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  1. On our London (Southampton) to Reykjavik cruise last summer, Isafjordur was listed as dock and Geiranger listed as tender. In Isafjordur, the dock was not ready yet, and the Prima's lifeboats were not certified for tender, so all Prima cruises last summer skipped the port. OTOH, in Geiranger listed as tender we were able to walk right off.
  2. 1. You left out gelato in Italy. 2. My DW went into a McDonalds in Paris because she wanted decaf coffee. But she was told "only normal". 🤦‍♂️
  3. This discussion has seemed to come to an end. It's sad, sort of like when your cruise ends and you have to disembark. <sigh>
  4. The only advantage is when you get old, they do not charge you extra for being old. But, the coverage is not enough so not worth it.
  5. And your passport is sailing away which is going to make that airplane flight home a huge problem.
  6. If you are able to contact them and get a response, please share it with the rest of us who have been following your tale.
  7. Interesting, there were a few on the roll call for our cruise last summer who used the BOGO air from NCL and were given flights the next day. They said there were flights in the morning, but NCL would not budge and let them use them. Obviously, if they could have got off the Prima starting that early, they could have made morning flights.
  8. We booked for the itinerary and still loved the cruise even though 2 ports disappeared. It would not have done us any good to hate it for what we did not get. Plus it was our first cruise since 2018 (did go to Peru including Machu Picchu in 2019 and had a cruise booked in 2020 lost to Covid). And having a lovely anniversary onboard was also wonderful. 😊
  9. I just thought they are being inconsistent. They have allowed this thread. There is a thread in the Northern European section where someone says not to use some tour consolidator that is ongoing. But they censored it in a roll call. Roll calls especially often have posts about tours. This is not a TA about whom are not allowed to be mentioned whether positive or negative.
  10. Why shouldn't they allow information from other cc posters who have been scammed to go out to future passengers who are ripe to be scammed?
  11. That is a shame. Has anyone asked the mods to read this and other threads and then ask why they cannot warn possible future victims?
  12. And shoes. They will send you back if you come in with bare feet.
  13. And somewhere in the middle of the ship, they have immigration officers.
  14. On the NCL Prima, I basically wore tie dye tee shirts to dinner. It kind of spoiled me for our river cruise this past spring when I had to wear collared shirts 🤣
  15. NCL has no formal night and pretty much no dress code for dining except in their most expensive extra charge restaurant.
  16. There have been posts on the NCL board that say that NCL no longer allows this. But I guess it can't hurt to ask.
  17. Accents are a part of the problem. Now from reading many of those same horror stories, trying to sell extras as opposed to focusing on the problem can be an even bigger problem. And I did mention that in the post of mine that you quoted.
  18. Thank you for clearing up the mystery of the messaging feature on cruise critic. Every now and then you see a post saying use the feature to "message me". and then several posts saying that does not work. But now we know it does work, just not for us the general population posting on cruise critic. But it really does have a purpose as you have made clear.
  19. They may also think that if they do not get off the ship in those ports, they will be ok without a passport. And that too is not true.
  20. You could ask them why that rule is in place. You could ask them if my speculation as to the reason is correct.
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