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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone (where did the week go 😮)! Jenny, the chili recipe sounds really good - and the peppers looked fabulous. When I think of chili it is usually more soup/stew consistency (might be a regional difference), so I could see adding an extra can/jar of tomatoes (or tomatoes with chiles for extra heat) to thin it. My son left yesterday for Creation Festival and won't be back until Sunday, so I'm fixing spicier foods this week that he usually doesn't eat. Lots of produce prep on the agenda this afternoon too. I looked at anti-inflammatory diets with my hip issues and also found that my diet likely plays a big part in pain management. I had a conversation with a childhood friend over the weekend about food and commented that I don't think the types of food in our diets have radically changed in 30-40 years, but the ratios and portions have. Our parents had gardens and we would also buy from local markets if we didn't grow it, portions were smaller, and some of the really "bad" foods were an infrequent "treat" rather than a daily (or multiple time a day) convenience/crutch. I think our bodies could process those small amounts easier than the constant influx we have today. Portion sizes seem out of control now too 😞
  2. Margaret - that trip looks AMAZING!! When I see fjords I think of the Baltic, but it makes sense that they would be on the opposite side of the globe too. Definitely something to dream of for retirement 😄
  3. Your launch pictures were great, Anita 🙂 I saw someone in a YouTube video yesterday that reminded me of you. "Diane in Denmark" does Flylady (home organization, etc) videos and at the end of her recent video about what to do for a busy week/being stressed she has a picture with a friend that looks like she could possibly be your aunt.
  4. I'm swamped this week, but still wanted to pop in and say hi! I had a small gain this week - not really surprising since I've been busy but not exercising much. Trying to make better choices. Have a great week everyone 🙂
  5. Great pictures. Adorable flower girl and stunning couple ❤️
  6. under your post text should be + Quote Edit under others's post text is + Quote ETA: There is a time limit to editing posts - I think around 20 minutes.
  7. if you do it soon enough, you should be able to edit Edit to add: I agree with your thought that we are visitors to their island and should not expect everything to be free. It is not a private port/beach like Half Moon Cay or Princess Cay. I personally preferred walking a distance away from the crowds and enjoying a better view at Jack's Shack. $10 seemed a very reasonable price to pay for 2 chairs and an umbrella there, even if we spent the bulk of our time in the water.
  8. We like sea days too ❤️ Glad you are enjoying the humidity effect on your hair - I know many who just complain about it. Hoping that everyone got prepared during the sales - if you're prepared then you won't need the supplies because it won't be that bad 😉 (one can dream).
  9. We had no issues taking our hydration backpack off the ship with us at Bermuda.
  10. We just got back last week from Anthem of the Seas 5 day with 2 days at Bermuda (9am Monday - 4pm Tuesday).
  11. We just got back from a cruise with an overnight. We docked at 9 am Monday and left around 4pm Tuesday. I wish we had an extra day 😉 (but we are water people). Even without the beach I would think at least 2 days would be preferred. Traffic speed is around 25mph so it takes a while to get from the dockyard to Hamilton and especially to St. George. We did a helmet dive that left from the dockyard and then had a few hours at Horseshoe Beach on the first day. We had lunch and spent time in the water, but I would have liked more time to explore some of the rock formations. The second day we stayed at the dockyard and explored Clocktower Mall plus some other small stores and watched a glass blowing demonstration. We didn't feel we had time for Hamilton or St. George with our other activities. While 2-3 days gives you more opportunities (and I've heard great things about the areas we missed), you could still have a very pleasant day just staying in the dockyard area. If you are on a smaller ship that docks at St. George that would be a plus too. I wouldn't eliminate a cruise as an option just because you only had one day.
  12. Not a snorkel tour exactly, but we really enjoyed Hartley's Helmet Dive. Wearing a helmet (which has an air hose connected), you walk along the ocean floor and kneel at certain areas. The guide shows a lot of different fish and coral, and the sea life is much more up close and personal (still wild, but fed and friendly). Our group had 2 families of 4, a family of 3, and a couple. Less than 15 people seems fairly small to me. We went in 2 groups and they provide wet suits when the water is still cool (depending on your trip). It leaves from the dockyard and is easy walking distance from the ships. I think you need to book directly with them and not through a cruise ship.
  13. I'm probably too late for you, but there are both taxis and mini-shuttles. The mini shuttle to the beach is often the best bet at $7 per person each way. There is also a public bus system and ferry system that might be good for the caves. There is a Helmet Dive trip offered very close to the dock. Hartley's Helmet Dive is by Calico Jack's and the moon gate. It's about a 15' dive, no training required. Different than snorkeling but a really neat experience.
  14. Congratulations Jan 🙂 I'm looking forward to being a 1**.* again 😉 (Maybe next week if all goes well) I lost whatever I had gained on the cruise, but still the same from my last official weigh-in. Something happened with my knee yesterday - I wasn't doing anything, it just felt like it "gave out" when I was standing and has been very tender. It's getting better this morning, but stairs remind me that something happened. Great job Jenny - I just saw your post as I was finishing mine.
  15. Stunning! I especially like the two browns and the red with white and blue/gray flowers.
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