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  1. The wording from the US website seems to indicate you can get the 125% retroactively. NEW DATES & INFORMATION: All cruises have been canceled from March 14 - May 29 Impacted guests who previously opted in to our MSC Cruise Assurance program for a 100% FCC are now eligible for the higher 125% FCC. If you have been impacted by the canceled cruises from March 14 - May 29 and previously submitted a request through MSC Cruise Assurance, YOU MUST CLICK ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW AND FILL OUT THE FORM TO MAKE YOUR CHANGES: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Cruise-Changes-COVID19.aspx
  2. I've noticed for at least the last six months MSC has been playing it a little loose on the port fees/taxes as a game to lower cabin fares. Five of my booked cruises have had port fees/tax lowered an average $150pp between early booking and close to sailing. Coincidentally cabin prices went up after the taxes & fees were lowered. I think most people here have noticed a dramatic increase in the current 2020 fees compared to last year, especially on Caribbean sailings. Recently Ocean Cay seems to be a big cost, but not sure which itinerary you are looking at. Hopefully this little game regarding port fees/taxes ends.
  3. Thanks Bret. I have several cruises further out booked at Escape to Sea rate hoping these packages are offered by then. Those prices you mentioned are much more in line with the old package prices, before the November 2018 and current packages with significantly higher prices. MSC will be unpopular with people who have booked Easy under the All In rate if they keep those lower prices, would an upgrade from Easy to Easy Pus be a $13pp/day credit and Easy to Premium Extra get you a $4pp/day credit? Not likely. I have two sailings where it would be a real hassle to try changing from All-In to Escape to Sea just to get the Premium X drinks package at a decent price.
  4. All RCI lines have extended their shutdown. No cruises until May 12th, nothing stopping in Canada until July 1st. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/89/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruisingrnnbsp/
  5. Até


    Is your new cruise in final payment? Or is your new final payment within 14 days of your cancelled sailing? If so, then yes MSC has your money tied up. FCCs are issued 14 days after sailing's departure date under both MSC cancelled and customer cancelled under the Flexible Cruise Assurance policy. I would not trust them to pay in full then issue a refund when trying to apply the FCC later. I do think this lag is preventing new bookings, but feel MSC is doing it to prevent booking of the same cruise at a discount.
  6. Até

    125% FCC

    For the MSC cancelled sailings up to April 29th and also any customer cancelled sailings up to July 31st under the Flexible Cruise Assurance program the US FAQs both say any FCC will be issued 14 days after sailing's departure date. A requested refund for the MSC cancelled cruises may take up to 60 days after the sailing's departure date. There are some minor differences in the wording between the two FAQs. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Cruise-Deals/Cruise-Assurance-Program-FAQ.aspx https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/COVID-Caribbean-Cruise-Cancellation-FAQ.aspx
  7. Até


    MSC policy in the FAQ is the FCC is issued 14 days after the sail date that is cancelled. The FAQ asks to allow up to 60 days after the sail date for the refunds. All cruise lines are protecting themselves from people trying to get lower prices after final payment. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/COVID-Caribbean-Cruise-Cancellation-FAQ.aspx You mention putting the reservation "on hold" so I don't know if you meant a deposit as MSC doesn't do courtesy holds. If your sailing is still not in full payment and you are thinking about using the Flexible cancellation policy then it might be better to cancel and re-book, depending on your country's MSC cancellation policy. MSC will not provide any way to use a FCC for the same sailing.
  8. Booked and cancelled directly with MSC USA. I cancelled one on February 27th, credit went to my card on March 3rd. Cancelled two more last week and will report back when they show up on card.
  9. I've seen reports of it happening before. Eventually the person who booked it will get tired of waiting for it to show up and inquire. The US bookings call in wait times haven't been bad, so if you wanted to help them speed up the process it shouldn't take too much time.
  10. March 2021 is now the next booked for me. Hope to fit something in this Fall though.
  11. MSC Cruises is separated from MSC the shipping company and could go through a restructuring without involving the latter. I don't know if it's even possible to know how much MSC has borrowed for financing all these new ships so to me they might be as bad off as NCL. My plans for a last minute April or May cruise have been thwarted and my company financial concerns combined with continuous booking issues caused me to cancel four of my seven booked sailings. Some were paid in full but so glad none were in final payment and all are being fully refunded back to my credit card. MSC will have to do something more to get me to book any more until this Fall when hopefully things settle out.
  12. I'm not so sure the Seaview from from Rio has been cancelled, it's not on the MSC US list of cancelled cruises. I suspect it has at least been changed. If that's the case they are then only offering the assurance plan with 48 hour cancel ability and giving a future cruise credit only. I'd talk to both MSC and your insurance very soon to see what options you have. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/Table%20-%20COVID-19_Update%20160320_23h.pdf
  13. Every country has it's own version of public protection laws and different regulations concerning business practices. I'm sure it would be easier for them too but MSC has no ability to keep the same policies world wide.
  14. The $1800 price is what the cabin would have cost you on the date you originally booked. That has been MSC's standard practice for trying to make changes after final payment and is not that unusual, some people have managed exceptions. The best I've had offered by other lines is 25% of the difference in OBC, and some will let you upgrade to a higher cabin as long as it costs more. Unfortunately MSC currently doesn't do this and it has happened to me too a few times now. At least in your case, probably because of the current low bookings, the minimum bid offers are low enough you could have saved some money. In my cases the minimum bid combined with what I already paid was still more than the current asking price for the upgraded cabin. We both entered a contract with MSC's policy when we booked a cabin at what we felt was an acceptable price, things change with cruises and prices go up and down. We aren't entitled to a lower price just like they aren't entitled to ask for more when cabin prices go up. I suggest you a least calmly write to MSC and explain why you feel they should alter this after final payment pricing policy to be more in line with other cruise lines. I've always felt if MSC gets enough feedback on a topic they are usually willing to look at changes to policy.
  15. That announcement ended my plans to book the April 12th Meraviglia 21 day from Miami to Kiel. I decided against a super deal on a YC interior at $2912 (two people total w/taxes) and play it safer with a good deal on a YC Deluxe for $6350 total. Good flights with premium seats plus baggage back to the US were less than $350pp. Almost booked it last night.
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