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  1. I live not far from this poster who it appears in many of the threads he posts on is anti any civility or any niceties of life and has a huge chip on his shoulder regarding his background and is a snob in reverse. My parents were/are working class and my mother would have splattered him across the kitchen table with a good slap for lack of manners, regardless of the food on the table whether it was bread and jam or something more substantial the table was always set with a clean tablecloth and the correct cutlery, your hands were washed and elbows off the table. This stood me in good stead in later life as i knew how to behave in civil society and still do and if the food (ribs, prawns in shell etc) requires it there's a finger bowl on my table.
  2. I have been looking at Arcadia too. To read some of the reviews you would think she was due to retire to the scrap yard but I think you have to take reviews with a srong pinch of salt, she's almost 15yrs old but young in comparison to some of ships plying the seas for FO & Marella for example. I was interested to see what replies your post would get and surprised there were so few responses.
  3. That's the thing no company can vet who it sells to. Marella was our first experience of AI. We've always felt we never drank enough to warrant the extra cost of it so always had HB or B&B. AI is great if you get your monies worth and as another poster said other cruise lines are available and considerably cheaper than Marella with offers of OBC and or free grats and or free drinks packages if you look.
  4. Sad to say that it might be by the posts I read on the various Marella FB groups, the bottom line is Marella/Tui need to fill their ships and they dont care who they fil them with. A lot of the Magafluff AI brigade seem to have caught on that the ships dont limit you like the hotels do so expect shall we say a more diverse clientele.
  5. Ditto but I only take 3 black, silver & gold and find they go with most outfits. They fit snugly in the outer pocket of my suitcase.
  6. Would agree. And none of the formal nites you so abhor u can wear what u like on Marella. 😜
  7. Thanks all. We're not big ship people hence not wanting to go on Iona I noticed Arcadia is also doing a baltic 2020 so might look at that too. All depends on dates we have to work with so Princess very much remains in running. Now to go talk to DH and prize his wallet open. Lol. Thanx 😝
  8. I still think Marella should go down the adult only route. I think Viking ships are and they do a roaring trade at ridiculous prices. Trading under Tui they could call them Marella Gold just like the old Thomson gold hols. Get my vote everytime.👍🤩
  9. Agree @dronnygirl Loved the coffee port on Ex2 we used it 2 or 3 times a day when we were on D2 never used it once it was always 1 too noisy from atrium, 2 no seat available and its split in half by atrium void not loving it at all. 😑 We also like Aperatif as a bar. Enjoy yourself x
  10. Looking at the Crown Princess for 2020 Baltic out of Southampton, have had a look at Princess boards and Princess website and i know its a very US based lined and wondered how UK cruisers found Princess in general. What do you like? What do you hate? I realise its subjective and everyone has a different opinion but the prices are quite good for the time of year i'm looking at. I thought would ask here rather than the Princess board itself. 😉 Thanks in advance.
  11. I think a lot if it is to do with the fact that often as not the same old questions keep getting asked without the person asking having done any prior research to find the answer for themselves. Those who have been on these boards for years therefore get flippant in their answers. I admit I am often guilty of this because I had to find it out for myself and this was in the days before Google really had all the answers and forums like this were in their infancy. I still have some books on cruising sadly very out of date but still with some pertinent advice. I think in part its generational thing too, youngsters dont seem to retain information and indeed why should they when they can ask google or Alexa for an instant answer to anything and everything. I dont find the OPs post a particular problem on this board but definitely on the FB pages re cruising patience definitely in short supply. Meanwhile I shall continue to answer as best I can and pass my opinion, after all life is in the eye of the beholder.
  12. Looking at doing the baltic on crown 2020 season. Are people dressing up real spiffy for formal nites? The menus sure look good. Really loving your commentary. 👍😍
  13. And Ex2 up on pool deck its ridiculous couldn't speak to the person 9n the sunbed next to you. And on D2 in the atrium too loud.
  14. Last one on D2 was cross between Benidorm/Magaluf/Ayia Napa def diff sort of clientele to what you would normally associate with a cruise but maybe just imo.
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