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  1. And that's precisely why only a safe and efficient vaccine will make a difference.
  2. No problem taking a test, but I think other steps would also be necessary since the test is only one part of the story. An effective and safe vaccine? That's another story. The vaccine would be a game changer, not the test.
  3. I thought L&S required a sailing 11-13 months out???
  4. The longer we wait for an effective and safe vaccine, the more delays and cancellations we will see. It's simply a matter of economics.
  5. Thank you all for your help... it worked!
  6. Comments from Fain and Liberty... "During a conference call with analysts Monday morning, Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain reiterated that the protocols would address four areas: screening passengers and crews before boarding, enhanced protocols aboard the vessels, deciding which ports the ships will call on, and addressing how any Covid cases would be handled. "We will not rush to return to service until we are confident that we have figured out the changes we must make to offer our guests and crews strong health and safety protocols with the enjoyable experience that they rightly expect," Fain said. CFO Jason Liberty said that bookings for next year's first quarter have been softer but are "quite strong for the summer and back half of 2021." I'm not sure why the 2021 1Q bookings are weak. Is it just a realization that folks don't think there will be any cruising in 1Q 2021?
  7. Not going to happen. You make light of Coronavirus with statistical falacies. Here's the only number that really matters... 727,000+ worldwide deaths from COVID-19. (Yes, the cruise industry is indeed world wide)
  8. Would you be good enough to post the online link that was successful. I tried one link yesterday and it didn't work. Thanks!
  9. These will actually be the main menu items In the new Specialty Restaurants... Shanghai Steve's will feature the Beef Ramen Chips will feature the Chicken Ramen.
  10. Same way you know your stuff. Actually, better! Here's a quote from you favorite Dr. Birx, "At an April 7 news conference, Deborah Birx, MD, the response coordinator for the White House coronavirus task force, said, "There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition and let's say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem -- some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death." This is in addition to those who died at home from COVID-19 but were listed as "natural." In the early days in NYC, there were hundreds in this category.
  11. Well said. Even if it is as low as 1%, who will volunteer to have their loved ones or themselves be the 1%
  12. And far more who died at home who were simply listed as "natural causes" when they were really from COVID-19.
  13. Excellent point! Even when cruising begins again, it will be different than it was before. Some seem to think it's all about RCCL's bottom line. It isn't. It's about passenger confidence and safety!
  14. Thank you! I just wanted to repeat your words which directly contradict the belief of some that cruise lines skim money from their employees tips to divert to their bottom line.
  15. Indeed, it would be one less day of revenue. But, to bring people back to cruising, they will need to instill confidence in the area of safety. Thinking that thousands of people just left the ship and two hours later thousands more were getting on does not exactly engender confidence. The 24 hour time to thoroughly clean could be the measure to lure some people back.
  16. I have done the research mon ami. That was the basis for my second paragraph. The first paragraph was a simple refutation to your implied claim that sheer numbers of vaccines in the pipeline implied success!
  17. That Celebrity is more expensive than RCCL or that they have a slightly better product?
  18. Yes, a big "IF." Thanks for your expert suggestions. It's always good to experiment and try something different. We now have easy home delivery service for wines here in NYC. Makes it safe and simple.
  19. 1. Getting "around the CDC to operate" is a death sentence to many. Why would you want that? 2. What "stranglehold?" The problem is those who refuse the sensible and scientific guidelines. 3. "99.97% survival rate" is pure nonsense. 4. "you have to start living again" I am living. Sure, I'd like to cruise, but, as far as I can tell, I'm alive.
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