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  1. I take Stargazer Lillies on every cruise. Neither Princess nor Celebrity has ever had anything but wonderful things to say about the bouquets I bring on.
  2. I simply brought an old LG remote I had around. Easy peasy!
  3. I posted about the workaround four months back and have sailed on her since. I was surprised to learn that the old way of doing things no longer worked (they changed the ability to switch inputs as many have mentioned), but lo and behold...just in case, I brought my own remote and voila! We WIN again!
  4. Interested in this excursion as well. Has anyone ever seen whales enroute to Tracy Arm?
  5. I have stayed in three out of four of these cabins on several of the ships (Royal, Majestic and Discovery) and will say that if you are at all prone to sea sickness, forget about it! Also, you absolutely MUST be sure to have the balcony slider all the way closed before you open the stateroom door as the wind tunnel it creates when both doors are open is INTENSE (this gets old for me because I order food/drinks to the room a lot or have family members in and out often). I have had stewards tie down the furniture more often than I haven't which is a bummer for that morning coffee (having to untie everything myself before sitting). One other thing I didn't see mentioned is that the size of the couch is not as large as the ones in other CC mini's. It's awkwardly small; a 5'6" tall person cannot fit lying down. All that said, the balcony is indeed much bigger (but the living space is considerably smaller than all other CC mini's) so it really all depends on what is a priority for you.
  6. Apologies for not posting in a bit (having too much fun in the ports:). Today is disembarkation day and I racked up a total of twenty-one entries into the raffle. Last evening, I won another $25 (in cash) at that raffle. So a total of $75 won ($50 in onboard credit and $25 in cash). Having the Princess Prizes on the screen was a fun little experience to have each time we entered the cabin (while the casino was open) but I don't think I will purchase the Premier Package again as most of the expensive wines I like by the glass were no longer available a few days into the cruise and we didn't really take a bunch of pictures.
  7. We had supper in CC around 8PM and also served the mashed potato soufflé imposter. What the hell happened, I wonder?
  8. I also won 2 $25 onboard credits and 20 or so entries in the drawing tonight. Need to look at the patter to see when that takes place!
  9. Fabulous! Another 3 entries to the raffle yesterday.
  10. Today brings three more winning screens and entries into the drawing.
  11. Good morning and Happy New Year! Last evening we won 2 more entries into the raffle. Today is another Sea Day so stay tuned...
  12. Since this system is new to me and it's my first purchase of the Premier Package, I thought I'd start a little "live" report of what we're winning. A few basics I've learned thus far: -game only works when the casino is open -if you have an underage passenger, their medallion won't activate the game upon entering -game resets after a few minutes -you need to look on the app to see what you've won (door simply displays "congrats!" or "better luck next time" Day 1 (embarkation): won two entries into the end-of-the-cruise raffle Day 2 (at sea): won several entries into the EOTC raffle and $25 onboard credit Day 3 (at sea): won another entry into the EOTC raffle and another $25 onboard credit Day 4 (Loreto): docked all day thus far, but will update if we win anything tonight:-) I'd love to know what others are winning or thoughts on experiences as a whole with this part of the Premier Package.
  13. Thank you for this little treasure trove of info (I forgot to add Grgrich to my list of regulars while dining in CC)! As to the wine tasting, I've attended several in the past but have yet to sign up for Sunday. I have the Premier Package and am left wondering if the wine tasting is worth the cost of admission?
  14. I've been drinking the Duckhorn Paraduxx with a few glasses of Silverado here and there. Any other red wines by the glass you deem worthy? I believe I saw a Caymus @ some point...
  15. A glorious sunrise! I just realized I'm in your shot- if you zoom in on the bridge, you can see me standing out on my deck appreciating the view. I'm interested to know how you like that angled balcony? What category stateroom is it?
  16. We were invited to the 360 Experience last evening and while I can't say much (because we promised we wouldn't), I can tell you that if you are ever invited, drop what you have planned that night and go! The food was superb as was the wine, ambiance, and entertainment. 91341699-0380-4080-9419-45B46036D6E6.heic
  17. Indeed. My heart goes out to everyone who has been looking forward to this vacation and who are now stuck without transportation to the ship. Such a shame.
  18. Fabulous that you found a solution! I'm afraid that many folks will wake up (or show up) to cancellations tomorrow. Parking at the port is super easy and will cost you around $20 a day. It's so nice to be able to walk off the ship and straight to your car and by the time you pay for an uber from the airport and your hotel, it's worth it.
  19. Armando Jimenez is taking over for Duval Gamble. Has anyone ever sailed with him as the CD? If so, thoughts?
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