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  1. Agree! There's a big difference between 80 and 340. We often say we are D++, yet now we are mixed in with regular D (80) and D+ (175). BTW, did those numbers recently increase?
  2. Yes, absolutely correct! They already know who has 340 or more points, as well as 525. Simply pick a number 340, 525 or whatever and redo the benefits page so that everyone understands.
  3. As I said in my post, the CL on Anthem has never been "overcrowded." Why now? Why fleet wide with no specific statistics for individual sailings? Maybe some (especially those departing from Florida ports), but the emails are all the same generic boilerplate emails with no details of why a specific sailing is "overcrowded." Sure, I have a solution, but it will seem I'm tailoring it to my own situation... allow D+ with over 340 points access to the CL. This is already an established level in the benefits chart. It would help solve the supposed problem while still giving perks to the most loyal Royals.
  4. I recently posted that RCCL had removed Concierge Club Access for D+ on Rhapsody of the Seas We will be on Anthem in a couple of weeks and today I got the same boiler plate nonsensical email from RCCL. Concierge Club is now closed to D+ on Anthem. This is difficult to accept as the CL on Anthem is one of the best in the fleet. It encompasses the entire aft portion of the ship with wonderful views. Now, we will be limited to the smallish Diamond Lounge and dreary Music Hall. Why is this nonsensical? First, we have been on Anthem numerous times and the CL has never been overcrowded. Bayonne does not have as many D+ and Pinnacles than those on Florida cruises. Second, this is still a listed benefit of D+. Third, the "enhancement" of one free coffee is meaningless. On our Rhapsody cruise, there was never a wait in the morning longer than one or two minutes at the most. As someone with 74 past cruises on RCCL, I am upset! Can you blame me?
  5. Turns out to be not true. Our daughter just returned today and the VCL event was on each night which says something about taking rumors and "well-sourced reports" as facts!
  6. What is the well-sourced report? Our daughter (Diamond) will be on the ship this weekend. BTW, does anyone know if John Denton is back on Majesty?
  7. MM, humbly disagree. First, even considering there may possibly be some diminishing returns, they are still returns to the corporate bottom line. Indeed, you concede some cruisers may be lost. Well, who does RCCL gain? Who will book because they know D+ will not be in the CL? No one that I can imagine. Far more to lose here than to gain. Of course, you certainly know that using the responses from this post are statistically meaningless. I'm guessing you are probably Pinnacle, but how many of the responders are D+? It's easy for someone with no stake in the game to give an opinion. Let's ask all D+ members what they think. My guess is that their responses will show I am indeed in the majority!
  8. Sadly, you are confusing employee loyalty with customer loyalty. I'll agree that employee loyalty is indeed on the way out, but customer loyalty is more important than ever. Corporations need to make money to succeed and brand loyalty drives sales and profits. As defined, "Customer loyalty is the result of a company consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Customers that trust the companies they do business with will be more likely to purchase again in the future." Why do you think corporations are constantly asking customers if their products and services exceeded expectations. Believe me, RCCL as well as other corporations are deeply concerned with customer loyalty!
  9. Believe it or not, some of us sail, in part, because of the benefits. The benefits are absolutely part of our entire cruise experience. In addition, we have given our loyalty to RCCL and contributed tens of thousands of dollars to their corporate profit. It is absolutely reasonable to believe the cruise line will honor their loyalty to us as we continue to give our loyalty to them.
  10. Our money, Our loyalty. We have the right to protest when a stated benefit is removed.
  11. Too many D, D+, P onboard. That still doesn't speak to the right of access D+ have to the CL. The CL's, in general, tend to clear out at 6PM when folks go to early dining. If we see there is standing room at 5PM, we also leave and come back at 6PM.
  12. Precisely! Dining and housekeeping have nothing to do with this. It just seems there is a contradiction between the email and the stated benefits of D+
  13. We are Diamond Plus with almost 500 points. I know some have reported the CL closed to D+ on Rhapsody. So yesterday RCCL delivered a Christmas surprise by email. (Good timing RCCL). We were told we would be banned from the CL for our January 11th cruise. This was followed by some nonsense about areas to be opened for Happy Hour and a new "benefit" to a free non-alcoholic coffee loaded on the sea pass card. As I read my D+ benefits, it clearly states that D+ have access to the CL. If I were a lawyer (I'm not), I would think a good case could be made that this action violates the rights of D+. Being banished to the Viking Crown Lounge isn't all that bad with the great views but it does make more difficult, because of the seating, the opportunities to make new friends. In the past, we have made countless new friends in the lounge and this will now become more difficult. Over the past few years, D's, P's and suities have not lost much. Indeed, some have gained. Not so for D+, who seem to be the forgotten members of Crown and Anchor!
  14. What's the cheapest/most reliable shuttle from Port Canaveral to Orlando airport? Thanks!
  15. Just curious, why was it important to mention the gender of the two representatives? It jumped off the page to me as being an unnecessary detail.
  16. We live outside La Guardia. We find it easier to fly to Florida from LGA than drive to Bayonne. That said, I'm not sure what the 7 train has to do with it. The 7 train does not come close to LGA. In any case, if your cruise arrives on a Saturday or Sunday, the traffic will be significantly lighter. Also congestion around the airport will be less on the weekend. That said, if you must transfer from Bayonne to LGA, book an afternoon flight and relax.
  17. One day or every day? Was it a set menu? Any special drinks?
  18. Correct. There may be some that will be distributed on paper, for example, maps where you name the countries of Europe, the Caribbean, etc..
  19. It's interesting that the smoking ban on airlines came about, in large part, from pressure from the flight attendants union who saw their members developing cancer from the constant exposure to second hand smoke.
  20. First of all... kudos to RCCL for their continuing aid to the Bahamas! That will impact, if only to a small degree, their quarterly profits, yet I would hope most of those of us who are shareholders would say it is a wonderful way to commit to helping those in great need. You asked why I "jumped to the quarterly profit statement." I remember the days when trivia prizes were hats, umbrellas, backpacks. Now they are key chains, highlighters and pens. So why the change? Obviously, the budget to the activities departments for prizes has been drastically cut. Why? Because corporate has determined that it is more important to growing the bottom line on the quarterly statement, if only to a small degree, than providing decent prizes to those who have committed their time to trivia and other games and contests. Good decision or bad decision? I have my opinion but I know others will disagree.
  21. Of course, you are correct. it's the great perks we receive that lead us back to RCCL.
  22. Correct! It was my assumption based on what we had won doing the same challenge on a different ship.
  23. I'm a stockholder, but there are things in life more important than profits. This is one of them!
  24. I never said the cruise was a "total failure," as you mistakenly assert. Bottom line... I had a wonderful cruise!... Stevie had a wonderful cruise!... "Anger at RCCL?" - Nope, I rarely get angry and certainly not over something like this... I appreciate RCCL and especially the Crown & Anchor program. My point was simple... RCCL can spend a few more bucks for a challenge that involves 7 days of effort, and, in this instance, involved a 13 year old. For a few bucks more, RCCL can promote a competition that brings much good will to its employees and will help make a kid and his family even more "Loyal to Royal" than they are now!
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