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  1. Yeah....crazy, something I wouldn't want, I've heard bad experiences on FCC. I am sure this is temporary tit-for-tat maneuvering because we banned them coming here.
  2. FYI to the OP. our daughter was booked on a caribbean sailing in April, was cancelled, and she just got her refund a few days ago.
  3. While fairly confident this might be temporary, I am curious how the cruise line will handle this situation for Americans traveling to EU booked on cruises. We're not cruising until next Summer, but best to know at least ahead just in case. I'm also confident that this was in response to the US ban against EU citizens coming over here.
  4. I do know that friends of ours in Victoria are completely locked down as of late, they're on Winter break right now I believe.
  5. No, I wouldn't wear a mask nor a face shield on a cruise vacation that I spent a lot of money for. If they go to measures like this they might as well kiss themselves into bankruptcy, because the majority of cruisers wouldn't go for that.
  6. aHHHHH I didn't read what you said....I added the numbers up only, LOL.....smh YEAH call them. That's odd.
  7. If they start the policing on our next (2021) cruise by harassing guests, counting people in rooms, directing traffic as if we're in the Warsaw Ghetto, they might as well start looking at their "new norm" as a faster path toward bankruptcy.
  8. We're on for June 2021. If masks become mandatory, we're canceling permanently as well. No one in their right minds after spending a fortune as it is on a cruise wants to wear a mask.
  9. Ever since our first aft balcony - we always dive for those first. Very little motion out aft, just some warped shaft harmonic rumbling, but awesome.
  10. First cruise, Grandeur, 2004. Seeing DW's face light up when she saw the flowers from me in our first cabin, an inside. At the midnight buffet, wanted to try one of the chocolate covered strawberries, Jen never had one before, watched the woman in front of us take the last six of them for herself....head waiter took note, next night at dinner, brought the table a platter of them....remembering the wonderful lit up ice sculptures and watermelon carvings, the port visits we had in the Caribbean....magic. -
  11. A great ship with a story. I cannot confirm this, but I heard that her hull is still intact in some shipyard after the fire took place in 1966. She was sold and then became the Hanseatic seen here burning.
  12. In our case, after our Lift & shift to a cruise next year, all of our excursions, the Chef's Table, the Taste of Royal, all that gets refunded within 45 days. Just not sure if that's 45 business days or includes weekends.
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