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  1. Off topic, but I'm about 30 minutes away 🙂 What a treat we have in our backyard!
  2. Most likely someone will be offended - either that you are dressed that well or not dressed better 😉 What you have described sounds very appropriate and on the higher end of dress for many of the casual lines formal/elegant nights. I've noticed the no tie look quite often lately and a properly fitted evening/dress shirt will generally look better than a basic office button-up with tie. If you are uncomfortable, it will generally show while if you are at ease in what you are wearing that confidence will help dress up your outfit in an unspoken way.
  3. You look amazing! I like the hair cut - it makes you look younger (if that is something you want) and frames your face nicely. I agree the color looks great on you.
  4. Would the timing be similar for a Brooklyn disembark? I didn't notice the sail date for Maraprince - they switch to Brooklyn with my cruise Sept. 16th.
  5. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I had 3 picnics, but all were fairly healthy. We went to a rail trail Saturday and I got several miles walking done - not too sore yesterday 😉 Weight training tonight and lots of business this week with back to school and sending daughter to college. This coming weekend will be a challenge with all the hours in the car (no cardio) and so many meals out (including Carver's at daughter's request). Aiming for salads or light meals when possible.
  6. Those shoes are really cute - I'll have to see if my running store carries them. It is amazing how resourceful we can be when needed, so even if our kids forget something they will likely find a work-around. We did talk to a friend a few years ahead of K for advice on what to bring that we might not have thought of or if there was anything she brought and regretted. She said she really did use everything she brought, and wished they had a small broom and dustpan for the room. They had a swiffer and access to a vacuum, but still had times a dustpan would be nice. I hadn't thought of that either and will include it in our cleaning products. Another vote for blue as long as the grey lenses aren't an issue vs. brown lenses.
  7. Thanks 🙂 We plan to arrive around 1:30, which still gives extra room for a 5:00 all-aboard.
  8. To drive to Manhattan (from our home in PA) should be around 3 hours. For Brooklyn it looks like we should allow 3.5 hours. Do we really need 7 hours? We are aiming for 1:30 arrival with 5:00 final boarding time.
  9. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone 🙂 I think my anxiety is also with her being so far away and being worried we forget something. It isn't that far to Walmart though (or order on-line), and I'm sure she can find someone to catch a ride with (we think a friend who is going there will have a car). I've also discovered some ingenuity or realized I didn't really need what I thought I did, so it will all work out. Welcome back, Laurie - I loved Halifax when we went a few years ago, sounds like you had a good trip too. Our Bermuda cruise is in 30 days and I need to re-inventory my wardrobe once K leaves since we share a lot of clothes 😉
  10. Great job all! Whether you lost, maintained, or even a small gain you are here and trying 🙂 Sorry I didn't make it in yesterday. Son had soccer in the morning and I finished school shopping with daughter, then daughter and I volunteered for our school at Little League World Series (we get to help run some of the food stands as a fundraiser). Five hours on my feet serving BBQ and I was beat! Still tired today but it is a lot of fun and get to meet so many different people 🙂 I forgot to weigh until after the shopping (and having breakfast), but I maintained from last weigh-in. Still on track to be under 200 for our cruise next month (30 days), but it likely won't be much more than that. Still pleased I didn't gain though.
  11. I'm pretty sure the math works out to 50-60 drinks combined between the two of them. Since both have to buy Cheers and sometimes one drinks more than another, it can be good to look at the math that way. One thing to remember with the NCL package is the cruise fare is generally higher to include the cost of the perks, and the perks are valued much higher (I think around $100/day) so you are "paying extra" in the gratuities. It still often works out, but something you should consider. Someone else had a really good breakdown of their Cheers experience and found they didn't come close since only one of they was a moderate drinker and the other on the lighter end. If you are sure you won't come close but want the "freedom" of not thinking about your drinks then you can just put $600 cash on your account, order whatever you want, and not have a bill at the end. Enjoy whatever you decide 🙂
  12. Same cruise! Sorry if I didn't recognize you from the roll call, we are getting ready to send our first born to college so a bit distracted here 😉 Enjoy your cruise too!
  13. @Shaded Lady, I know we can't name names but does yours refer to you as "hun" and say how "amazing" or "unbelievable" your cruise will be? Maybe we have the same one 😉
  14. I love the grilled/sautéed shrimp. I'll get a bowl from the regular buffet to have a salad with shrimp since the tostada bowl is too big for me. You could also get a bowl plain and break it up to make nacho chips 🙂
  15. Not a TA, but if yours is overwhelmed the communication method might not matter. Since you've used her frequently it might be best to ask her. This drives me nuts with my current PVP (who we will only use for this cruise). E-mail is my preferred method (both parties have something in writing, can respond when it is convenient). I asked a specific question, and her reply was "Call me!" When I called she still had to call me back as she was dealing with someone else, plus I had to reexplain the e-mail as if she had never read it - maybe they don't🤷‍♀️ Or a record in case of my poor memory 😉
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