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  1. Far more useful than my answer. I do hope someone posts one here, though.
  2. My personal opinion is that cruiselines likely have 2 potential main objectives. 1. Make as much money as quickly as possible to recover. 2. Avoid a repeat of the Diamond Princess, even if that means a slower return to profitability. I'm pretty sure they're all choosing objective 2.
  3. You just said it better than I could. I find it interesting, as others have said, that Florida has gone to court to get cruising restarted. It is interesting that not a single cruiseline joined him, although I believe Norwegian filed an amicus brief - on the side of the CDC. On the other hand, the cruiselines don't like the conditions that Florida has imposed, and is end running them, because, as you state, public opinion is with the CDC at this time (once they allowed sailing to start). I was a bit surprised that this case didn't get thrown out as either no longer relevant, or because the
  4. On these sailing X covers all covid expenses. If you booked air with them, they'll get you home. We're sailing next week, and on this, and my October cruise, I got cruise air.
  5. We were just in Alaska doing a Gray Line land tour, and they were very casual about masks. Including on the bus we were on for Anchorage to Kenai, and Kenai to Denali. They were required on the bus tour inside Denali park, and the driver/guide enforced it.
  6. First time I submitted the troubleshooting ticket, it didn't have me upload my stuff. Then, a week or so later I got a text that it was fixed. It wasn't. So, I waited another two weeks and tried again. Still broken. New ticket, and uploaded everything. I guess I'll wait until I get a text telling me it's fixed.
  7. Done that 3 times now. Maybe I'll get a text saying they fixed it, and maybe they actually will. Thanks though.
  8. My record there only has my first Moderna shot. I've been trying to fix it for 2 months. I just checked again, now it has my second shot as my first shot, and no second. My county has uses mychart. At least that has both.
  9. Thanks, none of the X tours go where I want to go. My friends really want to go to one of the beaches, so I'll hang out on the ship. If they allow "curated" taxis where I want to go, great.
  10. It would be nice if they'd just acknowledge that their fix didn't work.
  11. We're on the ship 7/31, so thank you for this. We're flying in Friday, so my little group as agreed that we'll each get two covid tests. We'll get an official travel test on Tuesday for the EHAS form, and then a regular return PCR on Wednesday for Celebrity. As long as the Wednesday test comes back by Friday night or Saturday AM, we're all good, I think, unless I'm missing something. I'm wondering about your comment about the approved taxis. My sister has been to Barbados before, and she thinks I should go to the George Washington house and slave museum. I wonder if
  12. My first experience with MUTS was on a San Francisco to Vancouver coastal. I believe I was wearing a down park and had 7 or 8 deck blankets, and was still cold ....
  13. Glad to hear this. We're on in 11 days as well.
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