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  1. Interesting. Perhaps they are having a very difficult time getting the same cabin for both weeks on Meraviglia. That will be pretty difficult to do for all the Divina cancellations when MV was probably already at least half sold. In my opinion if they are now only offering a one week alternative they are either looking for cancellations or going to be offering a better price i.e. 4/11 off.
  2. Too late to correct my error above, it should have said: Divina 11 night sailings are being transferred to Meraviglia 14 night sailings.
  3. Divina 7 night sailings are being transferred to Meraviglia 14 night sailings. The OBC should be an addition to any perks you had with your original booking. From the Canadian agent site: Change of itinerary Due to the global pandemic, MSC Cruises has redeployed several of its ships in the Caribbean for the fall and winter 2020/2021 season, resulting in changes to some of our originally planned itineraries. We sincerely apologize to you and your clients for any disruption to their vacation plans. In all instances in which a sailing was impacted, we have worked hard to offer new attractive deployment options. All guests impacted will be moved to another ship serving the same or similar itinerary, while maintaining the price of their original booking as well as offered the following additional perk: All guests who have booked an inside or oceanview stateroom will receive a stateroom upgrade All guests booked in a balcony stateroom, a suite or a MSC Yacht Club stateroom will receive a shipboard credit of $100 per stateroom for cruises six nights or less (based on double occupancy, $50 for single occupancy). For cruises of seven nights or longer, guests will receive $200 per stateroom (based on double occupancy, $100 for single occupancy) Below is a high level overview of the changes. We will be providing more specific details on each sailing impacted and the new sailing by Wednesday, July 1. MSC Seaside & MSC Armonia sailings from Miami departing AUG 1-SEP 15 have been canceled MSC Seaside: Guests booked on MSC Seaside 7nt departures from Miami Saturday departures from Miami will move to MSC Meraviglia 7-night, Saturday departures from Miami MSC Meraviglia: Guests booked on MSC Meraviglia 7-night Sunday departures from Miami will move to MSC Meraviglia 7-night, Saturday departures from Miami MSC Armonia: Guests booked on MSC Armonia 4-night departures from Tampa will move to MSC Seaside 4-night departures from Port Canaveral MSC Armonia: Guests booked on MSC Armonia 5-night departures from Tampa will move to MSC Seaside 7-night departures from Port Canaveral MSC Armonia:Guests booked on MSC Armonia 7-night departures from Tampa will move to MSC Seaside 7-night departures from Port Canaveral MSC Divina: Guests booked on MSC Divina 3-night departures from Miami will move to MSC Armonia 3-night from Miami MSC Divina: Guests booked on MSC Divina 7-night departures from Miami will move to MSC Meraviglia 7-night departures from Miami MSC Divina: Guests booked on MSC Divina 11-night departures from Miami will move to MSC Meraviglia 14-night (back to back sailings) from Miami https://www.mscbook.com/shop/WelcomePage?catalogId=10001&langId=-1037&storeId=14771
  4. A little twisted that a Canadian using the US booking system gets better service than most US citizens using the US booking system.
  5. I agree. UK site, like most others, shows all Northern Europe cancelled to/including October 18th. Even with that October 18th date it still leaves a Baltic cruise from Hamburg uncertain. I just don't understand why the US site would be so specific to state up to October 4th for Preziosa, basically leaving several Baltic cruises in limbo. The TA from Hamburg to Brazil on Oct 25th is also still uncertain. The same with Meraviglia, why would the US site only cancel to August 29th and leave the last two sailings on the 30th? No answer needed....
  6. The cancellations are now on the US website. Preziosa is only showing cancelled through October 4th. The booking site still shows two cruises on October 20th, possibly an error. The Grand Voyage to Brazil on Oct 25 is also missing so the schedule starts with South American sailing in November. People booked up to October 4th can apply for FCC or refund starting July 22nd. My suspicion is Preziosa cruises after the 4th will be changed to another ship (perhaps why they are still selling the Oct 20th itineraries). That would mean just the Norway and Iceland itineraries are cancelled, the Baltic Sea itineraries could just be switched to another ship. Preziosa likely will just remain in the Caribbean. Strange again is Meraviglia is cancelled to August 29th yet there are/were two August 30 sailings to Norway that fall through the cracks. All 2020 European Meraviglia sailings are gone from the booking site and the ship will also probably stay in the Caribbean. ETA: October 20th Preziosa is no longer bookable. I can't think of a ship that would be available to replace Baltic cruises for Preziosa after Oct 4th, Divina already has a new Med schedule.
  7. I noticed on the US agent booking site they have the Seashore "Launch" now as August 1st, 2021. I guess that means the June and July sailings are going to get cancelled or more likely be moved. MSC is still selling them. https://www.mscbook.com/shop/us/mscb2bstoreus/promo/msc-cruises-summer-2021-deployment-update
  8. The majority of MSC ships embark and disembark passengers at multiple ports along the itinerary. US sailings are somewhat unusual since they embark all passengers at one port.
  9. Several classics: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/274078-sailorjack/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 NCL specific: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/1274781-fineaswine/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1
  10. I don't really think those Fantastica suites are worth any more than a Fantastica balcony, in fact I would prefer the regular balcony. The additional space inside the cabin is not a lot, just a corner area that puts the balcony door on an angle. On the balcony the dividers are shown incorrectly. The divider between the Aurea suite comes out at a 45 degree angle, not perpendicular to the ship. So the Fantastica balcony is much smaller than it appears on the deck plan and has a very narrow railing. If you're still interested a different deck may be better. Those deck nine cabins you mention are above the buffet. 9203 looks down on the buffet outdoor seating area, 9208 looks down at the buffet bar area - a common smoker hangout.
  11. Your sailing is far off enough that the change from Sunday to Saturday shouldn't be a problem. Still no sign of what happens to Divina from December, 2020 to November, 2021.
  12. That is a totally incorrect statement, and ridiculous to think it came from someone who works in the industry. I suggest you read the VISA chargeback manual, particularly sections 13.1, 13.6 and 13.7. chargeback-management-guidelines-for-visa-merchants.pdf
  13. Not surprising, source? ETA: I see they are gone from the German and US site, probabyl other sites as well.
  14. Strange. Here are two booking confirmations from the same YC cruise booked before the internet was included. One printed from before the announcement and one from after. The "Premium internet up to 4GB" line was added under Privileges. All my newer YC bookings have had the line included.
  15. It should be on your booking confirmation. You can also see it from the link in my post #2.
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