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  1. Well they could get rid of half the people in the casinos if they didn't allow smoking. Too many of them take up space smoking & NOT even playing.🤨
  2. I'm not even looking at future cruise prices or booking. Until we get our Refunds for cruises already cancelled? I plan to book nothing in advance.
  3. Yesterday our Third cruise of the year was just cancelled. 3 strikes and I'm out.... til....? I have done cc dispute on first 2. Gotten credit card refund on One so far. (they are ALL over 60 days, so don't let that stop you from disputing.) Doing Option 2 again, for Third cancelled cruise. I want $$$ back and NOT more FCC's. So I Will be doing cc dispute on Cruise #3, soon as I look up dates it was paid. Theres No reason not to. I've also requested Refunds on all my Future Cruise Deposits. Why have that $$ hanging out there too? Next year, we will see how things transpire. But for now, I do NOT see it in my best interest, for Princess to Hold my $$ For Me. I want it back.
  4. I filed cc dispute last week on our early May cruise, that was cancelled early March. It had been paid in full since end of Dec. We Received cc refund yesterday! Still No FCC's posted. I plan to request from Princess, All our FCD's to be refunded now. Were not waiting til expiration. Still waiting on June cruise to be refunded. I asked for Option 2, but filed cc dispute on that one as well. Princ has had our funds since early Jan. Thats long enough. Agree with those above who suggest filing cc dispute. Faster refund.
  5. Another way to look at this...... Princess has had our $$ for MONTHS, for cruises we CANNOT take. If they only kept a mere deposit, and you paid in full in the past 60 days? Then maybe you Might want to give them a little longer, up to you. We've been paid in full since Dec. Maybe lots of you have as well. So if you file a dispute, its actually been Months, instead of 60 days, that Princess has had your money. I filed cc disputes online, because its hard to get somebody on the phone due to short staffed & long waits.
  6. Copied my response from Roll call because its fitting here. I filed cc dispute couple days ago. We cancelled cruise right before They did it. Its been 60 days. Not waiting another 60. Hope we all get paid. Theres been No movement on our other cancelled cruise either. (And I'm Not holding out hope for our Sept cruise to actually happen this year.) Thats 2 out of 3 trips were waiting for refunds on. Its feeling like a shell game now. In the meantime Prin sent me a casino comp offer for next year. I almost booked it, but after talking to them, changed my mind because they Wouldn't let me apply any of my FCD to them. I have $500 in Future cruise deposits, sitting there, for What? On top of that, we have all those outstanding cc refunds & FCC's that haven't appeared yet, to put out Anymore money to Princess. No thanks! I'm Elite, but looks like its time for a pause from Princess. Sorry to say, I'm Not feeling warm & fuzzy over Princess' handling this.
  7. I filed credit card disputes today on 2 Princess cancelled cruises. Ive already waited 60 days, to hear it might be Another 60 days? Is beyond......
  8. I emailed & got voicemail back that my balcony Calif Coastal was booked for next April. However, After calling back & finding out that I Couldn't apply ANY of my Future Cruise deposits to this sailing, and the fact that I Haven't gotten back ANY $$ or FCC's from 2 cruises already cancelled..... I told Princess, thanks but NO Thanks! Until these other cruises are reconciled, I decided Not to give them anymore money. Once were caught up? We can discuss....
  9. I rec'd same offer as OP. Haven't gotten reply to my email yet. I thought everyone must have gotten the 1,000 FP cuz friend of mine got it too. BTW, theres a Casino catergory if you scroll down homepage.
  10. Thats my prob too. When You cancel, or they cancel for you, but You PAID for Everyone. It should be returned to the Credit Card Holder who Paid for the cabins. NOT distributed to the gang. No offense but thats MY money. And like others have said, the other family or friends may not be able to return and that money is Gone. Should be returned to the Cardholder!
  11. My bookings are thru casino reservations, so I don't know if that makes a difference? They definately have a seperate phone #. I called 7:30am this morning. She picked up within 2 mins., then we had a long conversation about whats been going on. Especially since I have 3 upcoming cruises booked. She told me Up until today, there were very LONG Wait times. She said Today seemed to be much lighter, and didn't know why.
  12. Agree. Princess cancellation policy is Not that generous. Especially compared to Others. In the meantime, Princess needs a simple way to Cancel upcoming cruises online! Can't Princess Install a Cancel button on our Cruise personalizer, so we don't have to call? Wait times are horrendous already.
  13. "Some of the NCL Star/Gem Class vessels had them in their Bliss Ultra Lounges when first built but have since been removed (Star, Dawn, Gem, & Pearl) as well as the EPIC has a full sized set of bowling lanes in O'Sheehans. Breakaway, Getaway and Escape also feature mini-bowling in O'Sheehans. It's quite possible you are thinking of one of those ships?" YES you are correct! It was NCL. I have been on all of those ships, except Star. Guess I'm busted, we cruise too much. 😀 I really Thought it was on Ruby! YES, They were Full sized lanes, with rental shoes & balls. So they've been removed from all the NCL fleet?
  14. Some ships have better casinos, for sure. I prefer vp, but most casinos have ONLY 8-12 vp machines, and its difficult to even get On one. I was recently on Royal & it was a Slot tourney cruise. With several hundred invited tourney guests. There were waaaaaay more VIP casino guests who swarmed all the machines in the casino. You couldn't move around. It was Packed, most of the time. VS. a Normal cruise without all the Casino invited guests. I plan to Avoid tourney cruises in the future due to this.
  15. Will be sailing on Ruby Princess again this summer. Last couple times we sailed, there were a few Full bowling lanes onboard. It was a lot of fun. Does Ruby still have bowling Lanes?
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