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  1. Anita, congratulations again on the new house. Having time for a move definitely makes it less stressful 🙂 I experience a similar stiffness with the first go around of yard work or a heavy shoveling even though I work out quite a bit at home. Hope the aches subside soon - BioFreeze is my friend 😉 It's a shame about the brown dress, Laurie 😞 You aren't alone with disappointment in one item makes you question the others. Hope a new day gives you clear perspective on what to keep and what to return. We are so hot here - the house didn't get below 80 last night. Keeping hydrated and glad today is budget and bills day so not as much movement.
  2. I'm up .4 from last week as to be expected from some of the extras over the weekend. Getting back on track this week though and hoping for a loss next week. Jan, still enjoying your family is a definite plus 🙂
  3. Very nice faucet, Lois. I think home upgrades at this time is a great thing! We are supporting the local economy, taking our mind off lack of travel, and making our homes something we enjoy being in since we need to spend more time there. Our major upgrade is getting new HVAC installed. We didn't have any A/C before and baseboard heated supplemented with a propane stove. We will now have a 16 SEER ducted system with a dual fuel 95% efficiency propane furnace/heat pump combo for our colder winters.
  4. I don't remember how close to Pittsburgh you are, but maybe Gateway Clipper cruises are happening?
  5. This posted in the Lose Before You Cruise forum. You will likely get better information posting on the MSC board.
  6. If you have an Aldi they also usually have a decent Latin Foods section.
  7. I'm glad to know they work. I would likely put some gauze fabric on the most sensitive areas to minimize pain - removal pain is something that occurred to me when I saw them. Anita, congratulations on the new house! It's nice that you were able to get your cabinet pulls how you want them😎
  8. I'm still here, but seriously considering backing off of social media (although I do enjoy this group). I suspect some have dropped off due to no cruises so aren't coming to this site while others just need a break in general. For the most part a mental switch flipped for me that I am now eating to fuel my body rather than feed my cravings/emotions. I still want food to taste good, but most of the less healthy food just isn't as appealing. I did have an exception yesterday when errands were taking longer than expected and I had been in a mask several hours longer than usual - between dehydration (can't sip water with the mask on), lack of oxygen/excess CO2, and it hitting supper time 😉 I was ready to buy some ice cream or other treats before checking out. I was good though and stuck to my list - good thing because I still don't have freezer space. I think I found a healthier go-to post Sam's Club supper too 🙂 In the past I would get a family pizza meal since I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking, but then was stressed because it was getting cold while trying to put things away and while it was food it really wasn't healthy. Now I'm doing about 3/4 bag of shredded cabbage added to a bag of Beef and Broccoli, plus added a can of water chestnuts and a few scallions. The beef and broccoli cooks while I'm putting stuff away and the vegetables only take a few minutes at the end of the cooking time. Lots of veggies, lots of flavor, and a lot less stress😎
  9. Kat, I'm glad it was caught quickly and able to be repaired. Thankful you were able to drive home ok too! Prayers for quick healing.
  10. Good luck with closing, Anita! My daughter returns to school next month too. They want the students there 2 weeks earlier and the semester will end at Thanksgiving.
  11. I did a double take about CWC (Cold Water Creek) since that is also what we usually call our church (Christ Wesleyan Church - CWC.Life). It might not still be around, but Avon used to make Skin-So-Soft that was a nice mild smelling lotion and also bug repellant. I think you could even mix with water and spray your window screens with it. A while back I saw some youtube videos about using fabric/first aid tape as a makeshift bra for certain dress styles. I never tried it, but suspect it might work for a special occasion. I think they sell lift tapes in stores too, but they really aren't for the more endowed 😳
  12. I'm not sure what mine was. I haven't had notifications that I did anything wrong, so probably a thanks/like notification rather than a post. We had a very nice visit with my in-laws and ate much better than I thought we would (nutrition wise, I know it will always taste good) although still heavier than ideal. We did fires in the back yard Friday and Saturday, so in addition to strawberry pie and strawberry shortcake there was also s'mores and we got some hard cider to enjoy while relaxing with the fire. I think a good takeaway for me is switch to hard liquor/less sugar if enjoying an adult beverage and just have the roasted marshmallow but not the graham cracker and chocolate 🙂
  13. Good Morning, I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. Anita, I also enjoy hearing about your house. Thank you for sharing it with us. Melody, that salad does look good - I always like to bring vegetable heavy dishes to picnics. Laurie, that dress is stunning! I'd probably need to wear a cardigan with it (bra straps) but the pattern and colors work really well together. I'm not sure the ombre alone would look as good without the pattern to the dress (and similarly the pattern on a solid color wouldn't be as appealing). Sharon, I'm glad you were able to get out. I'm trying to find new things to look forward to - like time for books I don't get around to or projects at the house.
  14. We tried the crustless pizza/pizza bowl from Marco's last month and it was really good - didn't miss the crust much at all. Ours had really good wings too - although it is still take out and higher sodium and fat than I should have on a regular basis. I've switched to a nutrition plan that is vegetable and protein heavy with limited carbs. The carbs include fruits and root vegetables as well as grains (rice, quinoa, corn - not just flour) so I'm pickier about what I choose to spend my carbs on and would rather have fruit than bread. I feel much healthier eating this way and have often wondered if while my body can process gluten it can get overwhelmed if there is too much (like a drink a week the liver is ok, but a drink an hour my liver might say "wait a minute"). Then again, I might have a sensitivity but am so used to being sick I don't know what it is to feel well🤷‍♀️
  15. DD and I are trying beetroot powder in our post-workout protein shakes. I'm not fond of actual beets, but know they contain a lot of nutrients. Hoping the improved circulation claim is true - if so it should help several health areas for me.
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