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  1. Out of curiosity, is it a set price to upgrade or does it differ?
  2. You’re on a different page I think. P&O would have said let’s advertise family cruises for these ships today so to do so let’s send an email to all the people that have booked for Britannia between x and z and show them some other options. likewise in the future they will do the same for aurora cruises based on people who have booked Arcadia between x and a. It’s a common marketing strategy to show you similarities so that you book other things (be it other ships) P&O don’t want people sticking to the same ship, they want to tempt you to book others.
  3. Love the idea of this but not the idea of actually wearing it. I’d have preferred them making the cruise card like a contactless bank card with the same perks as the medallion instead.
  4. Then the email you received would have been based on your booking on Britannia. For this type of marketing they will say for example we want to advertise the family ships to the Med so let’s pick the passengers that have booked the family ships to sail to the Baltics to show them other options to book for next time. They won’t do it as a let’s see what cruises Joe Bloggs has booked and then market directly to him. It will be based on specific ships and sailings individually.
  5. Soft drinks are separate to the 15 drink limit on P&O, it is purely for alcohol.
  6. P&O do the same. 15 alcoholic drinks pppd from 6am for 24hrs
  7. I hope not, finally booked Aurora for Oct 2022. The last sailing on sale. it’s bad enough not knowing if this years cruises are going ahead, let alone next years! If I offer to buy Paul Ludlow a pint, do you think he’ll keep her in the fleet 😂
  8. It’s nothing to do with the IT department was my point, the marketing team would have handled this themselves.
  9. I’d bitten my tongue for too long haha! It was worth seeing them crawl into their own behind. 😂
  10. This isn’t an IT thing, this is purely a marketing department strategy.
  11. Our last P&O cruise, there were an older couple who told anyone who would listen that they were in the ‘top’ suite and that are the top tier of P&O loyalty. Then they made the mistake of telling us that they do not like P&O for numerous reasons despite constantly sailing with them including the ‘purely embarrassing atrium that they call a dance hall, Cunard has a ballroom don’t you know’ Well I couldn’t resist so I kindly asked “So forgive my ignorance, are Cunard currently not sailing?” ”yes of course they are” they responded, quite rudely. so I hit them wit
  12. I think I may have had the same email but mine had a link further down that said ‘Looking for a adult-exclusive holiday?’ With a link that then takes you to Aurora and Arcadia. Is this the same email or did yours not include that?
  13. Hardly the same as staying at home.
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