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  1. It depends on what you consider better/what you want. Secluded feel (go to the right), rocky beach good for snorkeling: Princess Cay Powder soft beaches, crystal clear water: Half Moon
  2. Thanks for this information @sports addict. We assumed our FCC would stay if we rebooked (assuming our 5/16 will eventually be cancelled). I'll double check with our TA when the time comes, but this would tip the scales for taking the refund rather than FCC for us too.
  3. Hopefully our more rural counties keep the low infection rates. The eastern half of the state isn't looking good 😞 I live near 2 Federal Prisons and there have been reports of transfers from NY, which concerns many in this area for potential spread.
  4. I'm doing ok here, yesterday was a little rough with rainy, gloomy weather. I've been trying to stay active and doing yard work on days that weather cooperates. We spent too much time watching tv over the weekend which I think contributes to the depression cycle. I did get some reorganizing done yesterday including rearranging the living room. The curtains were really dusty 😳so I got them washed and there is so much more light now with just the shears that I think I will leave the curtains off. DS started online high school classes today and is doing well staying focused. I have "homework" today too - sending postcards to my 2 year old group from church. I don't really notice much of a difference for DH and I, maybe a little closer. The bigger adjustment for me is having the adult child home from college and trying to balance treating her like an adult while still being a parent. Hope everyone else is well and checks in too.
  5. I think the Caribbean (and Bahamas) are so often mentioned because so many mainstream cruises travel there. It is also perceived as the cruise vacation many US families can afford. I disagree that the vacations I have taken could easily be accomplished at an AI, and definitely not on a US beach. While we enjoy some beach time, we also want to be on the ship and visit more than one place. We also enjoy snorkeling - not sure how much I would see at inland lakes and beaches (although they can be nice spots to visit too) and Caribbean water is a bit warmer than the Presque Isle beaches where I grew up πŸ˜‰
  6. I know this is a week old, but scpirate quoted someone who doesn't invest in stocks anymore and instead invests in cattle. Scpirate was relating to others using livestock as an investment too. Not an analogy, real life in some areas of the country.
  7. I think I was on this cruise with you if by nowhere you mean Charleston. We have a cruise booked for May 16th and are assuming if canceled we would get the refund option of cash for cash and FCC for the FCC portion or FCC in the entire fare amount. It will be very disappointing if we lose the original FCC when we aren't the ones canceling.
  8. Sounds like you had a good birthday, all things considered πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about the exceptions - my Dad's county is listed on more restrictive measures than mine, but with all the exceptions I can't really tell how we are different. Yesterday I got another section of the back "weed" corner cleared out and should be able to tackle the hydrangea today along with some burning. I also have postcards to get addressed and dropped at the post office for the littles at church. Assuming we are still isolating for Easter (which is the thought our church is going with) I also have egg hunt kits to distribute to local families (porch drop off only) since we can't do a church wide one this year. DH and I plan to tackle the office some this weekend and eliminate an old desk plus rearrange some furniture. Laura, your new "home gym" sounds nice πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend all.
  9. Belle, a friend posted recently about house cleaning: always figured they didn't because they didn't have the time - turns out that wasn't the reason πŸ˜‰ I'm finding even being at home most days (still go out for groceries) that time goes really fast. I am getting lots of yard clean up done on good weather days, but the house hasn't had too much progress yet. Hoping to tackle our office area this weekend.
  10. Unfortunately I think many who recently financed vehicles (depreciating asset) and are now not working/under stay at home orders are facing this very situation.
  11. We do have more restrictive rules here. Liquor can only be purchased at state run Wine and Spirit shops (possibly could buy directly from local distilleries), but a few years ago they did make a provision for some grocery stores and gas stations to sell beer and wine if they had cafes in them. I was grocery shopping yesterday and able to get 2 bottles of wine🍷 Welcome, Mrvic πŸ™‚ Our cruise is booked for May 16th and also haven't heard. There is a "Travel Advisory" notice at the top of Carnival's web page which should give you more information. Our cruise is scheduled to depart from Manhattan, so I can't see it not being canceled. We are waiting for them to cancel though. Carnival is supposed to be making an announcement on Friday. @coevan, thank you for updating us that you are retiring. I know you are in the restaurant business and was concerned about you during this crisis. Congratulations πŸ™‚
  12. Jan, your part about ice cream made me πŸ˜„ Us huggers are definitely struggling right now 😞 Belle, thank you so much for checking in ❀️ It is a blessing to know you are ok. I only had a slight loss this week at .4# but I'll take it - especially after the driving over the weekend and less than stellar nutrition. DH is working from home so I'm eating a little better during the week since I'm fixing my salad with his closer to lunch time when before I would make it for him to take in the morning and not get around to making my own later. A friend got me doing Beach Body videos and that's helping feel like I'm keeping in shape. Weather should be good today so I'll try to get some raking done too.
  13. Happy Birthday, Anita! Margaret, when we were first married we lived outside DC and later had a little over a year near Princeton. While we have some Chinese food nearby I've been missing good take-out for 15 years πŸ˜‰ It looks like we have a rain free day here, so I plan to tackle some more leaf clean up then grill hotdogs for supper.
  14. If that was an additional thought for my post, I include shows/activities as part of the ship choice.
  15. I'm not sure that is a fair statement - it depends a lot on what you consider "crappy." Obviously a high-end, gourmet restaurant will have much better food than a large chain, but that doesn't mean everyone who enjoys Outback, Lone Star, etc are eating food that doesn't appeal to them. My list: 1. Time of year - other obligations limit when we can cruise during the year 2. Purpose of cruise: special celebration, general vacation, with or without kids 3. Length of cruise - prefer longer than 6 day but often can't be away from home more than 9 days 4. Departure port location - because of number 1, generally limited to Baltimore/NYC/Brooklyn/Bayonne 5. Itinerary - not much sense sailing somewhere we don't want to go πŸ˜‰ 6. Ship 7. Price 8. Loyalty vs. wanting to try something new 9-10 Nothing else comes to mind
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