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  1. I haven't received the offer letter for my March 29 cruise and the cruise disappeared from my bookings on the website. I am not sure what to do.
  2. So if two people booked a cabin and wanted to take separate cruises later. How would the FCC and OBC work in that situation? Would each person get 600 OBC or 300 OBC.
  3. I would guess it is going to drop harder at the opening due to Princess cancelling all cruises for 60 days. I am not sure where the bottom is going to be at this point.
  4. I work a lot from hotel rooms using a laptop and a spare 15" portable monitor that is HDMI and packs up fairly easily. If you look on Amazon you could pick up one to take with you. He could then set it up anywhere that has a plugin.
  5. With the nightclub around the corner and Alchemy bar close to being above, if you are noise sensitive, I would consider picking another cabin if possible.
  6. For Chrome this should work... 1) Click the 3 dots in top right. 2) Click on Advanced on the left. 3) Click on Privacy and security on the left. 4) Click on Site Settings on the right. 5) Click on Cookies and site data on the right. 6) Click on See all cookies and site date on the right. 7) Search for Carnival in the top right. 8 ) Delete all the cookies related to the Carnival site. 9) Close and re-open Chrome and log into the Carnival site. Hopefully that helps some people.
  7. Princess Cay is more rocky and if you are looking for the best beach, I think I would go HMC. If possible get a cruise that stops at HMC and Grand Turk.
  8. My wife is a lifetime member as well. When we cruise she actually doesn't track near as much as at home but still eats similar to what we eat here (seafood, chicken, veggies) but with a bite of dessert or of what I am eating here and there. The secret we have found was to get up and walk a few miles on the walking track and never use an elevator on the entire cruise. This keeps us both within our usual range. She always uses wifi to sync her WW and Fitbit accounts.
  9. I wonder if the popular cruise insurances will cover this as an itinerary change or since it is hurricane related it wouldn't be covered? It is just sad to see how much damage the Freeport area has taken and there is almost nothing left standing.
  10. Any idea when the construction will begin? We scheduled a cruise in Feb 2020 to go back to HMC specifically.
  11. I picked up some at $45 and waiting a bit to see if it tests the 52 week low again.
  12. Aces is also the car service we are going to be using in August. We ended up using the larger SUV to accommodate the group of 6 of us and with tip included it is just over $100 from the pier to Sea-Tac.
  13. Our group of 6 decided to get a large SUV from a car service to get us back and forth to the pier since we have a flight out at noon. It was just over $100 with gratuity each way from pier 91 to Sea-Tac on debarkation.
  14. I could use some suggestions on an upcoming Ovation cruise in August. We are a group of 6 with luggage (2 over 65, 2 in our 40's and 2 teenage boys). I am looking for suggestions for transportation from Sea-Tac to Homewood Suites Seattle Downtown on a Thursday and then to the cruise port the next morning. We have a noon flight out on the following Friday and would like transportation back to Sea-Tac early enough to catch the flight. So, my question is, what are the options for transportation that will fit all 6 of us and luggage?
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