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  1. All this rubbish on here, if a merchant doesn’t complete the transaction, you are entitled to a full refund, it’s your money full stop. 90 days is totally unacceptable to any credit card company when you request your money back, I was fully refunded within 30 days, you don’t need a reason the merchant didn’t provide the service.
  2. I did a live comparison, and it was true the credit With 125% didn’t coVer the cost of the cruise like 4 like. No end to Covid19, you’ve made your bed with NCL, stock price reducing again. You should have done a chargeback with your credit card. ££££ is king
  3. No more tipping, cash not allowed in covid19.
  4. We the sensible always said spring 2021. I somewhat doubt that now, there seems to be something more important happening in November. i just wish NCL had been better at dealing with refunds, customers are the success of the future, without them you have empty discounted ships.
  5. In the time you get your results, you could be infected.
  6. I would keep your money on your hip, the cruise industry could be a different kettle of fish by then, and NCL might not be the best choice by then, premium brands might offer better choices and prices.
  7. Healthy and safety, in this world you follow procedures take precautions, and get it RIGHT FIRST TIME. No second chances with customers life’s
  8. Are people to stupid, to realise that healthy people can carry the virus with no effects? The people of the World have got to work together, to defeat this virus, many recovering Patients bodies are Organs riddled with holes, and may never recover! Do you really want to cruise?
  9. Are people too stupid to realise NCL are completely aware Of when cruising will commence, they are after your money. Check the prices, it’s obvious they are not sailing, then compare what you’re credit with 25% will get you next summer, not much. Modern day ponzie scheme
  10. Some people on CC think cruises are just for Florida residents, if you open ports do you think cruisers won’t travel from other states? CDC are looking at the bigger picture. Nobody knows the outcome and the future with covid19, this virus could be active for years.
  11. I would just do a charge back with your credit card, saves all the hassle
  12. The above statement is the most sensible thing I’ve read on CC in months, you are bang on David. Until people, Start taking the risks with Covid-19 seriously no cruising will commence. I always believed spring 2021, but I doubt that now.
  13. Spring 2021, get use to it, been says this date since March 2020, I know personally at the highest level in the industry, not just NCL, in truth they have no answers. Just suggestions and brick walls !
  14. All these fake reports on here about Credit Cards not allowing charge backs need investigation, you should have gone immediately for charge back, I did with all airlines and got credited immediately, if a company doesn’t give you a option or reasonable time for refund, 90 days after such a date is rubbish, totally unreasonable, it’s your cash. NCL have acted for their benefit not the customer, they keep advertising cruises and taking funds in full knowledge the cruise will not sail, disgraceful behaviour.
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