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  1. I have a question about the non-alcoholic beverages on the classic beverage package. Is there a dollar limit on non-alcoholic drinks , and can we order a premium non-alcoholic beverage (like San Pellegrino sparkling water or a premium juice) and just pay the amount (with tip) that is over the classic limit? Cheryl
  2. The port is at least an hour from both theme parks, so depending on the transportation schedule, you might have 7 hours at the park. Depending on how crowded the park is and what kind of rides and activities you want to do, the wait time in lines, especially if you don't have express passes, might also cut significantly into how much you can do. Everyone has different ideas of what is "worth it", but it is a very expensive day, and you would be there for the busiest hours and longest lines. You don't say if you are taking children, and if so, what their ages are. I think adults and older children might have a great day at Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. We took our 8 year old grandchildren last year and had a great day; I think they find Disney World more exciting, but they enjoyed the activities and rides, met an astronaut, and learned a lot about space travel. It is close to the port, and spending the full day there would give you enough time to do most of the activities without feeling rushed. Airboat rides on the St. John's river are also popular. On a sunny day, we have seen many alligators sunning themselves on the river banks, and the ride itself is interesting. If you just want a relaxing beach day, you could take a cab to Coco Beach, just 15 minutes or so from the port. In addition to the beach, there are several restaurants, mini golf, and shops - an easy day. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a good day. Cheryl
  3. The Spa Cafe was open on the Silhouette on embarkation day in Southampton on August 25. It is too bad that it is no longer open; the food isn't great, but the buffet is so crowded that we generally avoid it. The only time we tried to have lunch there, it was very difficult to find seating for 2 of us. Cheryl
  4. We have also enjoyed the San Pelligrino sparkling water with our Premium package, but for our next cruise we will have the classic package. Does anyone know if we will be able to order San Pelligrino or Perrier water by paying the upcharge from the classic water, as we can with the alcoholic drinks? Cheryl
  5. Twinkle, Have a wonderful cruise. Last minute bookings are so special - an unanticipated bonus vacation.
  6. In August, the basic water for purchase was bottled in plastic. I think it was spring water, but I can't remember the brand. Premium offerings included San Pellegrino and Perrier. I think they were supposed to have Evian too, but whenever we asked for premium still water, we were given the classic selection. Many of the bars didn't have the premium choices.
  7. There are some great ideas being shared here. I love the suggestions for lectures on various topics, especially cultural or historical background of the places we are visiting. Book discussions would be interesting, especially if titles were provided in advance of the cruise. I would also love a piano bar option in the evening. I have participated in all of these activities on other cruise lines; lectures during the day and the piano bars in the evenings have always been well attended. Good thread - I look forward to seeing some of the activities on our next cruise. Cheryl
  8. If we have the classic alcohol passage, can we order premium water, like San Pellegrino, and pay the upcharge from the classic water selection, as we can with alcoholic beverages? Cheryl
  9. Thank you, Underwatr, and everyone else for all the detailed information. Your descriptions sound much more pleasant than what I had been reading about embarkation. I like the advice to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. That will be my approach. My husband and I are really looking forward to our crossing on August 18. We have not done much ocean-based travel in the past few years, and it will be good to be back to the sea.
  10. I am trying to figure out how nightmarish our embarkation on QM2 in Brooklyn will be in 3 weeks. We have no loyalty status and are in a regular balcony cabin, and thus have been assigned a late check in time. Since we will be driving down from Connecticut on embarkation morning, it is likely that we may arrive quite early, since we must allow a lot of extra time for traffic delays, which can be substantial. It sounds as if this may be the perfect storm!!! So we first queue to x-ray our luggage. Do we leave it with the porters at this time? How long generally are these lines, and can we go through this process even if we have arrived before our check-in time? After luggage drop off, we then join another queue to go through security? It sounds as if this might be quite time-consuming. Once we have done this, are we then sorted into groups according to stateroom and loyalty status? Will we then be required to wait until our assigned boarding time? It sounds as if we might be walking and/or standing for several hours. Sorry for all the questions,but I need to manage my expectations, especially if embarkation is as unpleasant as people suggest. I have almost never had to wait more than half an hour to check in, and have always been able to find a quiet venue for a peaceful lunch. Are we likely to miss the lunch service hours entirely this time? Oh well, there still will many positives on embarkation day. We will be able to drop off our carry-on luggage in our room upon boarding, and then will have an exciting New York sail-away, followed by 6 days at sea meeting new friends and being well taken care of.
  11. ConnMom

    game room

    Thank you, Tonopah. We will bring ours too. The tables looking out on the water look very appealing. Cheryl
  12. ConnMom

    game room

    Does anyone know if cribbage boards are provided and generally available? We have planned to bring one, but would be happy to save the space. Cheryl
  13. Thank you for your review. I appreciate the detailed explanations that led to your assessments as well as your fairness to both lines. I found your thoughts most interesting because in two weeks my husband and I will be doing a westbound crossing on QM2, followed by a Norwegian Fjord cruise on Celebrity's Silhouette. We have cruised many times with Celebrity and have reached enough "status" with the line to enjoy perks which bring additional pleasure our cruising experience. This will be just my second time with Cunard, and the first was so long ago that this will be like a first experience for me, and I suppose the absence of loyalty or class perks will reinforce that feeling. But we understand all that, and are looking forward to both cruises. We know what to expect with Celebrity and are looking forward to the new experiences that QM2 does particularly well, such as afternoon tea and the onboard lecturers.
  14. John Bull, Thank you for clearing up any confusion I may have encountered regarding the museum. The Tudor House actually looks more interesting to me than the museum. I am looking forward to our day in Southampton! Cheryl
  15. According to the port schedules I have seen, QM2 will be at booth 46 at the Ocean Terminal, and we are planning to use a taxi to get to the Silhouette - too much luggage to walk even a short distance - so a terminal change should not make a huge difference to us. I know we will enjoy walking around the city center, maybe with a stop at the Maritime Museum if we have time. Maybe on another trip we will be able to build in time to do some of the interesting things that I have been reading about during the past 6 months on this wonderful website. I have learned so much from so many participants who have generously shared their knowledge and time. Cheryl
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