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  1. This is because the coaches are allowed in to drop off but not to stay and wait to pick up.
  2. Look on the Marella website this should give you itinary details. Thought this was the age of Google lol🙄🙄🤔🤔
  3. Have to agree with Dave above. After all the reviews i'd seen about Ex2 i was dreading going on especially as it was DH's first cruise and it had took me an eternity to persuade him to go so we went with a little apprehension and a very open mind. Apart from the embarkation debacle we had one of our best holidays ever, met some lovely people, saw some great shows, never had a bad meal (we only used MDR and Vista) and didn't want to come home. Yes there were the moaners and whingers who imo would have done so wherever they were. So my advice would be to do as we did and have agreat time.
  4. I find black trousers(pants) and a long skirt in Navy blue silk/chiffon/satin work well with several different tops, also if you have a simple maxi dress you can put tops over it to create a new look for formal nights. I have this maxi skirt and trousers from Kaleidescope in the UK.
  5. Agree we hired bicycles there and rode round the city walls. Lovely.
  6. Just realised the OP was 2011! How things change now we know more about the damaging effects of the sun.Lol 🌞😎
  7. If you have a thick head of hair maybe that's fine but my DH is a bald and has had a skin cancer removed after years of working outside without a hat. He has been told by the doc that unless he wants to have more cancers he has to wear a high sun factor and a hat at all times outdoors so better safe than sorry.
  8. You might get an odd warm day but in general I would go for trousers/pants. We were in Rome in November for my birthday and it was perishing. Wad glad of my hat scarf and thick coat. Hth
  9. It's just like any other airport. There are e-passport gates which are usually pretty swift. Bags come thro quite fast too unless it's lunchtime lol. The walk to the coaches is about 800mtrs mostly covered by canopy and lots of Marella staff pointing the way. Coach to port is 20-30 mins depending on traffic. Hth
  10. If anyones interested i have posted what i wore and packing tips on the Fashin board see
  11. I said I would report on my recent cruise which DH and I took around the Med/Adriatic. You can find the Cruise review here:https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/388-marella-cruises-formerly-thomson/ As it was a Fly-Cruise UK- Naples we had 2 x20kg (50lb) Hold luggage in a 30” and a 24” suitcase along with 2 x 10kg(25lb) in a medium rucksack and a beach bag. I also carried a Travelon shoulder bag. We cross-packed and luggage was not bonded outbound but was bonded on the way home. It’s easier to go through what I wore rather than what I packed as the weather was unseasonal for the Med in late May and some last minute additions to my wardrobe before departure proved useful! Departure 5am from home for 9am flight (15th) Blue Linen Trousers(Pants), White ¾ sleeve Tee, Pale pink cotton sweater, navy blue pashmina and Sketchers We were delayed boarding so it was a quick change after muster from our carry-on packing into a navy vest and multi-coloured jacket and mules to go to dinner. 16thMessina Sicily – Rain and some…..! Trip to Taormina Blue Linen Trousers, red/white Breton top, Sketchers, scarf and raincoat Note to self Sketchers are NOT waterproof! Back on board hot shower to warm up and change into Adidas pants, tee and fleece and mules. Used hairdryer to start drying of linen trousers and Sketchers! Evening – Dress To Impress (Marellas Formal which is really smart casual) Long violet colour gown with embellishment to waist, silk pashmina in grey, Black/spangle T-bar sandals, small silver evening bag. DH wore black jeans, long sleeved shirt and brogues. (Pic below) 17th Dubrovnik Croatia – Sunshine AM on board ship cotton black/lilac skirt and lilac vest, mules (changed to sketchers to sightsee) Evening Black trousers, gold/sparkle vest, black pashmina, small gold evening bag, Gold cloth sandals. 18th Ancona, Italy – Rain and not warm! Blue Linen trousers, tee & fleece, Sketchers for morning walking tour, note Sketchers still NOT waterproof!! Changed in afternoon to Adidas pants and mules. Hairdryer to trousers and Sketchers yet again! Evening- Black trousers, 3 diff stripe pink lace top, blk T-bar sandals, blk pashmina and small blk evening bag 19th Venice, Italy – Rain Rain Rain . Boat trip to the islands Murano and Burano. (See pic below) Blue linen trousers (yes again!), tee & fleece, scarf & raincoat, Sketchers (still not waterproof ha ha) Hairdryer to rescue once again. Evening White jeans, Turqoise/white top. Turqoise sandals, Turqoise Pashmina, sm silver evening bag. 20th Split, Croatia – Sunny but showery AM hot later Blue linen trousers, sketchers, tee & raincoat to start later shorts, vest & mules Evening LBD, blk T-bar sandals, sm blk evening bag and blk pashmina augmented by bling jewelle 21st Sea Day, Hot sunny and windy Shorts, black vest & mules on pool deck Evening Turqoise Sundress, black pashmina, blk evening bag, blk t-bar sandals 22nd Travel home day Blue linen trousers, red & white striped Breton top, Sketchers and scarf Mistakes – · Only taking one pair of day trousers smart enough to sight see in, was expecting hotter weather than we got so took capri’s and shorts that I never wore. · Not taking a waterproof sightseeing shoe, Sketchers are great and comfy in the dry but no good in the wet. · Same for DH who wore the same jeans and sweater nearly all week and only 1 pair of the 4 pairs of shorts he had brought! Best Advice recived prior · Packing cubes – so useful, used one each in our carry on so we had something to change into when we boarded ship and to keep underwear and t-shirts under control. · Towel clips – held onto our sun-bed towels, clipped wet clothes to the line and held my bath towel in place after showering! · Toilet freshener – we used those little tree one you get for the car, hung on the cupboard door next to the toilet Things wish I had took · A medium hand towel, the bath towels were huge but the hand towels were too small for me to wrap my hair in after showering (or maybe I just have a big head??) · Another pair of day trousers see above. · Umbrella · Indigestion tablets, hairbrush and nail scissors all of which I forgot to pack and had to purchase in a chemist in Sicily at the princely sum of 28 euros!! Lesson learn’t! I also took plenty of costume jewellery bling to brighten up evening outfits and my pashminas were also a godsend in the air con. When travelling in the ‘shoulder’ months I think its safe to say I have learned you need to be prepared for all weathers, aiming to make our next cruise to the Caribbean later in the year so hopefully that new swimsuit I never got to use will come into its own! Hope this has been some use to you. Happy Cruising.
  12. That's one of my preferred dates but depends on DH's work schedule. So you never know 👍🙂
  13. Forget the buffet for breakfast and head to Latitude for a civilised start to the day. Everything on the buffet is available in there too. DH loved the big English breakfast, I loved the bircher muesli and pancakes. 😋 hth
  14. In conclusion to my reviews we gave Marella 4Tplus based on their own Tui system of ratings. Positives: Value for Money is unreal, we went for the Premium upgrade and its the first holiday we haven't had a £400 bill at the end of it (we usually do HB or A la carte) Sheer variety of options for eating and drinking, i dare anyone not to be satisfied Regional airport departures The captain and his crew were exceptional Fab entertainment Negatives: Embarkation debacle, Marella be honest with your clients we're not all idiots. Tell the truth and make management do it not the poor junior staff who were way out of their depth Lack of public toilets - don't know how this can be solved as its the way the ship was designed. Cabin noise - we chose the cabin so will check deck plans better next time! Music on the pool deck way too loud at times, turn it down just one notch so its not bursting your eardrums and you can hold a conversation with the person on the next sun bed. The weather (NOT Marella's fault ) its the chance you take travelling in the shoulder season We have seen lots of grumbles and complaints on other social media platforms but imo some people expect a Champagne cruise on a what is a lemonade fare. Marella isnt a luxury brand, it does holidays same as (better imo) as their land holidays its just your hotel moves every night. We had a fabulous time, we met some real nice people, we saw some great entertainment, we ate some very tasty food, we drank.(lets not go there!), we danced and we are definetly booking to go on Explorer 2 again later this year probably in Nov/Dec in the Caribbean. Can't wait. (Pic is EX2 parked up in Ancona)
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