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  1. Eddie V's (steak and seafood) is good and in a cool area. It doesn't open until 4:00 PM however.
  2. All things being equal I would pick John Wayne. It has better services when you are waiting for the flight at the end of the cruise.
  3. We see plenty getting brought in during lobster season and it's pretty easy to tell if it's fresh and from the locals. Best thing is lobster season is for the most part low tourist season especially during the week for lunch. We usually go in January and February. We haven't found the "top" rated places on the review sites to be the best. Sandra's gets high marks and we weren't impressed at all. Ortega's Patio was very good. Seite Mares we haven't tried but friends really like it. It will be our next spot to try.
  4. Mexican Rivera lobster is out of season, if you find it it's probably frozen and flown in from China or south America. We have never found good lobster in Baja after February. We only live a few minutes from Puerto Nuevo and we can watch the lobster fisherman tending their traps from our balcony. I haven't seen any activity for at least two weeks.
  5. I wouldn't bring a "puffer" but plan on dressing in layers. If you're out late in the evening it will be cool and during the day if the sun is out and there's no wind you can wear shorts and t-shirts. The further inland the warmer and along the coast cooler with fog in the AM. It's seldom "ski" jacket cold, but a sweatshirt and wind shirt/jacket can be welcome. Best thing is weather can be fairly predictable in advance. So watch the local LA weather reports a week or two in advance and they will be pretty accurate.
  6. We have stayed at that ES several times. If you step out the side door into the alley and turn left down a few steps is the "G Street Deli" they have a great selection and might have it. It's easy to check before walking all over. They have great deli sandwiches if you happen to want to do a little picnic.
  7. Typically yes and depending on how far south you cruise most definitely.
  8. I'm not sure what port and can only speak to Ensenada area. As for elevations I wouldn't see a problem as there's not much in the way of high hill climbs. My concern would be the roads they are taking you on. Around our area there's not much (if any) shoulder and potholes are the norm in most places. We don't see many bicycle riders except during the Rosarito to Ensenada ride.
  9. Nope, CA to MX is mostly good all year around. If you leave from San Francisco it can be a little foggy and cold sometimes. But, Sept/Oct is probably one of the best times to visit and cruise from any port in CA.
  10. Those items will be behind the counter and you will have to ask for them. Last time I bought Retin-A it was $900 MXP for a tube at the pharmacy inside Calimax Puerto Nuevo. It was about 15% more just down the street at a walkup pharmacy. Both places were cheaper than any walkup in Cabo when we where there. There's no telling what you will pay in Cozumel as it's a tourist spot and I'm guessing prices will be high no matter where you buy it. But still cheaper than the US. There's a generic Retin-A that's about 50% cheaper.
  11. I just booked three for Italy and they were all charged in USD with no fees.
  12. I don't think you will find much open on Christmas day. I would probably just stay on the ship or book a ship excursion.
  13. We use Roma or the ones inside Calimax grocery stores. I know both have stores in Ensenada. Calimax seems to be cheaper than Roma. I recent bought Retin A for a friend in the US and Calimax was about 15% cheaper than Roma.
  14. We did Uber Black at San Pedro. We RSVP'ed in advance and it was good we did. There were people at the curb who had waited more than 20 minutes and some couldn't get drivers to even confirm pickup. We walked right out and got in our SUV. The pick up area is just a few steps out the exit door of the terminal. It's maybe 100 feet from the exit door. A RSVP Uber Black will wait for you for free for about 15-20 minutes and then will charge after that. They won't leave until you get there. You can also text the driver to give them your update. BTW: use a porter they go to a special line and will get you out faster.
  15. We love the Hilton Gas Lamp it was our go to place when we visited from northern CA, not so much now that we live across the border in MX. I would find a place you like and make a RSVP now. Then continue to price shop and cancel/rebook. Prices will usually only go up. Good news is once you get away from NYE prices are usually reasonable in January.
  16. Little known, largely overlooked, and extremely interesting The Vancouver Police Museum. https://www.vancouverpolicemuseum.ca/
  17. The Intercontinental is a little bit of a walk from the Amtrak and at 0100 hrs it's not the best idea for a single female or even a couple to walk it. SD even as big as it is becomes a ghost town during the week at that hour and there's plenty of strange people in the area. Get a ride.
  18. SNA would be my choice. It's a much easier airport to navigate in and around. We have stayed at the Hilton across the street and walked to the airport with a carryon. That might save you a day on a rental car if you have one.
  19. We were in no hurry I think we headed off the ship about 0930 hrs. We did grab a porter which probably saved us 20 minutes clearing CBP and we had Global Entry.
  20. We booked our Uber two days before while at sea. There were people who had been waiting at the curb for 20 minutes and no promised Uber driver had taken their fare yet. We walked right to the curb and got in our Uber. I did see several taxis parked just down the sidewalk a short distance.
  21. Agreed to far out for getting cel tower, but not out of sight of land. We see cruise ships all the time. Granted, not very close most times.
  22. No the ships are to far out.
  23. It's always a crap shoot for weather in SF. Even the day prior is no indication of the next day. Plan for layers leaving SF and Alaska. We went in September from Vancouver and coming back to SF. In Alaska we wore long sleeves and ski vests even when up on the glacier. We had very little rain. We had friends pass us going north the next week and they got rain every day and were cold. Glacier Bay will be very cold we couldn't put on enough clothing to keep warm.
  24. Are you flying in the day before? If you are I would stay at the Hyatt inside MCO and then use the ship shuttle to the pier the next day. Otherwise we always stay in Coco Beach at one of the Hilton properties and Uber to the port. Keep in mind April is Spring Break and hotels can be expensive and book up quick. I would RSVP one ASAP with a good cancelation policy (like Hilton) and then you can always shop around later.
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