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  1. I know people are doing this because I have done it myself with part of my cash refund. If anyone provides information about this for their own booking, I will include it in the "Notes" column on the right, although I don't really see any reason to track it in a separate tab on the spreadsheet. So if anyone wants to share that information here, please do. In my case, it took a few days (less than a week) to get someone at Crystal to confirm that it could be done and then to apply the funds. My only uncertainty at this point is whether or not this reset the calendar for my 90 days, since this happened about 6 weeks after I canceled and requested the refund. I plan to proceed on the assumption that it did not, by asking my TA to check into the status of my refund next week, once I am past 90 days. If I find out that this did reset the starting point for my 90 days, then I will post that information here.
  2. The same 2 that you reported initially, or 2 more? Five separate bookings or three? Was this a river cruise? You are at 97 days. Is your TA checking into what the delay is?
  3. It looks like they are trying to get started in October: Treat yourself to the pampered escape you crave on new Crystal Getaways with the World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line. This October 2020 through March 2021, conveniently shortened itineraries explore the Caribbean, Vietnam and beyond. Aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, you’ll enjoy the spacious luxury, acclaimed service and all-inclusive value that have earned Crystal more World’s Best accolades than any other cruise line. You deserve Crystal… Where Luxury is Personal™. LEARN MORE
  4. Ladys Mom, I am trying very hard to agree with you but I just can't. Certainly the sanitation protocols on the ship and the lower passenger count will affect the risk, which could weigh in Regent's favor. Itinerary decisions also helped Regent avoid the first wave. For example, Regent denied boarding to anyone who had traveled through Hong Kong (even after Regent itself had routed them that way) instead of having a turnaround day in Hong Kong. But now the whole world is infected, so that strategy will no longer work. All passengers from everywhere or traveling through anywhere would have to be denied boarding, which is the strategy so far. Since the virus is so often asymptomatic, there really is no absolutely certain way to keep it off the ship. Maybe it could be done by nasal swab testing everyone and then adding at least a week of quarantine with only other ship passengers and then testing again before boarding, and then not having any shore excursions. Of course, something similar would have to be done for the crew. They would not have to worry about being able to do social distancing, because not many (maybe not anyone) would agree to those terms. I am not proposing anything that extreme, but IMO the idea that Regent is not susceptible is just not realistic.
  5. They have already failed to do so for some CC posters, several of whom have confirmed their non-receipt of a refund after the 90 days had passed.
  6. If one chooses to go on the cruise, and someone on the ship comes down with COVID-19, it will have some serious negative consequences. These could include the person who made the choice getting sick, the itinerary being negatively impacted, the ship being quarantined, and almost certainly the person who made the choice to go being at least asked to self quarantine for 14 days once they get home. In retrospect, that was a wrong decision. Or conversely those who chose not to go could say in retrospect that they made the right decision. If everything goes well and the trip is great, then in retrospect choosing to go was a right decision. In this case, someone who chose not to go may or may not choose to apply a right/wrong label to their decision in retrospect. IMO we have no way of knowing before the trip if going will be a good or bad decision. In retrospect, we will know. This is true of many decisions in life.
  7. If they were to enforce this, it would be a PR nightmare for them. Even Princess did not charge the passengers for their quarantine expenses.
  8. Crystal is obviously applying the 90 day policy ex post facto. They don't let us apply their policies ex post facto when it would favor us. Someone posted that their TA told them Crystal is now saying 90 business days. If that is indeed the new policy, I'm sure it is ex post facto also. The next question would be for them to admit how many business days there are in a week. I am maintaining a similar spreadsheet on Regent. Although the volume of complaints there is probably higher, Regent is doing a much better job of issuing refunds. And in a more understandable way, at least for the cruises that are cancelled by Regent. No one there is reporting over 90 days, but they also don't have as many that far back yet.
  9. We know that Serenity will not be sailing its Canadian itineraries in Sept. and Oct., because Canada has said their ports will still be closed. It sounds like they are hoping to start up from Miami in November. Symphony is scheduled around the Mediterranean and then Dubai until the end of October, which also seems very unlikely. Perhaps they are hoping to resume sometime in November in Southeast Asia. I hope those plans work out. It would be good to get the new systems going in relatively contained geographic areas, close to Crystal's "home" and close to the US.
  10. If the majority of people are immune, the virus will have much more difficulty finding a host, so even those for whom a vaccine was not effective will have some protection from herd immunity. And we will hopefully have more effective treatment options as well, making the mortality risk lower. We won't see the "pandemic" level of transmission. It will probably become more like the flu in that regard, unless we are all very lucky and it disappears like SARS-1 and MERS. It will probably still be a concern, but not at the current level. Of course attention to sanitation and infection control is always a good idea, and will help cut back on the flu and other infections as well. So one could argue that this is something that should be continued indefinitely, and also that it should already have been in place before this hit us. But I suspect that once the immediate crisis has past, human nature and budgetary concerns will take over and any extraordinary measures might be scaled back to something more like existed a year ago.
  11. Are you sure you don't mean taxes/fees plus 75% of the rest as cash refund, and 25% of the rest as FCC? I have not heard of an offer such as you describe.
  12. Maybe, but on the other hand you can cancel those for 100% FCC up to 7 days before sailing with Crystal Confidence. Ditto for November and December, which presumably now are covered by both offers.
  13. Well, this is a step in the right direction, and an improvement over no modification of their standard cancellation policy at all, which is where we were for bookings starting in January. Now that they have announced a new policy for 2021, I am concerned that this is as good as it will get. I would have much preferred the extension of Crystal Confidence into next year. My concern, since we are booked on 3 segments of the world cruise, is what happens if only one of those segments meets the criteria for Crystal Voyage Assurance? Can we cancel the full booking, or only the affected segment? I guess that I will learn this with time, or ask my TA to find out before we go into the penalty phase (also Aug. 23-24). As for making final payment without knowing the changes, it is starting to sound like that is what they expect people to do. Clearly you can cancel until then for just the admin penalty, but you don't know the itinerary yet. Probably Crystal will not know the itinerary by August, either.
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