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  1. Thanks for the video!! Can't wait to see this from the Rotterdam in July!
  2. No robe or slippers on last week's cruise on Caribbean Princess. When I asked, I was told they were for suites only, but by the next day he did bring one pair of slippers.
  3. Just returned from Amber Cove. Did not do either of those excursions, but have you considered the Dolphin Experience. Our entire family said it was the highlight of the whole cruise.
  4. Needing to send out a couple of important messages on the day we are at Princess Cays. Does anyone know if there is internet service or WiFi available there?
  5. Philv, Thank you so much for the review. We leave this Sunday, and can't wait! Love your pictures. We are also on Caribe Deck. Did y'all see any of the evening shows? If so I'd love your opinion on what was good, what was not. Also, someone posted that the pier we leave from is on the app. I can't find it. Do you know where on the app I'd find that info? Thanks!
  6. Thank you everyone! Your advice is right along with what I thought. I’ll pass this along to the family.
  7. I’m sure this question has been asked and answered, but there are 103 pages in the Dining thread! I don’t have time to read through them all, so I’m hoping someone here will help. We leave Sunday on the Caribbean Princess and I need to know the dress code for the MDR on non-formal nights. Daughter and grandchildren (21, 16) wonder about shorts, or if slacks are needed. Jeans? Thanks in advance.
  8. Are there any museums (especially Resistance Museums) in Kristiansand? Many years ago we visited such a museum (in Oslo I believe). It was fascinating and we were disappointed that we had so little time there. I love the history of the resistance movements during World War II and would be so glad to find one on this trip.
  9. Thanks everyone!! One less thing to pack.
  10. Do Princess ships (specifically Caribbean Princess) have retractable clothes lines in the bathroom? We are new to Princess and wondering if we should pack one.
  11. Loving your review. We enjoyed 2 cruises on the “old” Rotterdam, and are really looking forward to our first cruise on this “new” Rotterdam. She looks beautiful, judging by your photos. I especially love the photo of the atrium! We board in July for a cruise to Norway. Thanks for taking the time to write this review.
  12. Yesterday I changed several cabins on our upcoming Princess Cruise with the help of our TA. Don't think I could have done this on my own. We were able to get 3 cabins together that did not show up as available on the Princess site. I was so frustrated before our TA took over. Maybe I can help. E-mail me at 2thesea2thesea at gmail dot com.
  13. Thanks everyone. I knew that many if not most river cruises no longer allow using obc to pay gratuities. Also NCL. Just didn't know about HAL.
  14. Can On Board Credit still be used on HAL for gratuities?
  15. Welcome, jkrotaru! l believe you must be booked on the Rotterdam (as are we!). There are Roll Calls for the July 20-27 cruise as well as the July 27-Aug.3 cruise. Wayne and I are doing the full two weeks and there is a Roll Call for the July 20-Aug 3 cruise also. I'm just getting started planning, but some folks have posted lots of good info already. I look forward to meeting you on board. The fjords have been on my bucket list for 58 years!!! (When I was VERY young!!😁) On the Cruise Critic home page just scroll down to "Roll Calls". Click on Holland America Roll Calls. Then scroll down till you get to "Rotterdam Roll Calls" and click on that. Just look for the date of your cruise then and you have found us! We booked at least 4 months ago, and many of the shore excursions were already sold out. Unbelievable. So we are also looking for private tours---or shared tours. Have you gotten your plane tickets yet? Wow! Sticker shock!! Barb
  16. Please add us to the list, Jacqui. Wayne and I are booked on the Rotterdam, July 20- Aug 3, 2024. 14 day Best of Norway. Thanks! Barb
  17. What a great thread!!! So many memories that you have all shared. Our Christmas gift from DS and DDIL is accompanying them to the Glen Miller Band performance just one month from now. Can’t wait! Only way it could be better is if it were on a cruise!!
  18. Thank you for the great review and the interesting info! We will be on the Rotterdam in July and it is great to hear from some one who enjoyed her so much. We are really looking forward to 2 weeks on board. I must admit that I've never thought of a pizza place for breakfast---but it sounds good!
  19. I am really enjoying following along on this "Live" report. I've been away from Cruise Critic for a while, but happily back as I prepare for a July cruise on Rotterdam. Kazu, I loved the pictures and comments of your time at the home of Corrie Ten Boom. She has long been an inspiration for my life. I almost got to meet her once---she was to be a special guest at our local Bible Study, but became ill 2 days before the meeting. I think she was really exhausted from traveling and speaking. What an inspiration she was to so many. Loving all your pictures and commentary. Barb
  20. The wonderful productions on stage (we called it Broadway at Sea!) And yes, the chilled blueberry soup. 😋 But mostly, we miss the Ryndam—our first and favorite cruise!
  21. Can someone tell me an easy site to go to in order to see prices for the different staterooms and suites on Rotterdam?ill be working with a TA but would like some idea before I contact him. Thanks!!
  22. Thanks for "taking us along" on your journey. In spite of the glitches, I'm glad you enjoyed the cruise. I've enjoyed your reporting!
  23. Thank you for your excellent reviews and pictures. Loving it!!!
  24. What a fun cruise!!! Of course it would probably take one's life savings to book!
  25. Or even start a new thread in "All Other River Cruise Roll Calls" in the Roll Call section of CC.
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