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  1. Reaction?? I had special menu ..you get the menu a day or so before check off what you want they adapt the item to suit your needs like sodium free gluten free etc When you give your room number at the reservations desk you are flagged that you have a special meal they bring out the pre filled in menu & give it to the waiter that escorts you to the table your meal is served along with other tablemates course by course No one needs to know you have a special menu Some waiters will confirm with you that items are what you ordered to be sure that is no issue
  2. I pack mix n match / wash n wear type clothing even for a month we manage with 1 -26 " case each Pack for a week then do laundry or use the sink in the cabin for what you can hand wash I have washed DH Columbia shirts in the sink they dry overnight Enjoy
  3. You could probably just be in the last group off the 1st cruise then go to the 2nd berth & drop your bags You can check here to see what berth the ship will be at https://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/
  4. Did you get the wine/beer with meals or you just did not imbibe?
  5. How do you know they were not paging you as well ? You were supposedly ashore watching your watch to be last on board 🙄
  6. Thanks for that info So other reports by some were incorrect then the speculation that everyone even if they did not switch to SM got 2 accounts was incorrect
  7. Did you not have 2 wifi accounts on this cruise??
  8. I am sure the rest of the pax on your cruise are sick of hearing your name called as well 🙄
  9. Well you cannot book any cruise on O without SM so it is "Free" or included whatever way you want to slice it
  10. Looks like they are updating the site I would check back tomorrow or the next day Miami time
  11. yes good point so far no one that has had the other person in the cabin cancel have been charged extra for now being a solo As per my post #29 so far we have not been charged anything extra for not spending OUR own money onboard Usually all our expenses have been covered by OBC from O Club or TA JME
  12. Many pax will drop off their bags even when asked not to go to their cabins This shows a disrespect for the staff onboard that are trying to get their work done Of course the cabin attendants are not going to say NO to you
  13. I do not believe it is from lost onboard spending Many pax do not spend anything onboard If you do not drink alcohol or book ships shore excursions or go to the spa & get PPG Do you get charged extra?? JMO
  14. So the big question is has anyone had a no show or 1 person in the cabin cancelled last minute & were you charged anything extra with Oceania? The rest is speculation & opinions Just the facts please
  15. You do not really NEED 10 outfits for evenings & 10 for daywear Mix & match no one cares if you wear the same outfit again they also have laundry rooms free to use We did 15 days in Oct cooler weather cruise & had more than enough storage in the cabin
  16. The boarding pass time thing started when cruising resumed when pax had to do the covid test at the port Seems O has just left that system in place If you want to board at the time allowed for your cabin category then just go at that time You may or may not be stuck waiting outside until your time slot if you do make it inside then you will be met with the long lines to get checked in & board the ship many like to just go a bit later & avoid the mayhem YMMV
  17. that is nonsense about losing onboard spend We rarely spend our own money onboard we have enough OBC that comes from O I used to make a donation to the casino but last cruise they only got $20
  18. You were exchanging pax not sailing solo in the cabin as the OP would be doing
  19. If you have a issue like the OP why not just have a note put in your file either by your TA or O rep that you do have foot issues & shoes are a problem save all the angst I am still not clear on if the manager stood at the table & yelled at the lady not to wear those shoes again or told her to leave the venue or what? I have seen Maitre'd s take people aside & have a quiet word about their attire never seen anyone chastised in front of everyone JMO
  20. There is a dedicated dinner reservations desk on deck 5 just look for the line up
  21. Not many US insurance companies will insure Canadians Look at what company the cruise line is using then read the fine print CFAR is more expensive than just medical but also look at what % they will refund it varies
  22. Maybe cruise lines can make more shade by the pool OH but wait then those that want sun would be complaining it is a no win situation 😲
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