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  1. This is what I had planned so we could go cruising start of May, anyhow she screwed things up by being10 days late and only born tonight so as they say every silver lining.........
  2. Be careful taking FCC it's like a gift voucher worthless if Tui go tits up. Best way is to use it asap to book another cruise then the booking is covered by abta and your money is safe.
  3. No not Susan Calman 🙄 dont find her funny or right person at all. Not sure who would be might be good to have had a Male host for a change. 🤔
  4. Link to full post https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/MarellaCruises/photos/a.578602718915476/2611722382270156/?type=3&source=48&refid=7&_ft_=qid.6804078507999176173%3Amf_story_key.-3109733832250202020%3Atop_level_post_id.2611722608936800%3Acontent_owner_id_new.282600341849050%3Apage_id.282600341849050%3Asrc.22%3Aphoto_id.2611722382270156%3Astory_location.5%3Astory_attachment_style.photo%3Aview_time.1584197978%3Afilter.h_nor%3Atds_flgs.3%3Apage_insights.{"282600341849050"%3A{"page_id"%3A282600341849050%2C"actor_id"%3A282600341849050%2C"dm"%3A{"isShare"%3A0%2C"originalPostOwnerID"%3A0}%2C"psn"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"post_context"%3A{"object_fbtype"%3A266%2C"publish_time"%3A1584193553%2C"story_name"%3A"EntStatusCreationStory"%2C"story_fbid"%3A[2611722608936800]}%2C"role"%3A1%2C"sl"%3A5%2C"targets"%3A[{"actor_id"%3A282600341849050%2C"page_id"%3A282600341849050%2C"post_id"%3A2611722608936800%2C"role"%3A1%2C"share_id"%3A0}]}}&__tn__=EH-R
  5. Herwith for those who dont do FB Important Update Increasing international travel restrictions, border controls, port closures and CLIA US recent guidelines have affected the planned itineraries for Arcadia and Britannia. Arcadia is now making her way to South Africa, calling at Durban on Sunday 22 March, before an overnight stop in Cape Town on Wednesday 25 March. Arcadia will sail from Cape Town on Thursday 26 March and proceed towards Southampton, due to arrive on Sunday 12 April. Guests who were due to disembark in Dubai on 24 March will disembark in Cape Town on 25 March. All other guests may stay onboard to Southampton, or they may choose to disembark in Cape Town on 25 March. In all instances, P&O Cruises will arrange and cover the cost of repatriation flights. Guests due to join in Dubai will unfortunately no longer be able to join the ship. They will automatically receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit for use on a P&O Cruises voyage departing before the end of March 2022. Guests who were due to fly to Barbados today (14 March) have been advised of the cancellation of the current cruise. Guests on board Britannia will be able to stay on board to return back to the UK or fly back from Barbados. We are very sorry for the short notice of the cancellation which was unavoidable due to the global Covid-19 situation and the latest restrictions. For the most up to date information visit: http://*****/2w4dSTS
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157931587275782&id=179746530781# Posted by P&O on their official page 4 hrs ago Hth
  7. 0 Think it looks like Southampton will become one big cruise ship park with all heading home.
  8. It's more likely the cruise companies will bring forward refit, maintenance schedules if their providers of these services can accommodate them. Theyll more than likely also super clean everything in hope of a swift return to normal cruise ops. Interesting times.
  9. Marella only sell their cruises in the UK/Eire so 99.9% will be Brits or Irish.
  10. I got banned for dissing the dress code lol. 😝
  11. Poor you sorry about your cruise but knock.the Tramadol on the head if you can. It's the spawn of the devil akin to heroin and coming off is like going cold turkey, sweats, night terrors, etc. Took it for 3 slipped discs for about a year and was horrific took 6mths to get out of my system. Stick to ibruprofen or co-codamol. Best of 🙏🙂
  12. Marella cruise ships in the Med dont generally start to get into full swing until mid to end April so i think Marella will be sitting on the fence until at least the end of March before they start making changes to departure ports and ports of call. In a months time the situation will have either changed for the worst or coronavirus will slip off the whole radar much the same as all the other virus scares have in other years so i think all the cruise companies who will be sailing in the Med this coming summer will be just playing the waiting game. We shall see.
  13. We are going on QV later in the year for my birthday and I have read and watched lots of reviews and videos. I take them all with a pinch of salt and think you can spot the moaners and whingers instantly, they would find fault with anything and everything. We intend to go with an open mind and enjoy the Cunard experience, we were also hoping this Spring to try P&O but that's on a back burner for now until this virus business sorts itself out. My grocery delivery man just told me he took 42 bottles of handwash to a lady before he brought my usual delivery!!!🙄 Hopefully by time November comes ..........🙏🤞
  14. I suspect one would dress as if going to the Oscar's or Baftas or indeed the Oliviers. Enjoy.
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