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  1. I'm sure your TA would pass on the move over offer. If a client accepts a move over offer that is passed on by a TA, the TA generally gets a small "thank you" from the cruise line, in the form of a few extra dollars, for coordinating the change.
  2. Are you a US Citizen on a US passport? If so, a visa is not needed for Morocco.
  3. I do the same, no matter how long I've been traveling, even to farther flung places like Asia or Middle East. I always just push through the first day. I find once I get walking I get re-energized, then it's usually no problem to enjoy the day. My bar is to try to stay up until 8pm or so, and then take a Sleep gel by Olly, and crash for a good 10 hours. Next morning I'm generally on the new time and feeling pretty good.
  4. I always choose the least amount of connections, less stress, less opportunity for problems. Most hotels in Rome will hold your bags while you go take a stroll, or join a walking tour.
  5. Sailed on an expedition trip to Antarctica in January, and had to consider this possibility due to the extreme remoteness of the location. First off, the expedition ships make you provide documentation that you have evacuation insurance in place for the trip. Should an emergency occur that necessitates you leaving the ship they handle it in different ways depending on the emergency: - they may sail you to nearest inhabited island with airstrip, such as King George Island. Or sail you back to Ushuaia Argentina, if this is an option, although you are probably 1.5-2 days sail away - they may deliver you to a research station with medical facilities to get you stabilized, and try to fly a small plane in to airlift you out - they may try to call for a larger ship, such as a military vessel in the surrounding area, that has a more advanced medical bay and try to get you back to main land All depends on where you are and what the possibilities are. We've only ever witnessed one real medical emergency at sea, it was in the Tahitian Islands, and a small boat came to the cruise ship and the passenger and companion were offloaded onto the small boat. We heard they were taken to the nearby small island, transferred to a larger boat and taken to Papeete Tahiti to a hospital. Some sort of heart condition.
  6. You may be a bit spread out, but I feel Frankfurt airport is well run and efficient.
  7. I would not take that short of a layover in CDG, too tight for me in this particular airport.
  8. My eDocs for Feb cruise state PamAm Pier also.
  9. terry&mike


    I have free bags with both Delta and United, from 2 different credit cards. When I purchase EZAir on those airlines it shows on the EZAir site that there will be bag fees, but I have never been charged bag fees from the actual airline. You'll want to ensure you can bring your reservation up using your account/frequent flyer number on the airline's site. If not, be sure to add your ff number to your reservation so it will all tie together.
  10. I just changed my flights this week on EZ Air, and you would not be able to cancel your original flights without really intending to do it. Once you have selected Add or Modify Flights option, and find the flight routing/price you want you have to click to accept these new flights. Once you click that, then another pop up comes up that says "you will be cancelling your previously booked flights, are you sure you want to do this", and you have to acknowledge that also to be able to go forward. The only caution might be that be sure you really want the new price and schedule, as once you have cancelled your originally held schedule you may not be able to get it again. I accepted a new price and routing that is much more to my liking, so am happy; but I can see my old price and routing is on offer now for $65 more pp than what I had it held at.
  11. The Net Jets comment was in jest from the poster. Net Jets is a private airline service that you buy a membership into, which allows the member to fly private and choose their own route and departure day/times.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by paying for "extra air per person", but if you mean you purchased Viking's custom air then you can call Viking and work with their air department to get a flight routing that is better suited to you. If you did not pay extra for customized air, and have air with your Viking package then Viking will book your air 45-60 days before departure and notify you. This is if you booked with Viking directly, if you booked with a travel agent they will work with you and Viking to coordinate your air if you paid the custom air fee. Also, not sure where you live, but if you live in the US most flights to Europe, including Barcelona, are overnight.
  13. I have found that for back and hip support, I do better with propping my legs up slightly. My legs are rather short, and I found that a blow up travel footrest takes the pressure off of my back.
  14. You may also want to price it with Princess as SF to Heathrow, round trip, business class. Then go to the open market and buy just the Heathrow-Shannon, economy, one way leg, on it's own.
  15. Agree. Flew there with my Mom for a long weekend last year, stayed in a "Casa Particular" (room in local residents home), had a wonderful time. Beautiful place, kind people. Nothing not to like.
  16. Another option for you might be Bali for a few nights, as it is a short, cheap, direct flight from Singapore. I'm going to add 4-5 nights in Bali pre-cruise to our SE Asia cruise that begins in Singapore in January, 2020.
  17. If you plan on using products with DEET in them, please do a trial run before you are on vacation. Take a day while still at home and put the product on your skin, wear it around all day, and see how you do. Some people can have a skin reaction to DEET products, and vacation time is not when you want to find this out.
  18. I am looking for suggestions for a hotel in Bali for 4-5 nights. You can suggest an area, such as Jimbaran, or a specific hotel/inn. I appreciate any advice. We are a couple in our 50's, first time visitors to Bali, enjoy good food, and would like to see a few of the cultural sites, maybe attend a cultural dance show one evening. This will be for next December, before we board a ship in Singapore. Ideally, the hotel would be on the beach or near the beach, and not too far from a few restaurants and maybe a couple of shops; walking or biking distance would be perfect, if possible. We are not party people, so am thinking Kuta is not for us. As to style, it can be a small inn or B&B with character and great hosts, or a larger resort property with gorgeous grounds and good service; we are good with either. Will want one evening a romantic, nice dinner with great view to celebrate a special occasion. As to budget, I'm all about saving money where possible to use on other vacation experiences, so this is appreciated; will go up to $200/night.
  19. If you booked through a travel agent, and your email is attached to your cruise reservation (ie. you've done your online check in and provided this information, or it is already on file with NCL), then both you and your travel agent will receive an email inviting you to bid on an upgrade. You can bid for yourself, or instruct your travel agent to bid on your behalf. If you booked through a travel agent, and your email is not yet attached to your cruise reservation (ie. you haven't provided it to NCL yet), then your travel agent will receive an email saying that you are eligible to bid on upgrades. Your travel agent should then forward this email on to you. You can bid for yourself, or instruct your travel agent to bid on your behalf. There are a few times when this may not happen: 1. You purchased from a travel agent who has opted out of the upgrade program; not many have opted out, but a few of the giant big box type have to not be burdened with the extra administrative work. 2. Your sailing doesn't have any upgrade options available for the category you are sailing in, or for the ship you are sailing in. Doesn't happen much, but some sailings are very heavily sold. 3. You are booked at a rate that does not qualify for the upgrade program. The general public will rarely see this, it is mostly internal rates, promotional sailings, free cruise sailings.
  20. If you can manage it, it is a much better experience to do a cruise to Antarctica where you get a "boots on the ground" experience. You are looking at a drive by cruise, which will feature scenic sailing in the area. If possible, please book an expedition cruise, which will allow you to zodiac from small ships (200 passengers or less) to shores and see wildlife close up. We sailed Ponant Le Soleil in January 2018 for 17 days to Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia, and it was amazing. Feel free to email me for pictures or if you have any questions.
  21. For CDG I always try to allow at least 2 hours, with my preference being 2.5-3 hours. Well actually, as a connecting airport, I always try first to avoid CDG. This is a very spread out airport, and often lacks efficiency. I'd rather feel more relaxed, end up with some extra time, have a coffee and do a bit of window shopping, then feel stressed with such a short layover. If you really like the short layover, then I'd check out the flights your airline has CDG to Venice following your booked flight and have a note of them. If you see you are going to miss the connection, get yourself to a customer service rep ASAP and have the options ready to try to get yourself on board the next flight, or soonest possible available.
  22. This is the board for Asia, not for Europe. Also, you will be better to post this on your Roll Call for your particular sailing.
  23. As a business, they can charge whatever they like for the services and products. As consumers, we can pay it or buy from another operator. This is true with every aspect of the booking from the cabin costs, to the beverages on board, to the tours through the ship or from local operators. There is no set cost for any item that must be adhered to across the board. I don't think the cost of the visa is a secret, I was aware of the cost charged before booking the trip. There are 21 people currently booked to travel with me, they are aware. We all have choices in this. I can get the visa myself, I can allow the cruise line to handle it. I can sail with another cruise line, I can sail with Princess. It's a non-issue for me, and a small amount of money in the overall picture, and I'm happy to have someone else take care of the process. I've obtained visas myself several times in the past, and will easily give up this chore for a small fee. If it's an issue for you, why try to swim upstream? Just move on to another cruise, another cruise line, or handle the visa yourself.
  24. I'm going to file this under things not worth worrying about. My documents from Princess for my January, 2020 cruise state the charge will be $56 per person for the Vietnam visa, that is the amount I am prepared to pay. If it is less, then it's lagniappe. Whether the Vietnam visa is charged at $5, $30, or $56, it is a nominal amount in the overall vacation cost which will most likely exceed $15,000.
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