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  1. Thanks everyone! We'll be boarding much earlier than our allocated time then.
  2. It's from Southampton to Le Havre in France and back.
  3. We are on a 2 night taster cruise on Virtuosa next week, our 1st cruise with MSC. We're in Yacht Club and our check in time says it opens at 12.00. Am I right that we can check in earlier that this as in YC? Can we also assume there isn't any sort of gala night on such a short cruise? TIA
  4. Yes, thats what we had, 2 speciality coffees each per day.
  5. We've just returned and I have the DBE but both of us could have 2 speciality coffees per day without charge
  6. Just as an update to my original post, we just returned from our cruise on Resilient Lady from Athens. We arrived at the port at 1.25 and was in our cabin by 1.45. Its a great DBE perk!
  7. They always find a table for solos very quickly.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation 👍
  9. Sorry my point was that I do have Deep Blue Extras which gives me early embarkation time but want to establish if we can board after the rockstars even if our boarding time slot is 3.30pm?
  10. We're boarding our 3rd Virgin Voyage on Sunday in Athens. Am I right that as I have the Deep Blue Extra benefits that we can ignore our boarding time and board after the rockstars? TIA
  11. We thought it was worth a go. It will be the 3rd of 4 cruises this year (3 on VV) so it was worth the risk and it was a good price.
  12. Has anyone had any experience of this type of rate and if so, what suite did you end up with? This will be our 5th VV so thought it was worth a pont.
  13. @dides Indeed, we have been told it will be held on The Wake View Terrace, which we're fine with. We'll be in the Med so it should be lovely.
  14. We're getting married on the Sun Princess in June 2025 so we'd love to see as much as possible of her ahead of the big day! Have fun!
  15. It's for a refurb. It's coming to the UK in February and we're visiting it for the day to see the changes.
  16. I sailed in October 22 and June 23 and are sailing again in June 24. When do my deep blue perks show up as there's nothing showing on my account or the app? Tia
  17. Hi, the app is always behind the website so it's worth logging into your account to check. All irregularities correct themselves once on board.
  18. I can't remember what they were but there were set drinks on the Valiant grog walk
  19. You will love it whether you're 18 or 80! ❤️
  20. You have no need to worry as you will get into the restaurants you want even if you haven't booked them in advance. As previously said, either book once on board or ask at the restaurant itself if there is availability. I never saw a queue at any of the restaurants. VV is a lovely, chilled experience. I can wait to June when we are on the Resilient Lady.
  21. Don't bother eating at the Ship Show! It was the only food on board that was low standard and we were disappointed with. The show was great but either eat before or after it.
  22. The friend I travelled with has a gluten intolerance and I am lactose intolerant and we had no problems with food. If you let the server know, they will adapt any menu item and offer suggestions
  23. Yes, that's where I booked it before but this time there's no option to do it.
  24. I was able to book a slot on my Med cruise on Valiant Lady so assumed it would be the same for a Caribbean cruise?
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