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  1. @SRF Yes sir and when I am in a new region, country, or immersed in a new culture I do my utmost to learn and use the behavior (etiquette) that is deemed appropriate. I wouldn't go to say Singapore and say well it's my vacation I'm gonna do what I want...I may end up caned (if that's still a thing).
  2. Hey @pacruise804! I tend to agree but feel being in your own world, spaced out or spatially unaware are just as bad. When in public we should be aware that our actions may effect others. If one can't be bothered...they should stay home.
  3. @VennDiagram I am not sure how to word my response without causing offense somewhere but here goes.... It has become a society of "me first and the give me, give mes". The level of impatience and "it's my vacation, I'll do what I want" mentality far outweighs any semblance of manners/etiquette and at some times just plain old human decency. I shake my head A LOT. I usually tend to say nothing unless it's at a level that I just can't stand by silently (e.g. able bodied person knocking into a disabled person while racing for an elevator). I value the manners and etiquette with which I was raised. I get compliments often on my kindness, politeness and being a "lady". While I place value on this others do not and that is fine. I can only control me. My last two solo cruises I dined alone. I will be seated at a larger table on my next cruise. However, if general standards of table manners aren't adhered to, I will be asking to move.
  4. @VennDiagram That used to be common etiquette.
  5. @c-boy Did anyone tell the staff to change the tongs and the platter of chicken? That is disgusting...🤢
  6. Just tried with Chrome and got the error when logging in. Cleared all my browsing data and I am currently clicking around inside the personalizer for my cruise in 26 DAYS!!!
  7. " 54 minutes ago, @bretts173said: OK I'll bite. Name a couple such. I've done over 50 cruise excursions and never come close to one such" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zip lines, those self piloted motor boat tours, jet skis, ropes courses....they all have risk. Then there are less adventurous such as, van tours (car accident) or hiking (falling down) nothing is without risk. An earthquake could happen as I sit at my desk. Probability is very small. As I said earlier, each INDIVIDUAL must weigh risk v. reward. People have been trying to predict mother nature forever. She keeps us on our toes and when it comes to "acts of nature" there are no guarantees. It's "the experts" best educated guesses.
  8. I just went back and looked at the spreadsheets for the last three trips. I prepay almost everything (DSC, excursions, booze packages). Therefore, as for expenses "on board a cruise" cash tips, room service (when not included) and gift shop (for nephews) are it.
  9. Got into personalizer and am still in for over 5 minutes using Edge.
  10. Just got to the site and into my personalizer...using Chrome. And within 30 secs of clicking around...back to Technical Difficulties....
  11. I absolutely think about the inherent risks in everything I do. However, it's about weighing the risk/reward and making a decision.
  12. Sign In ==> "My Account" ==> "Home" ==> "Manage This Booking" ==> "Boarding Pass & Travel Summary" ==> "Print Travel Summary" ==> Scroll down to "Special Services"
  13. @marafun Did you voice your displeasure while onboard? It's often difficult to get resolution after you have disembarked.
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