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  1. This was the review - aussietwo 5 Reviews Written 1780 Forum Posts PEARLS OF THE FAR EAST : Cabin 6049 Nautica Asia Best kept secret on the ship. An E obstructed with no obstruction. Smaller cabin but well laid out which makes rthe cabin feel like it has plenty of room.
  2. Thank you, that was very useful, we have just booked cabin 6049 in the Nautica for a cruise in October 2021, whicb a reviwer stated is not obstructed, could have had 6033 but took a chance that the reviewer was right.
  3. On the letter that I received from Regent they state that - "Due to recent changes th the State of California's Shore Power Regulation Law this voyage is being modified"... So that is the reason , must be that Navigator exceeds the emission levels. Funny that an American owned Cruise ship is not allowed into an American State, strange world eh.
  4. Just been notifed that our Cruise from Los Angeles to Miami on 17th March 2021 has been completely changed. It will now be from Lima to Miami on 19th March giving us only 14 nights instead of 16 ( 17 counting the night in hotel in LA ), The only port that we are keeping is the disembarkation port of Miami! Apparently it is because California is refusing to take the Navigator because of emmision problems! I noticed my Cruise was not on the Regent site last week so phoned them and was reassured that nothing had been changed. Not a very trustworthy company. They have said that they will "compensate" me by giving me the amount that the missing two nights on board cost on a pro rata basis, and that will only be for a future Cruise Credit! - ie they are not going to give me anything for the entire upheaval, or I can cancel all together. Any thoughts would be welcome, thanks.
  5. Interesting debates, we are going to Komodo in Jan 2022 - thinking and planning ahead eh! on a Cruise from Sydney to Bangkok and this is one of the main reasons that I booked this Cruise as I have always wanted to see them. I have looked on the excursion list for this island and it is the only excursion available and it is "Free " ie included in my Cruise fare. So I expect it will be still on and no doubt the Cruise lines will have a deal to enable them to continue to visit.
  6. Usually they are pretty good but last November we flew from Heathrow to New York and after collecting bags and going to pick up point there was no one there, we waited for over an hour and a half before the reps arrived - after we had phoned ship so it does not work seamlessly all the time.
  7. Good for you, but I see that there is a rule for some and not for others! The same thing happened to us in our April and May Viking Cruise from Hong Kong to Vancouver. We paid £300 for a trip to Kyoto during the holiday Golden week and inauguration time for the new Emperor. It was so busy we lost the guides within minutes, they then lost most of the group and we spent an hour looking for them, there were many thousands of peope in huge crowds it was even busier than the photos that you submitted, like coming out of a football match. They eventually gave us 25% of what we had paid as a goodwill gesture but I do not think anyone else received anything. Hope they learn from these situations.
  8. Viking lied to us. In May after completing a lovely Cruise from Hong Kong to Vancouver on the Orion our flight was after 9pm in the evening, I asked on board about this and was informed that a hotel was going to be used in Vancouver where we would be taken after disembarkation ( although we could stay on the ship in the lounge until noon) and then at 3 pm we would be taken to the airport. We thought that this was better than nothing so accepted, we got on the coach at noon and were immediately taken straight to the airport, spent hours sitting until the BA desk opened so do not believe everything they tell you. We had flights and transfers arranged by Viking.
  9. We recently went on the Amsterdam to New York Cruise on Navigator and as I disagree very strongly about using throw away plastic bottles I asked about what Regent were doing about this and I was informed that water fountains and reusable bottles are to be introduced later this year as soon as they sort the logistics. Good news.
  10. We are two of the first time Regent Cruisers on this Cruise. Really enjoyed the experience, great food - better that Oceania which feels that it is the best food on a Cruise ship! Crew very good and very well looked after, pleased that we have four more booked.
  11. Wish I'd known it was in Port of Tyne, we live fourteen miles away, could have popped on board and spent a couple of nights in a lifeboat instead of slavering over to Amsterdam on wednesday!! by the way there is plenty of things to see and do in the Toon visit the Baltic or Liang art installations or have a pleasant stroll on Newcastle quay side, if you had been there yesterday you could have visited St James' Park to see Newcastle beaten at home!! the sun is even coming out!
  12. Thank you for your notes and photos, we are joining the ship on Wednesday, and have never been with Regent before, so really looking forward to something a little special. It is nice to get a little insight into the ship before you board. The food looks good!
  13. The only Grand Voyage that I can see for Navigator in 2021 is 5th November for 62 nights from Miami to Miami circling South America. And re Med Cruises - there are 36 in 2021 from 8th April until 11th November, sorry I do not know how to do screenshots most are pretty short duration 7 to 15 nights with most of them 10 or 12 nights.
  14. I received a big fat brochure in the post today with dates from January 2020 to May 2022 - no prices for any of the cruises are included though!
  15. I feel that some of the included tours are now very poor indeed, we have fairly recently returned from the 36 night Cruise from Hong Kong to Vancouver and some of the included tours were infact just shuttle bus drop offs to the centre of town, especially the Alaskan part of the trip. They have to pay for all these new ships and this is obviously one way to cut back, compared to what you received a year or two ago. It is one of their main selling points for their Cruises that there is an included excursion in nearly every port but their standards are slipping and it is a very competitive industry and also their prices seem to be rising so I for one will look even more carefully at what they include compared to others before I put my money down.
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