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  1. Are they still issuing tickets to limit the size of the audience for the magic shows? Or are they open for anyone to attend whenever they want?
  2. While you are counting cabins, keep in mind that some are available to book for 3 people, and many people travel solo. These will both skew the total number of actual passengers, albeit in opposite directions. I have no data on how many of each of these, and it would vary by segment anyway. And I suspect strongly that there are a lot more cabins with one occupant than with three. I have seen the solo passengers often cited as the reason that the ship is full, even though with less than the full allowed number of passengers. --Karen
  3. Do people successfully download books? I tried to do this many times 11 months ago with no success. As soon as I got to my post-cruise hotel, the book downloaded on the first try in just a few seconds. I just assumed that Crystal had blocked this, like they do for software downloads.
  4. Roy, I am enjoying your reports very much. Could you explain how they include 1 1/2 sleepers?
  5. I would be curious to know how you "simply" accomplish this when the noisy party arrives after you have already sat down and ordered your meal. I understand your point that we have to deal with the reality that other passengers do not always behave the way we want. But a child is more likely to be disruptive than an adult, on the average. Just because we can't control that does not mean we can't complain about it. And of course, choose our itinerary wisely to reduce the chance of having lots of kids on the cruise. Sometimes the promotions to encourage kids start after many have already booked, though. I cringe when I see that added to a segment I have already booked.
  6. Wow, what great photography. My one (so far!) Alaska cruise did not include Glacier Bay, so it was wonderful to see such complete coverage of what we missed. My feet are happy too, even without the waffles. Thank you!
  7. There is also a "Hamburger or Cheeseburger" on the lunch menu in Waterside every day. I can't tell you much about lunch in Marketplace because we are always in Waterside then, but you could get your lunch at the buffet in Marketplace when he gets the grilled (toasted?) ham and cheese sandwich at the Trident Grill. They are close enough to meet back at a table between the two.
  8. I think one difference would be that when you buy trip insurance and want them to waive the exclusion of pre-existing conditions, you have to insure the full cost of the trip. Any portion "paid" with Future Cruise Credits may not be included in the total cost, but if so it would have to be specified as such on the invoice. And of course, discussed in advance with the insurance agent to make sure this is correct. Another difference would be if the second cruise is cancelled, the amount of the Future Cruise Credit that had been applied would probably be lost, and a new administrative fee would be imposed on the remainder of the deposit, with a new Future Cruise Credit given for that amount. Am I understanding that correctly?
  9. We use "battery lights for closets," of which you can find many different ones on Amazon. Ours take 3 AAA batteries. We bring just one light and 6 rechargeable batteries. We bring the battery charger anyway for mouse and flashlight batteries. These LED lights are much brighter than the tea lights, and you can turn ours on and off by pressing on the domed top. There is no flame-shaped light bulb sticking out of the top to get broken, and no need to bring a supply of disposable batteries. It sits on a shelf inside the bathroom door where it is easy to find and turn on in the dark or with the hallway night light (at least on Crystal, but hopefully on Regent also) and provides just the right amount of light for us not to need the regular lights in the bathroom. If we forget to turn it off when leaving the room, we just get to recharge it sooner, but normally one set of batteries will last a week or so.
  10. I wonder how much increased usage may play a role in the worsening of the internet. If more people are doing (or trying to do) more intense activities, such as video streaming for example, that could eat up the capacity pretty quickly.
  11. I think Crystal may have some rooms that are set up with a HEPA filter system that should help with this. You might want to have your TA check into it for you.
  12. Beach Tunes, thank you so much for sharing your journey. Your stories really brought life into the Caribbean islands!
  13. And here I thought you had won those bears with your brilliant trivia skills! LOL
  14. Crystal has been known to waive the Admin fee, even recently, when the deposit refund was immediately transferred to another booking. In my case, this happened when I transferred it to another already existing booking, but perhaps they might do the same if you downgraded to the guarantee fare. You can upgrade or downgrade your cabin prior to final payment, and it seems that this should qualify as that. The catch is that you would not be getting the same product in other ways besides losing the specific room reservation. And at least some of the OG/VG/PG fares say that the Crystal Society Discount, Onboard Booking Discount, and/or the Early Payment Discount would not apply. I'm not sure about b2b discounts. All of that would reduce the percent savings for changing the booking. And they could potentially also not give you milestone credits for that trip. I do agree that the new guarantee cabin discount scheme is much better for Crystal financially, and I would expect it to continue.
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