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  1. No difference that I can see with the data we have for Crystal, regardless of who cancelled it or whether it was before or after final payment. It does make a difference on Regent, where they are refunding cruises cancelled by the passenger prior to final payment much faster than those cancelled after final payment. Regent is getting most of the latter out in about 60 days.
  2. I don't see the contradiction. She is saying that they are still working on March cancellations, and have not yet reached March 31. That is well over the 90 day minimum. With just a few exceptions, they seem to have seriously started on March cancellations in June after they reached 90 days. It has been 3 1/2 months from the "90 day" mark when they started on March, and they are still working on March. Meanwhile, quite a few April cancellations have also been refunded. They are not going in the order of the "queue."
  3. To make cruising viable for US citizens, we need not only agreement from the CDC but also open ports who will allow us to visit. Regent may be able to sail outside the US, but that is unlikely to be viable without the ability for US citizens to travel to the cruises. And the number that would be willing to do that, especially if the CDC says not to sail, may not be enough to fill the ships.
  4. Pcardad, I agree about the relative safety and proximity of Cabo. Putting in a cruise port could totally change the atmosphere of the town. We really enjoyed traveling there in the past, but have not gone (by air) for quite a few years. The safety issues in Mexico really turned us off, and we started vacationing elsewhere. I was really looking forward to stopping there next month on the Mariner, but it was not to be. Hopefully we will get a handle on making this disease less of a threat and people will feel safe cruising. And along with that, hopefully the CDC and the cruise lines will come to an agreement, and we won't remain the pariah country for cruising.
  5. Posting a link to another thread is very easy. Just copy the URL (https:// etc) at the top of the window to your clipboard and paste it into the message here: It showed the actual URL briefly, and then automatically changed it to the box you see above. For links to something other than a cruise critic thread, it will stay as just the URL instead of the box. I enjoyed reading your thread on the Seabourn forum. I too have been looking to expand my horizons beyond Crystal, but in my case I decided to start with Regent. I already had two cruises booked with them before COVID hit, but Regent has cancelled the first one. The refund situation confirmed my thinking that I should diversify my cruising options. There are so many divergent opinions online, that I think the only way to find out for sure whether or not you like a particular line is to give it a try. I still have future bookings with both Crystal and Regent, and enough FCCs on both that I certainly hope I am able to use them. Maybe Seabourn is in my future also, but right now I already have as much as I can deal with looking forward to my Crystal and Regent voyages and hoping that they will sail.
  6. Actually 536 days is LESS than a year and a half. If you are close to the wire on this, be sure to check the dates carefully. The date calculation function in the Windows 10 calculator app is very helpful for this.
  7. Did they do this because Crystal approved that part of the refund, but not your part? Or did they allow her to withdraw the temporary credit?
  8. I got my refund for a cruise I cancelled on March 11 on July 3 after 114 days. A little less than two weeks before that I told my TA I was giving them 4 days and then I was filing a dispute. She called me back and said they were "processing" my refund that day. So I waited a week for it to show up, and then I tried calling Crystal myself. They initially refused to tell me anything at all. However, they did allow me to vent a bit and then ended up admitting that my refund was still "pending." I let my TA know about the call and also that I was not waiting any longer to file the dispute. I had a hard deadline in mind to file the dispute early in July because of the date of the original deposit. Again, she called Crystal and this time they told her they issued the refund while she was on the phone with them. So I waited some more. It took 3 days after that for the refund (in two parts) to get to my credit card and then 2 more days before I could see it there. I don't know if the double whammy of my TA calling them right after I did made any difference, but I was happy with the result. I think it was the threat of the credit card dispute that did it, and I did not have to actually file the dispute. But I did have to make the threat twice before it worked, three times if you count my call in addition to the two from my TA.
  9. I find the discussion of Bermuda interesting, especially since I have never been there. But no one has replied about Cabo. I have been to Cabo numerous times, both by air and by sea. It is a tender port. Getting to Cabo San Lucas from the airport in San Jose del Cabo is not a short taxi ride and is already somewhat of a nightmare, without the added traffic from cruises. Maybe there are other ports in Mexico that would be better, but IMO Cabo San Lucas would not work. However, I do agree it is fun to speculate about "what if" scenarios.
  10. The 90 day clock for the minimum time Crystal says it will take for your refund starts on the date the cruise is cancelled. I don't think there is a 90 day clock for filing with your credit card, other than the concept (discussed in recent posts here) that your refund is not "overdue" until 90 days after the cruise is cancelled. The credit card has a different deadline that you have to file your dispute before a certain time after your initial payment. That deadline seems to vary between different credit cards, and in some cases seems to be shrinking with time. But it should be more than 90 days from your original payment date for a cruise. It may be much shorter for purchases of consumer goods than for future travel bookings.
  11. Of course they are. Cash flow is the primary problem, but there are undoubtably also some organizational and/or policy issues in their office.
  12. Actually, Crystal's "credit rating" has plummeted, not only with its customers but also with its suppliers, lenders and any other creditors.
  13. I understand what you are saying, and it makes sense EXCEPT for the fact that many of the credit card companies are enforcing a hard deadline to file your dispute. Maybe it is 536 days (a little less than 18 months) from the date of the charge, but in some cases it has been significantly less than that. It is just a gut feeling on my part, but it seems to me that some of the banks are shortening their deadline and/or enforcing it more strictly as this situation drags on and more and more people try to dispute charges. Since many cruises are booked far in advance, it is very easy to be more than 18 months from your payment that you want to dispute, even before waiting 90 days. So if that is the situation, one could lose the opportunity to dispute the charge by waiting too long. I confess that I filed a dispute prematurely at 25 days after I cancelled. The bank was very quick to issue me a temporary credit (which really meant nothing to me since I do not use that card much and there was no significant balance for me to delay paying). It took them another 21 days before they told Crystal about it, during which time the very slowly asked me to mail hard copy documentation, and then even after they received it it took a while for them to decide to proceed. Now they tell me that Crystal has until Oct. 29 to respond, which is 101 days after I cancelled and 562 days from my initial deposit. Some of the responses to a charge back have been quick, but in my case they are taking their time with it. If I had waited until 90 days after I cancelled, it would have been too late to dispute both the initial deposit and an even larger amount that I transferred from another booking, adding up to about 2/3 of the total amount of my refund.
  14. This is not universally true. My Costco Citi Visa allowed me to dispute 3 separate charges for one cancellation. One charge for the full amount, one for $1000 less than the full amount because of the admin penalty, and one for approximately half because it represented a payment for a previous cancelled booking that had been partially transferred to the currently cancelled booking. The portion of the latter that I did not dispute had already been refunded. I chose to adjust each charge so that the amounts I was disputing matched the amounts that Crystal had earmarked for refund on the final Payment Confirmation. My bank had no complaint about disputing the partial amounts. I think others have reported disputing the full amount, and the response from Crystal was to pay less than that by the amount of the admin penalty. IMO, yes you are dreaming. Once you converted it to FCC on another booking, I think it would be very unlikely that Crystal would allow you to change it back. If Crystal allows you to do this, please let us know.
  15. Was this a temporary credit or is the dispute resolved with payment from Crystal?
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