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  1. This is so helpful...thanks SRF! 🙂
  2. This sounds like the best plan for us. But it's not clear if the drinks package includes ANY cocktail made with the specific liquors listed. Are drinks like old fashioneds, cosmos, chocolate martinis, and margaritas included as long as you request one of the liquors on the list? Or is it just standard mixed drinks (vodka & soda, gin & tonic, rum & coke, etc.)?
  3. Thank you for posting this fantastic review! We'll be sailing on the Liberty on March 10th. Can't wait!
  4. Fabulous review so far! Can't wait for the next installment... 😄
  5. CruiseGirl4ever

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    After thinking on this more, it does make sense that they would offer (for bid) more upgrade inventory than they have available prior to sailing. We all know airlines sell more seats than they have available on flights because their past data shows that a small percentage of people miss flights every day. Of course, when airlines have more people show up than they expected, they have to buy people off. With the RoyalUp system, RCI doesn't officially accept your bid until they are certain that space is available (hence: no need to buy people off). Pretty smart system, and I believe a win-win for both RCI and those customers willing to pay the most for an upgrade (when available).
  6. CruiseGirl4ever

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    It seems odd that they would ask you to bid on an upgrade unless they had some space available. I'm in marketing, and from my experience, companies try to avoid offering something to their customers that they can't deliver (at least for the right price). My guess is the algorithms of the RoyalUP bidding process are more complex than we realize. In addition to the available space, it probably takes into account the type of cabin the person currently has reserved (I would think Inside and OV would be most popular), the original booking price (those with a bargain rate would be top priority), the customer's loyalty membership status, etc. Does anyone else have any experience with this type of auction bidding in travel (e.g. hotels, flight.)?
  7. CruiseGirl4ever

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    Hey Bandera Cruiser - we are on the same sailing! Hope to see you at the Meet & Mingle. We paid more for our RoyalUp upgrade ($255pp, but we went from a Deck 2 oceanview to a JS. I was thinking this sailing was sold out due to spring break, but apparently not. Less than 2 months to go!! 😄
  8. CruiseGirl4ever

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    Yeah, I just read that 😥 Oh well, we're still excited to have the extra space and the tub!
  9. CruiseGirl4ever

    Royal UP? (Bid for stateroom upgrade)

    My friend and I were also offered a Royal Up on our March 10 Liberty sailing. We were originally booked in a small Deck 2 oceanview cabin and the minimum bid to upgrade was $250pp for either a balcony, panoramic view or JS. I bid $255pp and we were just notified we got a JS! We're happy because our original price was very reasonable (booked onboard 2 years ago). We're both Diamond members and celebrating my friend's 60th birthday, so I don't know if that impacts anything? Anyway, I've never sailed in a JS before so it will be interesting (and the double points are nice too) 😊