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  1. He so deserves it! I believe he was on the inaugural cruise. Any clue who might be his replacement?
  2. I just read that the Coral may have hit something (rumor is a whale or container off a ship) and is now missing a port and headed in for a 24 hour "hull cleaning". Anyone know more/the truth? She is east of Brisbane en route to New Zealand I believe.
  3. The potential for contracting Covid on a cruise is a reality. If your cruise is longer than 7 days and you are exposed early on, you will need all the things you use at home to monitor & alleviate the symptoms and make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you think for a minute you will find those items readily available on any ship should an outbreak occur, you are kidding yourself. I'm not sure what you think the ship's doctor is going to give you that you cannot bring for yourself or why you would automatically assume that people would willingly "mask the symptoms and continue to infect fellow passengers"?
  4. Does anyone know if DuVaul Gamble will be the CD for the 12/28 Discovery sailing?
  5. I have secured a hammock out on my large balcony as well. Fabulous!
  6. I wonder if you're above us? We have one of the mega balconies on the Marina deck;). As to al fresco- I've been on the Discovery 3 times since her maiden voyage and the outside dining has never been open. Maybe I'm missing something this time around? It's getting soooo close and we are so excited!
  7. I have never stayed in M106 but have booked M108 a few times. If you are prone to sea sickness, this is definitely not the spot for you. The balcony is quite large from what I saw the last time I was next door but know that there are times when you simply can't go out there due to the strong winds. Speaking of, be very, very careful not to open your front door when the balcony door is open; the wind tunnel it creates is amazing! Also, there are no balcony lights and you are supposed to keep the blinds drawn at night to reduce light on the bridge. If having a larger balcony trumps those issues, then congrats...I think you'll love it!
  8. Yeah, I usually bring a case of sparkling Liquid Death (a brand, before anyone on here loses their minds;) and always duck tape the crap outta it. Never had a problem! I like your idea of having Princess handle it at debarkation and meeting it in the luggage bay but I always carry my own luggage off the ship. The thing only cost me $40 during an Amazon Lightning Deal so I'm not too worried about it making it back in good shape (if at all).
  9. It is on a Royal class ship and the balcony is humongous!
  10. Thanks for sharing their experience!
  11. I live close to the port so the only real hassle is folding it up into its bag and carrying it off the ship.
  12. Duh, of course I've thought about it. It has built-in inflation/deflation, easy peasy. It'll be stored in one of the many closets that never get used until we want to use it.
  13. Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) with slapping a luggage tag on an air mattress (in a box) and having it delivered to your stateroom along with luggage? We have a huge balcony and an overnight port stop and are thinking it might be fun to sleep outside (weather permitting). I have read on here that many drag their cabin mattresses out there but that feels a bit disrespectful of Princess property.
  14. This was true during all 3 of my sailings with Princess this year. As such, a small medicine cabinet I shall bring! Hitting the ship's doctor for such meds is expensive, not to mention time consuming,ing.
  15. I have cruised four times this year and always bring: pulse oximeter thermometer Z-pack prednisone Tamiflu DayQuil/Nyquil/cough syrup Mucinex DM plenty of Covid tests Advil Tylenol lozenges Imodium gatorade packets and on an upcoming 10 day, I may even pack my nebulizer (I have asthma)
  16. Would you mind sharing the incoming phone number (Princess 1-800 line?) they used to call you. I really don't want to miss this call!
  17. What a great story, thanks for sharing! I just clicked on the link and according to Google, Gordo Lele's is "permanently closed"...I sure hope this is not the case.
  18. I'm with you on this sailing and am interested to read what others have to say. While I've cruised the MR itinerary a dozen times, I've never been to Loreto and am excited to visit!
  19. I have had success in the past hooking the TV up to my laptop on the Majestic but recently sailed on the Discovery and could not get the input button on the center of the TV to toggle to show inputs. Hooking up to the back of the TV was no problem (I have small hands:), but I'm wondering if they may have disabled the function on the TV? I tried everything I know! I'll be doing a 10 day on her again in a month or so and am wondering if anyone onboard the Discovery can give it a whirl and report back. For what it's worth, I was in a forward facing mini and tried on both TV's. Thanks in advance!
  20. I loved reading all of these post and am looking forward to our 10 day in December. Can someone tell me please which two Sea days they held formal nights? TIA and enjoy your last evening everyone!!
  21. I was on this sailing and in a suite. I got little bottles of Occitane shampoo, conditioner and lotion. There were no fresh flowers either, which was surprising. Pahhhrumpph!
  22. Ugh...I'll be there on NYE this year and certainly don't want to ring in the New Year scratching! Thanks for the info.
  23. I'm headed out on the Sapphire for a 4 day cruise and am wondering if anyone knows whether or not they do a Chef's Table or Winemaker's Dinner on these little jaunts? Thanks in advance!
  24. Can anyone speak to the stock found in the Princess stores onboard? I always buy a few cosmetics but am concerned the stock could be years old. TIA:)
  25. They changed it and to0ok payment during the same phone convo. The rep was amazing!
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