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  1. We are a family of 3 with a 16 year old daughter. We did it once with Oceania (same size ship), with an ocean view and it seemed a little claustrophobic. This time we chose a Veranda and with the extra breathing room we should be OK. Looking forward to our Spain intensive trip.
  2. The recent CDC announcement for the US will be a game changer for most cruisers. 🙂 https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-usa-cruises/update-1-cdc-committed-to-us-cruise-industry-resuming-operations-by-mid-summer-idUSL1N2MM083
  3. Hope you didn’t fold yesterday, you may want to wait just a little longer. The CDC announcement yesterday on US cruises should really help get things back on track.
  4. I had the same thing happen to me. We had (2) cruises within +/- of our 4 week criteria, meeting all lift & shift requirements. The May cruise that we wanted was denied, and we were only offered the June date. I worked through our agent and reached out to Azamara directly. I received a denial with no explanation, and no substitute options were offered.
  5. Colluiure looks like a wonderful place! I will certainly place in on my short list. Time will be my enemy.
  6. Is this for a cruise booked prior to sale or a tentative upcoming cruise not yet booked? I would think bookings prior to sale (and paid in full) would be reciprocal since this was a booking benefit.
  7. Read the content in the link. I think you mistakenly went directly to the FAQ’s (easy to do). “We’re happy to share that you’ll keep any reciprocal points that you’ve earned to date for Celebrity or Azamara. In other words, you will not lose any previously earned Club Points or Azamara Circle Points. You’re also still able to earn cumulative points in both programs for the time being. At some point in the future this benefit will change, and members will only earn points when sailing on their respective cruise line. We’ll continue to keep you updated with any additional information.”
  8. The ship name is not that important to me…but I am pretty sure Onward was my choice. 😉 I am also responsible for the Hilton Doubletree’s redesigned logo. Two times I got my choice after participating in a survey.
  9. Great news, hopefully all existing bookings will benefit from the shared status.
  10. Thanks everyone, these tips and recommendations are perfect. I really appreciate the guidance and help with the trip planning. Based on your feedback, I plan to keep it simple and stay local, whether by train or rental car.
  11. Wonderful ideas, glad I posted the question to this group! My friend visited a few years ago and recommended Andorra but I see Montserrat and Sitges are much closer.
  12. Thanks, I do intend to post and explore in the ports of call but this group has already provided great feedback. The walking food tour looks very nice. We did something similar in Hanoi and enjoyed it.
  13. No, but since most of the cruise will be in towns, I'd like to get out and see the surrounding area. If I manage to have 5 days pre-cruise, then it would be nice to explore outside of town at least 2 days. A rental car or short train ride is probably the best compromise for our family of 3.
  14. Hi Everyone, Your feedback and ideas in Rome were very helpful. Our new Spain intensive cruise now departs from Barcelona and ends in Lisbon, giving us a few more options out of Barcelona. If we manage to arrive several days early what do you recommend or have done? - Fly through another town on arrival (Rome, Paris, etc.). Probably too expensive or impractical, but would consider. - Train day trip to an adjacent town? - Rental Car? Taking a car into France and the Pyrenees mountains seems like it would be fun. We would like to explore on our own if feasible. When we were in Venice for 5 days pre-cruise we rented a car twice and went to Parma on one trip and into Austria for another. It was neat to see the stops along the toll roads where you could get an espresso or a bottle of wine (much different experience than back home). Your ideas are appreciated! Thanks, Doug
  15. OK thanks, appreciate the everyone’s feedback.
  16. OK, I guess it is a moot point. Update: Spoke to Azamara directly and since I worked with an agent they couldn't discuss any details but supposedly would let me upgrade from Veranda to Suite for the published price difference (website difference). Then went through agent who called Azamara and they wanted the difference from what I originally paid and the Suite price, which was about $1,000 higher. Not worth it...and at this point more hassle than it was worth. From my perspective, once my room category was locked in, it would be common sense to charge me the same difference as anyone else booking my room category. If they are not making money on the upgrade they should charge more. Is there something I am missing?
  17. OK, that’s what I thought. I was surprised when I heard otherwise. I’ll reach out to to our agent again. She may have just been confused.
  18. mdpa


    Thanks, that makes sense. At first I was disappointed in the shortened time in June but then quickly realized that my practical time onshore is identical. I am not normally off the ship after 10PM.
  19. mdpa


    Very inspiring thread, I appreciate everyone sharing the videos, pictures, and experiences. Question: I noticed some cruises stay overnight twice, leaving early the next morning and others for the same itinerary leave late the second day. Does anyone know why?
  20. Hi Everyone, One reason I chose to go through with paying the deposit on our Western Med Cruise was the flexibility provided with a cancellation. I had (2) cruises that matched the +/- 4 week criteria and +/- 1 day. Both were Spain intensive cruises, in May/June 2022. June presented a conflict since it was the last month of school for our daughter, so we chose the cruise in May. We were denied (with no explanation) even after we escalated with Azamara and not provided with alternatives. After everyone got me excited about Spain, we finally gave up and shifted to June. The Seville thread didn’t help. 😉 Question: has anyone else been told a cruise doesn’t qualify? The upgrade cost to a suite is slightly better than it was when we booked our Med cruise but our agent said we are not allowed to pay the difference in price. Question: are you able to pay extra to upgrade to a nicer room once your cruise as been shifted? Although we decided to choose this option since cruise prices seem to be creeping up, I have been a little disappointed with this process and surprised that Azamara would not want to take my money for the published price difference to upgrade a room. Thanks, Doug
  21. I hope so…cases are falling rapidly and should fall faster as the vaccine continues to rollout. I’d be nervous about July/August (but Cruise with Confidence makes it much better), but my hope we will be good to go by Fall. As an optimist…I am also hoping to benefit from lower crowds, both on/off the ship.
  22. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I will say the more I read about the Spain intensive itinerary the more interesting it seems. I’m trying to contrast that against the loss of seeing Rome. The Western Med is over Thanksgiving which is nice from a timing perspective, but the weather will be cooler. Is lift and shift the safest option?
  23. Well, our May 29th Western Med Cruise was cancelled. We really liked the itinerary (Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, etc,). I have a few choices..all of them good. I can get our money back, but one of the main reasons I felt OK about going forward was because the remaining options seem decent. - Lift & Shift (8 day Spain Intensive Perry Cruise). Cons: Single Country; Pros: Looks very interesting with long overnights, extra day, and the cost is higher than we booked - Take our 125% credit. Then I need to decide if I book something right away (because prices are going up and ships are filling) or take the credit and wait it out for the perfect deal. What strategy have you done or would you recommend? And why? I’m trying to go through the pros/cons of locking something in early and the trade-offs. More info: Veranda room, $1050 OBC (is the OBC lost with FCC?) Your help and advice is appreciated! I am flexible…so any cruise between August 2021 and September 2022. Thanks
  24. I can see why the cruise line cares…to minimize risk and I think it makes sense for crew to be vaccinated…especially if they were required to get flu shots previously. However, once I am vaccinated, I will not care if anyone else around me gets vaccinated or wears a mask (except for their own well being). Even now, I have the ability to choose whatever level of protection I feel that I need. Stay home, double mask, wear full PPE, use a motorcycle helmet (great for it’s multiple safety benefits). I plan to get vaccinated ASAP, but since I already had a minor case of COVID back in November it will primarily be to make travel easier.
  25. Not true..,many of our essential workers are already getting them (grocery stores). I just spoke with a admin employee of a County government position who was offered the vaccine but decided against it (35 years old). I’m not talking today, I am talking a full 90 days from now. Walmart, Giant, and Rite Aid, are starting to offer the vaccine. Once the government gets out of the way it should happen quickly.
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