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  1. I'd like to think my persistence, and this board, had something to do with Princess policy change. I was told they will NOW put us down as Paid when we book Casino bookings.๐Ÿ˜‰ (I called again, this time to cancel a booking, but after the good news, booked another later in the year, and was told it already shows Paid!) Alrighty then. Even though the Casino Hasn't really paid their share yet, it will show as Paid at time of booking for Us. This is a Positive change, and much needed. This way, Casino comp guests, won't have to Worry if they Paid or Not, and we can print our Etickets on time, etc.
  2. Thanks, I'm glad they finally paid up so we could print our etickets. Tina, when you got off Royal, thats exactly what is Suppose to happen! They put the bounceback offer Under your door, or slot on your door....... Thats HOW its Always been done. If Princess wants to do it differently? Fine. Let us know. Getting off Regal, we got No voucher, and Still No Word from CBS/Casino, as to Any offer from that Regal cruise. Even though we were told we definately qualified.โ˜น๏ธ So, I'm tired of being jerked around. I'm cancelling our later this year cruise with Princess, and booked a better comp casino offer thru NCL. I hope someone from Princess reads these threads, and Fixes these LATE Pay problems, and Not getting Casino "Come Back & Play" offers when getting off the ship.๐Ÿคจ
  3. Less than 2 weeks to go and Princess casino Finally paid their portion. I Printed our Etickets & luggage tags. I must say, Whoever decided to move out Paying up on their portion? Should be fired. This is causing undue stress & mistrust from their Loyal customers.๐Ÿ™ On top of that? Another ongoing Princess Casino Problem (that appears to be a New issue) is NOT GIVING "COME BACK & PLAY" VOUCHERS TO YOU WHEN YOU ARE GETTING OFF THE SHIP. Has anybody else gotten one recently??? (In other words, if you are a good player and did a certain amount of POINTS in the ships casino, You are given a bounceback comp offer, that usually needs to be Booked within a month..... You get about 6 months of time to cruise on the offer. On past cruises weve ALWAYS Gotten a voucher on our last day of the cruise. This recent cruise? NOTHING Customer Service (the morning we were getting off) said "I think they are emailing now.." Nope! Nothing! Well, its been almost 2 months since my last Princess cruise, and Still NO "COME BACK & PLAY OFFER".๐Ÿ˜ก Again, I've made Several calls and Promised Casino says I have an offer, and they would be contacting me? They still haven't. Something is WRONG in the Princess Casino Dept. So for my upcoming cruise that was JUST Paid by them..... I will barely play in the casino, or attempt to hit a certain amount of play for a bounceback cruise offer, because obviously Thats Not happening.
  4. Attempted to Log into Princess this morning, and see IF its been Paid YET? We're having technical difficulties We apologize for any inconvenience and will be back shortly
  5. I just logged into my Princess acct. to see IF casinos paid up yet? "Booking not paid in full." ๐Ÿ˜ž
  6. Don't sweat the Medallian. Its very easy to get it at Checkin to get on the ship. Then visit one of the attendants (I think theyre called Navigators) onboard, who can easily set up things for you. This is what we did, and kinda happy we didn't try to do it ourselves. lol
  7. I have a Princess Casino comp cruise booked that sails in less than a month. My share was paid Months ago.... I just contacted Princess Cust Serv AGAIN, to get CBS/Casino to pay their portion, so were Paid in full & can print our Etickets. Never had them Wait this long to pay their portion. What is going on? Anyone else have Problem recently with Casino/CBS taking care of their portion of your comp cruise? ๐Ÿง
  8. Has anyone mentioned HOW you get credit/ points in the Casino, if you Don't have your Cruise card? How could they phase it out? medallian certainly doesn't have anything to do with casino points..... You NEED a Players card (cruise card) for casino.
  9. We "won" this cruise thru work. Its free, so going to take it with our 2 Grown kids. Would I have chosen Disney, with No children? NOPE Luckily we have a couple other cruises this year, With casinos. I Will Live. Just wondering how Others managed on dis boat? Thanks for funny replies.
  10. Family is looking forward to Disney Dream cruise in June. I think I'm the only one dreading it, because I am so used to a casino being on board. (we don't have children with us, its other adults.) I'm trying to be a good sport.... but.... This will be my First time on a cruise, minus the casino. Has anyone been on Disney, and did you Really find Other great things to do besides casino?
  11. Wondering what our resident locals think about River Rock casino Hotel? It seems to be a pretty good alternative price wise, to some of those closeby Canada place. How it RR? How is Location to YVR & Pier? Thanks
  12. Plan to use Southwest points on return from Sea/tac. So getting there from Vancouver? It looks like One way rental car rates have come down alittle. IF you don't mind picking up from YVR. Hoping that Canada Place rental car Location will Open in time for our trip? So far, the best deal is from the airport....
  13. Weve sailed on Grand out of SF 5 times over the past couple years. Yes, there seem to be large amount of asians on these sailings. We believe because you have large China towns in SF & Oakland. Many of their extended family come here. Plus its so easy to board in SF for the Locals.
  14. I would do same as what RSF suggested, Lyft or uber directly to Oakl. airport. Make sure youre in the First carryoff group. As far as Fog flight delays? SFO gets those alot more often than Oakland. Hence, I much prefer flying out of Oak rather than SFO even though they are equal distance from my house.' Of course anything can happen, anywhere, accidents causing traffic delays, etc. But I think you should be ok flying out, at that time of Oak.
  15. Oopsy, I thought you looking for a hotel near SFO. I haven't stayed near Fishermans wharf in ages.
  16. Thanks martincath, thats whats happening I was booking to the Pier (what we did before) and everyone appears to be "sold out" Seems changes are happening. So at least for now, I will book car rental airport to airport. Will see if other opens up when time gets closer.
  17. after reading martincath reply, I would prefer One way car rentals, but guess what? I can't find ANY Rental cars available the day before, or day of, our cruise leaves. Its 6 months away. We might be stuck doing the bus thing. ugh.
  18. Thanks for the bit of info so far. Guess we are waiting on more Info on either ship, and especially Whats left of the video poker games?
  19. I am following Both of these threads now. lol We fly into Seattle the day before our cruise from Vanc. What about he cruise shuttles from SEA/Tac to Vancouver? Are they any better than renting a One way car Rental? (reason wondering because last time we did this with rental car, we were given the third degree getting into Canada.)
  20. At home I uber, no issues. From Seattle pier to Sea/tac we found Taxi stand off the ship Quickest to Sea/tac! When we got off the ship, there must have been 300 people waiting for their Uber rides. There was literally NO WAIT at the Taxi stand. We were gone in 30 seconds. From Sea/'tac to Pier.... we got frustrated waiting for Uber, and hauled all our luggage back to the Taxi stand. Was able to get a Van to hold all of us and our luggage. Almost same price and the taxi driver was very nice. They seem to be going out of their way to be Nicer. YMMV
  21. So far were booked on Island Princess on Deck 6, Very close to casino & shops. There are only about a dozen cabins. I think there is a secret hallway to these cabins, like on Grand. If I am mistaken, let me know.... Also, is smoke strong with these cabins? Also was looking at Deck 5 closer to LaPatisserie. But if they don't do coffee card like International cafe, then its moot point for me. Any better OV location I'm missing? Prefer midship. Thanks
  22. Haven't been on either of these ships yet, but will early next year. Can anyone share info on either of their casinos? I mainly play VP. How is their inventory? (Unfortunately most ships seem to be eliminating much of their VP inventory, in favor of more & more slots) Thanks in advance.
  23. I'm in same boat & consider early morning Brewed coffee (NOT buffet) a necessity. I'm confused, since Island has LaPatis... is that considered an Int'l Cafe or Not? Do you get coffee cards to use there? What about on Coral?
  24. "I do recall a time period where the Admin Fee for a week was as high as $200 per week per person. Was very happy when they dropped it down to $140 again. One thing I find that helps 'pay' for the fee is the ability to use two cruise next vouchers for balconies booked 6 months or more out. ($500 deposit with a net cost of $250). If you are able to book one of these cruises during the 'Tax Free' sales, I found we had to pre-pay the daily service charges in order to use the entire $500 (net 250) deposit. Was lucky enough to catch two of these to use in the next year." I do believe you found a way to work the system alittle. I've never had a NCL $140 Admin fee. Seems its always been $250 each, $500 for 2 people right off the top! That was STEEP in comparison to NOT being charged this on Princess. I got Princess vouchers originally thru Venetian/Palazzo. More recently thru our local IC which is run by Stations. Stations seems to give out Princess, like CET gives out NCL. (Many Stations casinos in Vegas, I especially like Red Rock.) Prin ship casinos are very similar to NCL ships to be honest. Not a big diff. Except on their Formal nights, Prin ships Casinos become NON smoking, which we really LIKE. And now that I'm a regular player onboard, I get a turnaround offer directly from Princess casino before I get off the ship. For us West coast folks, Princess sails out of SF which makes a very EASY embarcation for us. I'm sailing on Princess from there again, in 2 weeks.
  25. I'm alittle late to the thread.... I Think I rec'd this offer too, but its gone now. I also hope CET encourages crossplay. However as long as CAS Stings us with a "$25O Admin Fee", on Comp cruises? (Princess Doesn't do that & I get just as many free offers from our local casino) I will continue to use more Princess cruise comp Vouchers. I've done 6 Princess cruises in the past 2 years vs. just One or 2 on NCL. If this rule Changes on NCL CAS charging this ridiculous Admin fee? Then they Might get some of my business back. (I'm Plat on Princess now, too.)
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