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  1. Bon Voyage, Roy! I am a frequent cruiser of SB and SS, and one lovely Crystal cruise. My DH would like to do the QM2 Transatlantic, so I will religiously follow your comments. Unfortunately, I have found quite negative reviews in the Reviews Section of CC (closed or dirty pools, stained carpets, torn curtains, etc.), and I would appreciate your candid views on the state of the ship. We would be in the Grills Section, but will interact with all venues. My best wishes on your voyage!!
  2. Yes, thanks for clarifying...I was just going to do that. In fact, I had previously submitted a post to that effect.
  3. Enjoy Valencia, one of my favorite cities in Spain. Last time there in a cruise, we were fortunate to coincide with the Annual Paella Festival, where huge paella pots were scattered through the old city's cobblestone streets, and all were welcome to sit down and share. It was fun! Should your trip be in May, you may want to google the date of the Festival.
  4. In Silversea there is an assigned hostess to care for solos, as well as for the international guests. We have befriended solos in our SS cruises, and they all speak highly of the hostess' role in making sure that they meet others (couples and other solos). Because of her, my DH and I have met wonderful people we would otherwise had missed having a good time with. Could this work for Crystal?
  5. My first Regent cruise will be next February, and looking forward to the Block Party. The funny thing on my first experience (in Seabourn) is that I got to meet the next door neighbors, after I had inadvertently swiped my entry card in their slot several times and they had caught me ...Oh my! We laughed, and toasted to ourselves several times at the party!!
  6. Thanks, Keith. Will try to find out who the Bar Manager will be.
  7. In an eight day cruise in another luxury line, knowing the the second day was the Captain's welcome reception, I sort of "helped" decide to do it on the first day after the muster drill, in order to ensure we would all meet with enough time to be able to re-meet again in a more individual basis. My second Crystal cruise will also be a short cruise, and I wonder who would be the organizer (cruise consultant on board?) in order for me to reach out. Anybody know?
  8. Lois, I've cruised more than five times with Seabourn and have had fantastic experiences with fellow cruisers. Please remember that you can veer away easily from any obnoxious person, if you find one. If a testy comment or question comes my way, I just seriously stare at the person for a few seconds and either leave, or - if in a group - talk to somebody else. You should give Seabourn a chance. BTW, enjoy your upcoming cruise from Venice!
  9. Although some people may prefer to sit, I think most people would prefer to move around in a group in order to better connect with cruisers in their roll call. The required number for a M&M is 10, but sometimes only a handful show up and then I guess it would not be as preferable to be standing....
  10. My first Crystal cruise was last May and we had a M&M party of around twelve cruisers and four officers. I found the organization conducive to personal interaction, and I was able to meet and chat with most of our roll call members and the officers. It was very lively, and set the tone for further interactions during the cruise. One important factor, different from my experience in other cruise lines...we were all standing rather than sitting down. Kudos to Crystal.
  11. This is a somewhat different story. In one of our first cruises in another luxury line, we were invited to dine with an officer (HD, maybe), who conversed with only one of the table mates at his side, ate fast, and immediately after the entrée, stood up to say...you people eat dessert, I plan on not missing the show....and left. We all laughed and decided he had had a bad hair day.
  12. I would like to add the dance classes with Beverly and Curtis as a favorite active option. I have participated in these in other cruise lines but Crystal's have been the best and most fun, in my opinion.
  13. I really enjoyed the dance classes...and since you both, like me, are active people, you would have enjoyed the cardio classes at the gym. These two activities were central to my enjoyment of my first Crystal cruise last May.
  14. Thanks, I'll be cruising Regent in February (my first!) but I assume it will be the same.
  15. Does anybody know the hotel used by Regent in Miami when agreeing to fare including hotel and transportation to port?
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