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  1. The M6 CC class cabin was a few dollars (under $20) more than I paid for the Cat MF so your situation is clearly not the same as mine. But thanks for your input.
  2. Here's my first (and last) attempt at bidding: I paid for a forward facing mini some time ago and later put in a bid for one of the forward facing Club Class mini's as none were available at the time I booked. I entered my bid for the maximum allowed ($150 per person- for reference, $50 was the minimum) as I really wanted one of those CC forward cabins. My bid was never accepted or denied. Then, one morning, I just happened to log on to look at the inventory of cabins for this cruise and low and behold, a forward facing CC mini popped up as available. I immediately placed a hold on it and called a Princess rep to make the switch After a few minutes on hold, the rep came back on the line and asked me for a credit card to pay for the upgrade to Club Class: $101 for the two of us to upgrade from a MF cabin to a M6. Two take aways: 1- It seems no one is monitoring the inventory and offering available cabins to those who have bid via the new upgrade program. 2- It's also obvious that the minimum "weak" bid of $50 per person actually turned out to be the honest price for that cabin. After years of sailing with Princess, I must admit I'm a little disgusted...
  3. Thanks. I'm hoping they leave the Christmas decorations up until we board on the 28th!
  4. I'm booked on a 12/28 cruise and am wondering if Princess leaves the Christmas decorations up until after we celebrate the New Year? Input from those who have traveled during this time is greatly appreciated!
  5. Two of the cruises I've received bid/upgrade emails for are more than 90 days out.
  6. I beg to differ: I have received two upgrade/bid emails on cruises where final payment is not yet due. Oof!
  7. Agreed. That said, I've cruised with Princess three times over the past 6 months and have 4 more cruises booked over the next 6 months and I'm not sure I'll stick with Princess if they decide to only allow upgrades via bidding. Other lines like Celebrity have better perks and promotions in general and as you pointed out, they also employ bid upgrade systems. One of the reasons I choose Princess over the others is the ability to select specific CC mini's and suites I like.
  8. I was just searching a few cruises I have booked looking for available suites to pop up here and there and I notice that most CC mini's and regular mini's on all decks except Deck 8 are now showing as unavailable. I have a terrible feeling that this new bidding process is going to make it next to impossible for a person to upgrade their cabin on their own and pay the difference. I, for one, will not be happy if this winds up being the case. Who wants to bid on/pay extra for a cabin they don't know the exact location of (i.e. wind up in an aft suite right over the crew smoking section, etc.)?! Would love to hear thoughts on this.
  9. I received a bid notice on a booked mini suite but on the email, it lists only my name (and not my two minor children traveling with me in the cabin). Has anyone experienced this? If so, the per day bid applies to all three passengers, correct? My son's fare as a 3rd passengers was only $249 so I can't imagine a situation where upgrading to a suite would be at a reasonable price.
  10. Does anyone have any experience booking a cabin for their teens? I'm the only adult so I don't have another person over the age of 21 to attach to the extra cabin/ booking. I know the site says teens must be 16 and older in order to hold their own booking (my son will be two weeks shy of 16 @ the time of sailing...sigh) but I'm wondering if there are any work arounds or something I am missing. If it matters, I'm looking at the cabin right next door so that balconies can be shared. TIA!
  11. Quick question: If the stock is purchased from a joint brokerage account (shared with my husband), I assume I may have the OBC applied if I sail solo, is that correct? Thanks in advance for your help:-).
  12. I decided to ditch that aft suite after speaking to a rep who told me that yes, there's a high probability that smoke would be an issue. Such a bummer....
  13. I think you are correct and it's such a bummer. All the other suites and CC mini's are booked so it's this suite of a regular balcony.
  14. I have booked E730 on an upcoming Sapphire cruise and am left to wonder if I will also be subjected to the smoke? I will be very annoyed if I am unable to enjoy the balcony because of it. Does anyone have any advice about finding out where the crew smoking section is once the Sapphire returns to service?
  15. I have E730 on the Sapphire on hold and am now thinking twice about the smoke. UGH! Has anyone ever complained and if so, what did management say?
  16. I'm thinking of booking a Vista suite on the Sapphire for an October sailing. I know I get 2 cruise credits for single occupancy but am wondering if I get yet another for booking a suite? Thanks in advance!
  17. I booked an 80's theme cruise out of LA on 10/19 and am thinking to change my cabin to E730. This is a Vista suite but I have a few concerns and am wondering if anyone has any info they might share with me: 1- the cabin is above Club Fusion so I'm wondering if I should be concerned about noise issues. 2- does anyone know if the smoking section is directly below this cabin or if it is on the starboard side of deck 7? Thanks so very much for any insight!
  18. I paid 24.99 to do this online test this morning and after waiting for over 2 hours, I finally gave up and am heading to CVS. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
  19. I have two excursions with them next week (Juneau/Taku Lodge & Glaciers and Skagway/train). I'll let you know!
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