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  1. Luckily this hasn't happened to us. I personally don't believe what he said is true. I'm sure he doesn't get all of the DSC as it is shared among many crew and some probably is "kept" going to MSC crew programs. I feel when this happens it's an attempt by the crew member to get a larger share of any money going to the DSC than they are entitled to. He's basically trying to steal from other crew, I would report him.
  2. The US site still shows lots of Voyagers Selection sailings. The problem is that when I've tried getting the benefits applied to bookings they can't, saying it was a capacity controlled offer and all the available spots are now taken. However in several cases the sailings remain listed as Voyagers Selections for months after they are supposedly "full". You can see the section of the website is maintained frequently as new sailings are added and sailings are removed as the sail date passes. I don't know which is worse, not being able to see them or being able to see them and not be able to book them.
  3. Haven't looked in a while so just went over to the MSC status match table thread and saw there are reports that NCL Platinum and Platinum Plus are now matching to MSC Gold - so no free specialty dining meal. Wow, glad I matched a while ago.
  4. The $200pp (Aurea) Suite with panoramic sealed window upgrades the OP is talking about are for the forward facing center cabins on decks nine through eleven. The Yacht Club Executive & Family suites on deck twelve are clearly marked as such in the bidding system and are way more per person to bid on. Additionally, you can't choose your cabin with the bidding system.
  5. An "upgrade" to one of those cabins is in reality a downgrade from any balcony, even the aft ones on deck 13 with Juliette balcony and the mid ship smaller two person ones. They are high end ocean view cabins with a hefty price that MSC can barely book and they are always left unsold near sail date. Also remember the Aurea and associated suite perks do not come with upgrade bids. Definitely keep the balcony, especially if its aft facing.
  6. Specialty restaurant wise the Divina is not like most NCL ships, newer MSC ships have more specialty restaurants like NCL. The specialty restaurants are extra charge for all experience levels, even Yacht Club. Divina now only has Butcher's, cut which is comparable to Cagney's, and Kaito sushi, which is closest to the old Ginza sushi NCL used to have. You can status match on MSC to their Diamond level which will get you one meal for two people, only one meal per cabin no matter how many are Diamond level people are in the cabin. The free meal, and also if you purchase a dining package, gets a "tasting menu" that is somewhat limited. You can order off the a' la carte side of the menu for 50% off. Pay as you go a' la carte is priced high like on NCL. Aurea experience gets to eat in a special section of the lower Black Crab MDR. Most of the normal tables for two are very close and in a long row and you can show up any time and get a table, I've never seen a wait. However if you speak with the maitre d' at he beginning of the cruise you may be able to secure a better table by committing to a semi-set time and get the same wait team every night. I've fond this arrangement preferable. Before moving to MSC I had many NCL "freestyle" sailings and was concerned about MSC's set times for lower experiences. I've found it really doesn't make that much difference to me. It's not well known, in fact crew usually don't know, that they keep the same section of the Black Crab MDR set up for Aurea embarkation lunch so you don't have to fight the crowds in the buffet. At least one MDR will be open for lunch on sea days, the menu doesn't change and they fill tables as people arrive. Aurea embarkation lunch is a different menu and much better. All MSC ships are kept in overall very good condition, Divina is showing it's age in areas like cabin furnishings and decor and is scheduled for dry dock late November, 2020. The newer ships have more bells & whistles type activities and are closer to the newer ship NCL experience, Divina is a bit more subdued. I have always found the overall ship experience enjoyable but now after four sailings I would only sail this ship if it had a very good itinerary.
  7. A friend on the Meraviglia said they made it to OC on Feb 15, but left three hours early due to incoming weather.
  8. 14075 is bed by balcony, 14102 is bed by bathroom. I've seen it posted someone thought all the cabins with the bunk beds, two circles in deck plan, were bed by bathroom. It seems to hold up. You might be able to extrapolate from that.
  9. The Cruise lines did a pretty good job putting the Fish site out of business. After a few years of data spiking by the cruise lines, combined with the site's own internal problems, the site pretty much tanked last April. But is still partially running, apparently without anyone managing it. It's very difficult to navigate and only a small few cruises have current information. Most data collection ceased months ago but you can find a few cruises where price histories have recently been updated. The historical stats data is still good, but you have to be aware of basically what the cruise line was offering back at the dates you look up.
  10. I did find this stating Nov 26 through Dec 17. No indication of what's being done but in that length of time I suspect a refurb of more than just mechanical items. http://crew-center.com/msc-cruises-dry-dock-cruise-ship-schedule-2020
  11. Was there any issue with noise from the Sports bar below? Which dining room/time did you have and was it the time you requested, thoughts on the dining room?
  12. As a status match I'm not 100% with the details of the old MSC loyalty program and can understand the indisposition prior customers have with the current current Voyagers club. Did the previous loyalty program have an expiration date? I infer from your comment it didn't. By "original product" are you referring to the loyalty program or the on board experience? I ask because I can say I do not sail MSC for the current "loyalty perks" I receive, but more for the overall on board experience.
  13. Pretty sure that's not true. They do say you can only status match once, but even if you sailed in the past and had points in whichever system you could do the match that one time and get the higher status from the match. cntrtdncr1's original membership should have expired since they never sailed since 2012. They should have been able to do the status match, if it was their first time, in 2019.
  14. All the bars can become busy at certain times, Welcome bar has limited hours and higher priced drinks but is usually least busy because of it's location. I don't expect if you're on the pool deck you are going to walk down to the atrium bar because it's slower down there, that's why a bar is busy it's where the people are clustered. At busy times the bartenders are often trying to make drinks fast and don't feel they have time for entering the purchase into their system. Try finding a server near the side of the bar who can put the transaction in more quickly. Be nice.
  15. It's supposed to start in May, 2020. My sailings are all after May and show the updated wording with it included so it could just be they just changed main file documents or they might be actually implementing it early. If it really is being given early we should start hearing reports soon.
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