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  1. Oh, so sorry Eliana, I just re-read your post and the email is there! I'll proceed to give you my booking number.
  2. Dear Eliana, We have recently booked a Regent cruise on Explorer for Feb 2020. I have just learned about the referral program and would like to share with you the cruise discount. Could you email me your membership number and we can both take advantage? My email is virginiasierra@me.com. Thank you so much! Virginia
  3. I will also be new to Regent (Explorer) next February and have a question. Are ballroom (or regular) dance classes offered? This is one of my favorite activities when I cruise. Thanks!
  4. The dress code is published in the website. If by how strict you want to find out if it will be enforced...I once saw Maitre D' Jorge escort a gentleman out of the MDR (when it existed) due to a denim attire. I wouldn't risk it. However, having enjoyed cruising Crystal, most people follow the code. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  5. Like you, I enjoy dressing up. But I would tamper it a bit on Alaska, Antartica, and Caribbean itineraries. A bit...just a bit...
  6. Exactly, fudgbug, and in my case the doctor does not recommend the cruise (sniff, sniff). I've done some academic research on Carmen Miranda and would have loved to see her memorabilia in Rio's new museum.
  7. Thanks Fletcher, OfftoAlaska, and Catlover54. I am getting the vibe that St. Martin would not be for us. I certainly would love to stay at La Samanna, but not at the quoted price of nearly $2,000 per night, especially if there are still flaws due to Irma. Also, it will not be worth staying at Divi and suffer service issues. I've researched further and the service issues have come up. Thanks again for your help.
  8. XtaSea, I could have written your post minus the Golden Retriever...which I could not see. I am a very active person and need lots of activities on board to make me happy. I found Crystal fills the bill, but itineraries are not working for DH and I. I am looking to book our first Regent cruise and look forward to Regent regulars telling us the different activities we can enjoy while on board. Personally, I would love to have available dance classes, cardio classes in the gym, cooking demonstrations, et al. I will appreciate your input!!
  9. So do I, too!! I have cruised other luxury lines only to find out that I have to zigzag around lounge chairs on a space earmarked for walkers. I consider Deck 7's Promenade a Crystal asset.
  10. I have cruised with Silversea both in the Med and in the Caribbean. My experience has been that ladies wear more formal attire in the Med. Although very few long gowns, palazzos are quite common, as well as short or midi beaded cocktail dresses. Due to packing limitations, many ladies were a little black dress or pantsuit, which they dress up with different ornaments. Personally, I tend to overdress, and feel happy with myself. You should wear what makes you happy.
  11. Next year we will be embarking SB in Saint Martin. We would like to stay in the island for three or four days prior to the cruise. The Divi Little Bay Beach Hotel has good reviews; has any of you stayed and can comment? What other hotels would you recommend? Thanks for your help!
  12. Gracias, Marazul, no visa required is great news. It's a wonderful itinerary, and it seems many SB cruisers think so as well, since my TA says it's filling up fast. We will be making a decision after my medical consult.
  13. ********************* You are so right that we all should take preventive measures as the vaccines you mentioned. Unfortunately, due to an immunological condition, some vaccines are not recommended for me. I will certainly be checking with my doctor. Thanks for your suggestions.
  14. Thanks for your replies. I did go to the CDC website and it is very informative with regards to suggestions of several vaccines (measles, malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis, flu, etc.) for Brazil, however it does not pinpoint any requirement per se. Somehow I had read on this board that Seabourn did have a requirement... but I may be wrong. I will need to call Seabourn to be sure. Thanks again.
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