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  1. Thank you, Underwatr, and everyone else for all the detailed information. Your descriptions sound much more pleasant than what I had been reading about embarkation. I like the advice to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. That will be my approach. My husband and I are really looking forward to our crossing on August 18. We have not done much ocean-based travel in the past few years, and it will be good to be back to the sea.
  2. I am trying to figure out how nightmarish our embarkation on QM2 in Brooklyn will be in 3 weeks. We have no loyalty status and are in a regular balcony cabin, and thus have been assigned a late check in time. Since we will be driving down from Connecticut on embarkation morning, it is likely that we may arrive quite early, since we must allow a lot of extra time for traffic delays, which can be substantial. It sounds as if this may be the perfect storm!!! So we first queue to x-ray our luggage. Do we leave it with the porters at this time? How long generally are these lines, and can we go through this process even if we have arrived before our check-in time? After luggage drop off, we then join another queue to go through security? It sounds as if this might be quite time-consuming. Once we have done this, are we then sorted into groups according to stateroom and loyalty status? Will we then be required to wait until our assigned boarding time? It sounds as if we might be walking and/or standing for several hours. Sorry for all the questions,but I need to manage my expectations, especially if embarkation is as unpleasant as people suggest. I have almost never had to wait more than half an hour to check in, and have always been able to find a quiet venue for a peaceful lunch. Are we likely to miss the lunch service hours entirely this time? Oh well, there still will many positives on embarkation day. We will be able to drop off our carry-on luggage in our room upon boarding, and then will have an exciting New York sail-away, followed by 6 days at sea meeting new friends and being well taken care of.
  3. ConnMom

    game room

    Thank you, Tonopah. We will bring ours too. The tables looking out on the water look very appealing. Cheryl
  4. ConnMom

    game room

    Does anyone know if cribbage boards are provided and generally available? We have planned to bring one, but would be happy to save the space. Cheryl
  5. Thank you for your review. I appreciate the detailed explanations that led to your assessments as well as your fairness to both lines. I found your thoughts most interesting because in two weeks my husband and I will be doing a westbound crossing on QM2, followed by a Norwegian Fjord cruise on Celebrity's Silhouette. We have cruised many times with Celebrity and have reached enough "status" with the line to enjoy perks which bring additional pleasure our cruising experience. This will be just my second time with Cunard, and the first was so long ago that this will be like a first experience for me, and I suppose the absence of loyalty or class perks will reinforce that feeling. But we understand all that, and are looking forward to both cruises. We know what to expect with Celebrity and are looking forward to the new experiences that QM2 does particularly well, such as afternoon tea and the onboard lecturers.
  6. John Bull, Thank you for clearing up any confusion I may have encountered regarding the museum. The Tudor House actually looks more interesting to me than the museum. I am looking forward to our day in Southampton! Cheryl
  7. According to the port schedules I have seen, QM2 will be at booth 46 at the Ocean Terminal, and we are planning to use a taxi to get to the Silhouette - too much luggage to walk even a short distance - so a terminal change should not make a huge difference to us. I know we will enjoy walking around the city center, maybe with a stop at the Maritime Museum if we have time. Maybe on another trip we will be able to build in time to do some of the interesting things that I have been reading about during the past 6 months on this wonderful website. I have learned so much from so many participants who have generously shared their knowledge and time. Cheryl
  8. Thank you for all the suggestions. If we don't have to leave the Queen Mary until around 9 am, we should not have too much wasted time if we go directly to the Celebrity terminal with our luggage. I won't make ambitious plans for the day, and will have a couple of ideas that can work with whatever time and weather constraints we run into. We are looking forward to both cruises. Cheryl
  9. I am trying to figure out what options we have for our day in Southampton between disembarking the Queen Mary 2 and then embarking the Celebrity Silhouette for a 4 pm sailing later that day. This will be our first time in Southampton, so I have only seen maps of the port area and town and cannot find very much information about embarkation details. I am trying to avoid being left with our pile of luggage for a long period of time between exiting the Queen Mary and dropping it at the Silhouette. Ideally, we would want to stay on the QM2 until a short time before porters are available to take our luggage at the Silhouette. Do any of you seasoned Southampton travelers know how late we might expect to be on Mary and how early we can drop off luggage for our next cruise. Once this is done, we would like a few hours to explore Southampton and exercise our land legs. This forum has offered many great sightseeing ideas, but I am baffled by the logistics. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give. Cheryl
  10. Does anyone know if there is always decaf tea available?
  11. Thank you. This will add some adventure from our upcoming cruise! Cheryl
  12. Thank you for your review. I read it with great interest, especially since my husband and I will be doing our first transatlantic together on the Queen Mary 2 in August, followed by our first sailing on a Solstice class ship when we debark in Southampton. We have cruised on other Celebrity ships many times, although not in the past 3 years, and my only experience with Cunard goes back over 50 years, when I did a transatlantic, but that was so long ago that I do not remember much about it. I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed both your Cunard and Celebrity experiences and found them somewhat comparable. I anticipate that we will enjoy both of our cruises too. I have been reading that many experienced Celebrity passengers are not happy with changes in the music selections and volume on board. I loved the variety in the musical offerings when we first started sailing with Celebrity. We enjoyed the party bands and sail-away parties, the a capella groups, the classical offerings, the dance groups, and the pianists that we found throughout the ship. I loved having choices. The decline has been noticeable for many years now. I still find cruising wonderful, but this is a loss.
  13. Wonderful suggestions. Thank you all. We will be doing a Sunday turnaround, getting off the Queen Mary 2 and then on the Celebrity Silhouette. We are planning to drop our luggage at the Silhouette pier immediately after disembarking the QM2 and then do a little sightseeing for a few hours before checking in and sail-away. However, we have read that porters at the pier will not accept luggage until close to noon. Is this true? If so, does anyone have some ideas about what we can do in the morning or what we can do with the luggage to enable us to walk around unencumbered? Thanks for any thoughts about this. Cheryl
  14. Thank you, LHT28 and John Bull, for your responses. This was exactly what I was hopping to hear. This site has been great for helping me plan our time at the port of Southampton. On Sunday August 18 we will be disembarking the Queen Mary 2 from a transatlantic, so we will have several hours in town before the Celebrity Silhouette sail-away. I am looking forward to seeing a little bit of the area that day, and have been reading about so many interesting options. Thank you also, John Bull, for your many contributions to this.
  15. We are scheduled to arrive in Southampton on a Celebrity Silhouette cruise on Sunday, September 1 at 6 am.. I am considering using the National Express Bus service to London. We would like to leave reasonably early in the day, but also feel comfortable about getting to the bus station in time in case we are delayed getting off the ship, getting through immigration, or waiting in the taxi queue. How early in the day do you experienced Southampton cruisers think we can schedule a departure with reasonable confidence? Do you think a 9:50 departure time is too early? Would 11 or even later be better? Cheryl
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