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    You should post this to your cruise's Roll Call.
  2. Just booked at $49/pp for our March cruise. Thanks for the heads up. 😉
  3. Yes, seriously. 🙄 That's precisely why the second sentence doesn't refer to charters. Here is what those sentences mean. It makes no sense to say one doesn't have to worry about appetites if one is on a charter. A charter only has those from the chartering organization or group. [If you do not book a charter, there is] No need to worry about the “appetites” of others.
  4. No, the assurance is here: "No need to worry about the “appetites” of others." Presumably that means on non-chartered sailings.
  5. Actually, not everyone agrees about salt. There are studies that show it doesn't have the impact it has a bad rep for.
  6. I don't eat tomatoes. In fact, they used to have an heirloom tomato salad that I'd order but ask them to hold the tomatoes. 😁
  7. Vera Bradley sells an assortment of jewelry cases--from small to extra-large for those times someone wants to go all out. You could also consider the hanging toiletry bags--those also range from small to grand.
  8. The airport is advising that travelers arrive at least 2 hours early due to enhanced security measures. So that would mean arriving by at least 9:40.
  9. The only thing we have ever done in Key West is walk by the C&I officers with our passports open to the picture page. There was no verbal inquiry, and even if there were, who is going to say, "Yes, I have contraband drugs"?
  10. Immigration yes, customs no.
  11. On this particular cruise, most likely yes, because you are visiting a distant foreign port to be able to travel between two U.S. ports in the first place (BOS to FLL). On a normal closed-loop U.S. cruise, you wouldn't be able to without violating the PVSA and incurring a fine, which the cruiseline may or may not let you do.
  12. Probably not. We usually park then take our luggage to the porters. The shuttle is for when the ship has to dock at a little-used pier.
  13. Please don't ruin the dryer for the next cruiser by putting duct tape on it. The residue never comes off. Then it's a lousy, sticky dryer.
  14. In the case of an emergency, those locations will seem even more crowded because panic will also be there.
  15. Except for the popcorn and snacks for movies! And Palo. And Remy. You won't starve on Celebrity; there's more than enough included food.
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