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  1. Does anyone know how long Gary is staying? I'll be on the CP on March 31st for the first time and know nothing about Gary. Thoughts on him as a CD?
  2. It's the new standardized menu and the reason I just took a pass on the Chef's Table while on the Discovery over NYE and after attending over half a dozen CT's on previous Princess sailings. It's such a bummer because it's something I always looked forward to doing. Boo, Princess!
  3. I'm taking a cruise out of Port Everglades on the Caribbean Princess on March 31. Does anyone know if this ship participates in the EZ Check program and if so, do I need to do any other prep work besides printing out a copy of my airline ticket? Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Yep, they've already rolled out the menu on other ships...sigh.
  5. Has anyone sailed on her over the last month and attended the Chef's Table supper? If so, was the new standardized menu of veal or salmon offered or was the chef still allowed to be creative? I'm hopping on her in a few days and will only book the experience if the standardized menu isn't yet in place. Thank you in advance for help with this!
  6. With the holiday madness, I completely spaced out and forgot to book spa services. I'm wondering how good the concierge is at handling this once onboard? We are sailing in an Owner's Suite so we have access to this perk, however, I'm asking because it's a holiday sailing and is sold out. Any input is appreciated- thank you!
  7. Sailing in a suite with my two teens next week and am curious to learn tips and tricks for sending laundry out. Any warnings about what not to send, etc.? Also, if I send a large order out two days before disembarkation, can I expect it to come back in time to pack the night before cruise ends?
  8. I have three in my cabin- two teens and myself. Does anyone know how they do pricing for more than two?
  9. Thank you for checking! So a few weeks ago I received an email reading "emergency notification" stating that my Las Caletas excursion was going to be switched to Majahuitas due to "no sand due to the recent hurricane" at Las Caletas. I just cancelled my shore excursion through Princess and purchased through Vallarta Adventures. I saved some cash thanks to you so I owe you a few drinks;-)! Question: you selected Puerto Vallarta and not Vallarta Nuevo as the pick-up point, correct?
  10. Just got word that due to the recent storms, our excursion to Las Caletas would be replaced with the Majahuitas excursion. They are not comparable in my opinion but would like to hear from others! Am I missing something? Any other suggestions more along the lines of a nice beach day? TIA!
  11. Does anyone have a schedule of classes to post? I'd love to see the offerings!
  12. I have this cabin booked for an upcoming cruise with my two teens and am wondering what the experience has been regarding the smell of smoke? I just now figured out that this (very expensive) cabin is right above the smoking section outside the Vista lounge (sigh...). Any input from people who have sailed in this cabin is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. How long ago was this? Did you complain, and if so, what was the response from Princess? I have booked the Owner's Suite (E729) for an upcoming cruise and am now second guessing this decision. UGH!
  14. Does anyone know which ports are piloting this new service? I'm in a suite going out of the Port of LA and would love to try it!
  15. I was on the Discovery for a 10 day Sea of Cortez last year that began on 12/28. Christmas decor was still up and disappeared on Jan 1. I'm also booked on this years 12/30 sailing and am curious to see if they use the turn over time on the 30th to strip the ship of Christmas decor (I hope not!).
  16. Following as I just booked the Owner's Suite on her, also for a MR sailing. The price difference between the cabins you're looking at and the OS was about $1,200 for the three of us (I'm taking my two teens:) but the square footage was a sizable amount, so worth the upgrade IMHO. None of the Penthouse cabins you mentioned were available for our sailing but I'd love to learn more for our next jaunt!
  17. UPDATE: I followed the advice here and checked back in via the APP last evening and was able to have all three medallions shipped to my house for ($10). So it was, indeed, a glitch in the system (imagine that...),
  18. Thank you, that's what I recall but I wasn't sure if it was one of the latest "take-back" policies instituted by Princess.
  19. I am on standard fare in an Owner's Suite. One would think they would allow me to pay to have the medallions shipped!
  20. Cruise departs 12/30 this year so I'll keep checking the app to see if shipping option changes!
  21. I just made final payment on a 12/30/23 cruise out of San Pedro on the Discovery and the app would not allow me to have the medallions shipped. This is my 15th cruise with Princess and the first time I've run into this problem. Any idea what is going on? The only option available is to pick-up the medallions at the port.
  22. I'm headed to the MR with my two teens over the holidays and would love to find a place where my son (17-years-old with a valid license) would be able to rent either a jet ski or an ATV/Razor, etc. Would love to hear from anyone with success finding a spot to do so. Thanks in advance!
  23. Wow, this is shocking! I'm in the US and always travel with a round of Paxlovid that I got via insurance for $30. I'm sorry it's so darn expensive in your neck of the woods.
  24. AMAZING, thank you! Is this the Discovery?
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