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  1. Interesting. When I sailed the Vista last year, the triangle button on the TV remote activated the captions.
  2. I am curious as to how you boarded an O ship without being a passenger. We have Family in several ports, and have been unable to have them come aboard. THANKS for your help. Happy cruising.
  3. Yes, booked a 31-day Buenos Aires to Miami, for March 2026. Coordinated last week with my usual O Rep, and all went smoothly this morning when the booking window opened. Will evaluate the amenities from my Travel Agent, and transfer the booking within 14 days. Since I DIY my air, I cannot comment about any current O Air offers. Happy cruising…
  4. A different opinion here. Experienced no “mob scene” on Insignia in FP in February. Well managed. No sense of overwhelming.
  5. Yes, O does not communicate detailed shore excursions changes except through the ticket/info packet in your room. Soon after arrival to the stateroom, one should review the envelope of tickets and the listing of available shore excursions to compare times and tour descriptions to prior expectations. ALWAYS changes…
  6. We ask for them at each meal, in every venue. And the room attendant will stock our fridge, too.
  7. All non alcohol beverages are complimentary. The complimentary bottled waters are Perrier and Pelligrino. If asking for OJ, ask for “fresh squeezed”, otherwise one will receive the juice from concentrate. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. “Ballistic trousers” is a poor choice of words. Looked at Mr.Google, and they are certainly not bullet proof. LOL. Probably better described as as “cargo pants”, made from high tech fabric. 🤔
  9. I would appreciate any and all comments regarding proper dressing for a QM2 QG dining for Breakfast and Lunch when in port. It will be our first QG experience, and we will be in Norway in November. The shore excursions in cold climates often require layered "outdoor wear" being worn at Breakfast prior to early shore excursion disembarkation. Likewise, an early afternoon shore excursion return to the ship may not allow a change of clothes before Lunch closes. We will typically wear denim jeans, or ballistic trousers, with heavy sweaters, etc. What are the generally accepted norms? Thanks.
  10. We always have the beds separated. Usually abutting each other, but with separate linens. On one occasion, the room attendant placed a night stand between the beds, but it created more of a space issue, and we had the arrangement changed to our usual configuration. Just let your room attendant know your preference, and he/she will happily oblige. Happy cruising!
  11. Yes. Being silver, on my January cruise I received the $250 "in lieu of Oceania Club Prepaid Gratuities". But having read Flatbush Flyer's advice, I asked for it through my TA, rather than assume it would have been "automatic" from O. It eventually appeared as a line item under Amenities and Gifts on my O Invoice, i.e. Guest Statement.
  12. Yes, as you say, O-Life had a recovery option. Too bad SM does not have something similar.
  13. Everyone gets a Wi-Fi account, just as all nonalcoholic beverages (sodas, waters, etc.) are included. One can upgrade to a package that allows streaming.
  14. I also use a CPAP, and will be sailing QM2 in QG this autumn from NYC. Was told by US Cunard phone rep of the new policy that I must bring my own distilled water onboard. Obviously I will be working with the hotel concierge to locate a purchase location before embarkation. Disappointed, as other cruise lines furnish it.
  15. Yes, the issue is between you and the TA. O is not responsible. If I were in this situation, I would speak and email the Owner/Sr. Mgr. of the Agency. That person is the decision maker of the Agency’s action. Simultaneously, make contact within the Agency’s consortium explaining the ethics involved. Likewise, if the Agency lists a travel agency certification, ie.ASTA, make contact with them on the issue. Probably, after all the angst and wrangling, don’t plan on this Agency taking you as a customer in the future, although I would not know why you would prefer to utilize them. Good Luck. Please let us know how it turns out.
  16. Very interesting. So, to make sure that I understand, you were able to add the Concierge room to your PH Specialty reservations before the Concierge booking window opening date? Did you do this online, or via directly with O, or through your TA? Thanks!
  17. It’s unfortunate that you had such a poor experience, and that recent reviews are making you doubt your choice of O for future cruises. Only you can make that call. So, I can only pass along another R-ship experience. Currently on the Insignia from LA to Bali, 55-days. It is the best cruise experience we have ever had. Sure, some things were not up to par, and we reported them, or wrote them into the surveys. O quickly acted on most of them. Still, an overall great experience and value for our dollar, so we have booked a 50th Wedding Anniversary trip to Alaska with multiple staterooms for Family in 2025. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do.
  18. I have not seen facts validating your statement, but I believe it’s true that mega ships do not do a WC. Oceania Cruises has traditionally used a 650 passenger ship for the WC, but beginning in 2026 will use a ship capable of 1200 passengers. Cunard’s Queens have approximately 2,200 passengers. Others?..
  19. I have not experienced any penalties with canceling, if done within the stated time frame (up to 3 days before boarding?). Be aware of canceling excursions that may drop you below the minimum required quantity for your volume discount; sometimes a required quantity by segment if sailing a B2B.
  20. No waiter service for food items from the buffet. However, if one has difficulty carrying their plates of food due to mobility issues or the motion of the ship, a Waiter will come to help you with the items to return to your table. Beverages are served by Waiters. Sommeliers handle the wine and spirits.
  21. Yes, the 3 ATW itineraries show online today. IIRC, one can choose from 196, 180, or 120-day sailings on the new (2023) Vista.
  22. Sorry, but I see on the website those amenities as being included as before…
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