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  1. Keith, I am really enjoying your posts here and on your blog. I noticed in Reflections (at least your first 3 issues on this segment) that there is no mention of the Vintage Room. Did Crystal give up on this for these Bahamas segments, or are they using some other means to promote it? We were hoping to experience that for the first time this November. They still do ask if you are interested in the PCPC.
  2. My TA has told me in the past that this is not possible. You have to complete the b2b(2b etc) that you are on first. You have to request the milestone before you embark, but you have not yet earned it at that time. It is still worth asking -- maybe they changed their policy since then.
  3. Ivi, I am sorry to hear this. At least now it sounds likely that the US will be accepting vaccinated European travelers soon. The uncertainties with cruising to multiple countries is going to be a challenge for all of us for a while. Meanwhile, I do plan to sail Serenity in the Bahamas for 19 days in November, so I am sorry to miss this opportunity to meet you, at least for now. Karen
  4. I absolutely agree. I don't think any of us want Crystal announcing a policy and then changing it shortly thereafter. There is enough uncertainty already. IMO, for the 7 (+/-) night round trips out of a US port, it would seem that the safest thing for everyone would be to quarantine an asymptomatic vaccinated passenger who tests positive in their own cabin until back in the US port for disembarkation. Should the passenger become symptomatic, they will have faster access to a more robust health care system back in the US than in a hotel in Bermuda, the Bahamas, or on a different island on some of the later Caribbean itineraries. The other passengers on the ship would probably be more exposed from a caravan of the infected passenger and all their stuff to a different cabin (and then again at disembarkation) than from isolating them in place for a day. The crew would also have have only one affected cabin to take extra cleaning precautions with when the passenger disembarks, instead of their initial cabin plus their quarantine cabin. The residents of the island will be safer not to "dump" a COVID positive person there, even with a quarantine hotel to house them. With the longer voyages, and especially the Grand Voyage, this simple solution of waiting a day (or less than a week in any case) to get back to the US will obviously not work. But, for example, I most certainly do not want to be "dumped" in Bimini if I test positive that day and the next day we will be in Miami.
  5. A big thank you to all who have contributed to this thread. I am especially interested in the difference in terms between 30 days before, during, and after. My TA has asked me in the past to book directly with her instead of with the on board booking consultant, so I got the impression that it can be a hassle to "reassign" the booking to her. Has anyone experienced this? Two years ago I booked my first Regent cruise for Oct. 2020. Then it moved to May 2021, and now it is Sept 2022. This was to be a trial of Regent before booking a World Cruise or Grand Voyage. Meanwhile now I have already booked one Grand Voyage anyway. Final payment will be after our first Regent sailing, so there will still be time to change our mind in the unimaginable case we don't like Regent, LOL. (The first one WILL sail, of course, a year from now. 🤞🤞🤞). My questions at the moment pertain to booking a potential third Regent sailing "on board" the first one. Would the terms probably be the same if we book just before sailing as on board? I really like the discount, reduced deposit, and 30 day window with no admin fee. We are pretty sure we will want to book another Grand Voyage, but it is scary already with no actual Regent experience.
  6. Thank you, Keith, for the very clear information on this and the Bahamas visas. It has helped us feel comfortable enough to book a b2b2b out of Miami for Nov. 1. We are very excited to be heading back "home" to Serenity soon. When you wrote before about the disembarkation tests for Nassau, I think you said the continuing pax were tested the day after the disembarking pax. With 3 turnovers on consecutive days now, it seems that nearly every day there will be a different group of pax to be tested. From your comments above I assume that continuing Miami passengers will be tested late enough to not be at risk of being forced to disembark In Bimini or Nassau. Is this info from what Crystal is telling you on board now, or from what they did and said before?
  7. One of Crystal's very popular destination speakers, still on one of the Crystal ships this summer, is usually wearing Crocs. Neither DH nor I have ever noticed him in any other footwear. We have also seen him in Crocs at dinner in Waterside. He is one of our favorite speakers, and I am not criticizing him at all. DH considers tasteful sneakers to be Crystal Casual, and I am not going to criticize him either. I did not realize we were so uncouth. Fortunately no one on Crystal has ever made us feel at all uncomfortable about our attire, shoes or otherwise.
  8. They are going to have to solve the issue of permissions to visit all those different countries if they are going to sail the Grand Voyage just announced to replace the World Cruise. I think the holiday itineraries are going to end up being practice runs for the World Cruise, which spends a month in the Caribbean. It sounds like the medical lab onboard is going to be busy.
  9. The exact same thing happened to me in April/May 2020 on another cruise line, and I feel your pain. But it is not really fair to attribute this policy to Regent only. Now you are not "faced with the same situation," because you paid for your Dec. 2021 cruise with FCC, not with cash. Regardless of the circumstances, once you agree to an FCC, I don't think any cruise line will allow it to change back into a cash refund. You can't convert your FCC back to a cash refund by "laundering" it through another booking. I have yet to hear of any cruise line allowing that, although I have read a lot of posts on CC of people thinking that they should. Once an FCC, always an FCC, regardless of cruise line. If anyone has heard of someone getting a cash refund for an FCC on any cruise line, I would love to hear about it.
  10. If the tour is going to be on a boat with a capacity of 150, or maybe even 50, it seems like a possibility that there might be non-Crystal passengers onboard as well. Not only would that make it more crowded, but it might introduce non-vaccinated people into the mix. I would not assume it will be Crystal passengers only unless either the tour descriptions specifies that, or you have asked the shore excursion staff about it. My point is that without that information you can't draw any conclusions about how crowded the tour will be based on the passenger count on Symphony. Are these tours limited to Crystal pax only?
  11. I would have to agree with the others who said, "Sell high and buy low." Of course that is a lot easier said than done. 😉 For me, if I believed that the stock market is going to crash and we are about to enter 8 plus years of another Great Depression (which is probably a topic not appropriate for much discussion on Cruise Critic), that would be a reason to travel and enjoy the opportunities we have now while I still can. After "waiting it out" for 8 plus years I may not be physically able to do so. I would probably feel differently about this if I were 30-40 years younger.
  12. It sounds like the Bahamas are requiring vaccination, but relying on the cruise lines to enforce and document that. It seems to me that if the Bahamas required proof of vaccination to get their Visa, that would take the monkey off Crystal's back as far as Florida law is concerned. Presumably the cruise lines can still require Visas for the countries being visited to allow boarding.
  13. Keith, I have been thoroughly enjoying your posts about Endeavor and Iceland here and on your blog. (And Serenity/Bahamas, too, for that matter.) Thank you for taking the time to share so much great information. I am wondering about the availability of the lectures on Endeavor. Do you have the option of viewing them live in your room? Do you also have the option of viewing them on the TV later "on demand" like you do on Serenity?
  14. IF you "meet the requirements for coverage due to sickness," whatever that means. If you test positive and then need a doctor letter that you were unable to travel due to sickness, how timely would that letter need to be? Would you need the doctor to see you on the day you are day you are denied boarding? Especially if you are not symptomatic, you may not otherwise need to see a doctor. And if you live far from the port, it may take several days to drive home. Do you need to seek out a doctor in the port city before traveling home to avoid insurance denial?
  15. Also, I believe the Supper Club is always on a BTO night, which does not happen on 7 day segments.
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