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  1. I admit not reading CDC recommendations, however would it be a good idea to have a Covid-19 dedicated port based cleaning teams at embarkation port, this world allow the cruises to leave the port on time, and give confidence that a full Covid-19 clean has been completed.
  2. Tipping the butler a good one?
  3. Just did a comparison on Barcelona cruise we have booked in September, we have Haven Spa, I can get Queens penthouse suite for same price? I know who I’m booking with next..
  4. NCL are charging Cunard prices, it’s crazy
  5. We did Miami to Los Angeles on February 14th this year on the Joy! Not a very busy cruise passenger wise, 16 days in luxury, I would book a concierge suite then upgrade to Haven.
  6. COVID-19: Oxford vaccine is up to 90% effective in preventing coronavirus, tests show http://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-oxford-vaccine-is-up-to-90-effective-in-preventing-coronavirus-tests-show-12134940
  7. I think it was a mistake by GMB, sky news had it at 90%
  8. There is a difference between a butler and a servant ?
  9. So to even keep a seven day calendar ships will have to be full cleaned, so will they reduce that to six days. Obviously if they employed more local staff at ports just for cleaning that would work, land based cleaning teams Covid-19 tested.
  10. Dire Straits, who wants a share that doesn’t pay dividends?
  11. That’s customer service, making a clear statement of fact. NCL will bumble around month by month cancelling, still taking bookings extracting money.
  12. We got screwed with ours, got the usual read the conditions on here, ( No sympathy) it leaves a bad taste in the mouth, when you are unable to use them due to Covid-19.
  13. You can do it from any bar, read the conditions, you can have a bottle or two of verve whenever you want.
  14. Ports of the world will not welcome none vaccinated tourists, countries are investing billions to kill Covid-19, imagine NCL turning up with 4000 passengers in Cannes then allow them to visit Monaco.... Its not going to happen...
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