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  1. If I had regular access to that deal I would be a very happy girl indeed!!!
  2. I agree with the last post, people need to insure what is important to them. We've always lived by the code that "insurance is only to be used for the things you can't recover yourself from". We don't insure costs of trip or cancelling the trip, as that is money we can afford to be out, or we wouldn't be taking the trip in the first place. We insure things where the numbers can skyrocket, such as medical and evacuation. But I think everyone needs to make their own decisions in this regard.
  3. I see the ship set sail from Tromso about an hour ago with passengers on board. I would love for someone on the sailing to post.
  4. Will do! And glad you had a great trip in the "deep south"!
  5. We are on the July 21 sailing from Tromso to Svalbard, and are really hopeful!!
  6. Thank you! I love cruise critic members.
  7. For those that have let the cruise line arrange the Vietnam visas for them, did you need to bring a set of passport/visa photos to the ship to use, or are photos not necessary? Specifically for Diamond Princess, but other anecdotes are appreciated.
  8. I am assuming you are on a cruise going over, and need one way air for the return. If that is correct, the first place you may want to check is with your cruise line itself. Many cruise lines have airfare that is significantly discounted. You can buy air at 330 days from your flight, which is very close, but for cruise line air I find that they don't have a lot of their contracted air entered that early and you are better discussing options with them at closer to 300 days out (10 months).
  9. Each of the offices are individually owned by a franchise partner, so your experience will be all over the board from great to meh to bad, depending on the office, how it is managed, and the people working from that office. The reason some folks refer to it as big box is that it is a huge online presence also.
  10. Thrak, I posted the 37 excluded sailings in this thread, post 41
  11. I think if you search online for 3 Day Sale you will find it
  12. Your "normal TA" can book this for you if your normal TA is part of this company. As noted before it is not a big box store but sometimes referred to that way. It is a lot of small boxes in Canada and US.
  13. We disembarked Royal Princess on May 11 and flew home from YVR and this was also our experience - needing to show our cards to pre-clear via expedited screening. I actually had to show my card on more than one occasion to get through the entire process heading to the gate. I always have mine along with me, but I imagine sometimes people are caught by surprise. I found YVR, using expedited screening, was a breeze and I flew through all the checkpoints, taking 14 minutes from start to entering the lounge.
  14. Main Cabin is Economy. You may be thinking of Basic Economy, which is also seating that is located in the Main Cabin but is more restrictive - you aren't booked in Basic Economy though, or you wouldn't have seats assigned at all until check in, and Viking doesn't use Basic Economy. You are booked in Main Cabin Economy, and some Main Cabin Economy tickets are not upgrade able.
  15. I agree with klfrodo. I'm not that concerned about covering the cost of a trip I have to cancel, but I am concerned about medical coverage and evacuation coverage. Interestingly, most travelers are much more focused on recouping the cost of the trip. So, you have to decide what is important to you, and what it is you want to protect/insure. DH and I have always believed in the adage that insurance should only be used for something you cannot recover yourself from. For example, the cost of the trip, it's money already spent, money you can afford to do without, and would disappoint us to lose it but won't damage us to lose it. Conversely, a medical emergency in a far away place, and possible evacuation, could jump up into the 5 to 6 digits price, and would be painful to absorb.
  16. $250 off of flights was a booking promotion. When you have your agent refare to the new promo you will lose the flight promo credit of $250 off of flights, but you will not lose your flights saved to your booking (you will have them at the rate they were when you saved them). If you cancel and rebook, which is different than refaring, you will lose your promos, as well as your saved flights, from your current booking.
  17. Well, I went ahead and took a leap of faith and jumped on board! I booked DH and I on the July 21 sailing to Norway and Spitsbergen. I hope the ship is ready, or I guess we'll be knocking around inland Norway.
  18. If they are cutting and repairing, do you think they will make the June projection? Or do you think they will postpone again?
  19. That's one way to look at it. Or, you could look at it like at least someone you know got the TC credit, rather than someone you didn't know (ie the agency) getting the TC credit, which happens often. When cruise lines release their sailings, major travel agencies hold group space on many, many sailings. Most major travel companies have thousands of "groups" via group space held, their individual agents book clients on cruises at the current best rate available at the time the client is booking, and then move that client into the group for extra perks for the client. At the same time this agency is building towards their TC credits, which come to the agency after the sailing in the form of additional commission. This is how you can sometimes find a better perk or better offer from a company.
  20. This is the list of sailings that are excluding from this years 3 Day Sale; they are the same as the exclusions from this years Sip and Sale. To clarify, the 3 Day Sale and the Sip and Sale are the same with the exception of the 3 Day Sale having the addition of pre-paid gratuities, and being offered only from one agency.
  21. There is generally a disclaimer on cruise air (Choice, EZ, etc) saying that the international legs of your itinerary will be in Business Class and that the domestic legs may be in a different class.
  22. Here are the excluded sailings. Listed as Sailing number, Ship, # Days, Sail Date, Name: 3022A Crown Princess 22, 7/11/2020 0:00 2020 Baltic & Norwegian Fjords Medley 2006 Island Princess 28 4/11/2020 2020 Hawaii, Tahiti & Samoa E004 Emerald Princess 28 2/1/2020 2020 Hawaii, Tahiti & Samoa M104B Diamond Princess 8 1/30/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Kobe) M106A Diamond Princess 8 2/15/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Kobe) M106B Diamond Princess 8 2/18/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Taipei) M104 Diamond Princess 8 1/28/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Tokyo) M107A Diamond Princess 8 2/23/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Kobe) M105 Diamond Princess 8 2/5/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Tokyo) M108 Diamond Princess 8 3/1/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Tokyo) M105C Diamond Princess 8 2/10/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Taipei) M105B Diamond Princess 8 2/7/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Kobe) M106 Diamond Princess 8 2/13/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Tokyo) M107 Diamond Princess 8 2/21/2021 0:00 2021 Japan & Taiwan (from Tokyo) S004 Sun Princess 46 1/24/2020 0:00 2020 Indian Ocean & South Africa Odyssey 6033A Coral princess 48 10/31/2020 0:00 2020 Panama Canal, Andes & Cape Horn (with Total Eclipse) C107B Sea Princess 11 2/21/2021 0:00 2021 Southern Australia Explorer C107C Sea Princess 17 3/4/2021 0:00 2021 Northern Explorer S015D Sea Princess 11 10/23/2020 0:00 2020 Southern Australia Explorer S015B Sea Princess 17 10/6/2020 0:00 2020 Northern Explorer 2104 Island Princess 10 2/9/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - New Zealand & Australia 2106 Island Princess 11 3/4/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - Malaysian Peninsula & Indian Ocean 2105 Island Princess 13 2/19/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - Asia &Australia 2102 Island Princess 14 1/3/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - PanamaCanal (Connoisseur) 2107 Island Princess 17 3/15/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - Holy Land, Turkey & Aegean Sea 2104A Island Princess 23 2/9/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Segment - New Zealand, Australia & Asia 2106C Island Princess 28 3/4/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Liner - Indian Ocean & Mediterranean Sea 2108A Island Princess 38 4/1/2021 0:00 2021 WC Liner-Mediterranean, Transatlantic Crossing, Panama Canal 2107B Island Princess 41 3/15/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Liner - Mediterranean & Transatlantic Crossing 2103E Island Princess 45 1/17/2021 0:00 2021 World Cruise Liner - South Pacific & Asia K004 Pacific Princess 45 2/19/2020 0:00 2020 World Cruise Segment - IndianOcean & Africa C010E Sea Princess 49 5/14/2020 0:00 2020 World Cruise Liner - Brisbaneto London (Dover) A110A Grand Princess 38 3/23/2021 0:00 2021 Indian Ocean & Europe Grand Adventure G032B Regal Princess 44 10/17/2020 0:00 2020 Four Continents Grand Adventure G032A Regal Princess 46 10/17/2020 0:00 2020 Four Continents Grand Adventure A035A Grand Princess 46 10/24/2020 0:00 2020 Pacific Crossing & Asia S008C Sea Princess 49 4/15/2020 0:00 2020 Circle Pacific Liner Sydney toSan Francisco
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