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  1. The problem is, I believe, that Ships departing a US port for Alaska, have to stop at an international port during the trip. If Canada is out...perhaps Russia ?????
  2. Canada has closed its ports to cruise ships carrying over 500 passengers and crews...until the end of July. That is going to cause big problems for the Alaska cruise season. More discussion in the Alaska Forum
  3. The City doesn't mind taking your money...but it does mind all the harbour-front yuppies having to put up with you having fun !
  4. Make sure you continue to monitor the Smart Traveler site to keep up to date with Government Warnings. Traveling to a "warning country" could void your travel insurance.
  5. Two more points: Can you change cruise dates to a more suitable ship? ...or HAL Be aware that from around the middle of August, the dog sledding on snow options disappear as the dog camps in the snow fields close down...due lack of snow. If that is important to you, try and change to June/July.
  6. What they all said. Also, in general, Princess do Alaska very well. They have heaps of extra Alaskan activities on board and the shore excursions are well organised. Glacier Bay is a must on your itinerary.
  7. It's actually the Skywalker Lounge. A great bar and lounge that has great views and is rarely used during the day...and is the nightclub at night. It was removed from some of the other Princess ships...due structural concerns.
  8. Don't ell me she will be loosing her shopping trolley handles??
  9. Yes, I think some people need to get a grip! Mechanical issues happen to all things mechanical...even our cars. Just go with the flow and be pleased to have a new great dinner story. For hours without food at 5am? ... oh, the humanity !
  10. Fluffy...We have been on a couple of re-positioning cruises after a Singapore dry dock. They are usually great value and you get to see some interesting ports. However, sometimes they are finalising the work during the cruise...so there could be a little disruption. But overall...great cruises...and we have another one booked for 2021. The bonus is....you also get to spend some time in Singapore.
  11. If it was a short domestic cruise, Customs have a printout of everything you purchased on the ship...so they would only stop someone who had obviously spent above their duty free allowance. If it was an international cruise, you could expect a bit more attention paid to your documents and bags.
  12. Usually, the only reason for a trip to Singapore is dry-dock...and 17 days seems about right for a regular touch-up.
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