere but with many memorable cruises on Windstar, the most memorable were Vietnam, Bangkok, and on to Dubai, Luxor and Petra. Hopefully future Windstar plans will include Asia and the Middle East once again but in the meantime Seaborn seems like a very capable if somewhat different substitute.
  11. Suzisan I find yourself suggestion to r&d that she should not be worried about being exposed to the virus curious. If you are not worried about exposure you should be. I wonder how many of the 205,000 Americans who died from the virus we not “worried” about exposure. Equally curious was your statement that the virus will never go away and we will just need to learn to live with it. Is this a statement of fact or opinion?
  12. 1. This is only a proposal to the CDC at this point although it has been adopted by some lines already. 2. I’m assuming that the CDC only has jurisdiction over cruises with a US origin or destination, not totally foreign cruises. Also there are practically no US registered cruise ships. CDC decisions may “inspire” other jurisdictions but they have no authority. 3. This undoubtedly would make cruising safer from a health perspective. Would this attract more potential customers than the lack of port flexibility turns off?
  13. The attached article outlines a proposal by a cruise industry group to the CDC to limit passengers off ship activities to approved excursions etc. Granted this would exert some control over passengers contact with potentially Covid infected individuals but it will also be self serving by the cruise lines to promote their over priced excursions. Sorry for the ads at the bottom, cannot delete One of the proposals sent to the CDC would reportedly limit passengers from freely roaming around towns near ports, and only guests who book an actual excursion would be allowed off the boat at all. The proposal was developed by the Healthy Sails Panel, a group of experts convened by the Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. Such a move would limit contact between passengers and crew members with local populations, they say, and therefore prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP "Prior to COVID-19, cruise operators allowed for both fully curated excursions and self-guided excursions and independent exploration at destinations of interest," reads their proposal, per the Sun-Sentinel. "However, the risk of exposure for the people in communities that are visited, and for cruise ship guests and crew, increase as more mixing between these groups occurs. Therefore, the panel recommends that cruise operators initially prohibit self-guided tours and independent exploration and only allow certain curated indoor activities until further notice."
  14. Yesterday I posted what I thought was encouraging new on virus developments in Tahiti. Today I did more research and now I’m confused about what Is going on . Over the past number of days there has been a steady increase number of cases. Now only in the mid 500’s With about half “cured” but still rising. In mid August the CDC issued a “avoid all nonessential travel warning” to French Polynesia and I’m not aware that it has been rescinded. Not to jump to conclusions but Susisan may be right, leave it to the French to reverse the confinement levels with the rest of the world, and they are saying that FP is headed in the wrong direction. if this continues to spread, Windstar May have been right to cancel 2020 cruises.
  15. Encouraging Below is a statement made by the FP Minister of Health yesterday. It appears that they are headed in the right direction. Good news for all of us that are anxious to visit. Finally, the latter indicated that the epidemic situation in French Polynesia was "at stage 3 and bordering on stage 4". Stage 4 being an "administrative" phaseallowing the High Commissioner to order "localized confinement" measures .
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